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#1 Posted by SuperSolidSnake2019 (84 posts) -

Q. How many of you will be keeping your current gen systems connected when you eventually upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One, assuming you are moving on around the suspected November launch dates?

I still think there is some good games on the horizon for current gen systems (GTA V, Saint's Row 4, Killer Is Dead, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Splinter Cell Black List, Batman: Arkham Origins...to name a few.) So although all those cables connected to the one TV doesn't sound appealing (or safe), I think I will either move my 360 to another room or keep about six systems in the one room.

It won't feel like winter this year with all those systems cooking in such a small space.


Q. Are there people like myself who consider not buying games that come out in the months leading up to PS4/Xbox One because they will not be playable on those systems?

I am still looking forward to some of the games I listed above although I am disappointed that the Xbox One/PS4 doesn't support a selection of titles from the back catalog of the previous system (like the 360 did when it arrived).

Thanks in advance for any responses to this!

#2 Edited by Emoney244 (183 posts) -

Me. There are still current gen games I'm interested in playing; Dark Souls 2, Splinter Cell Absolution and Final Fantasy XIII-3.

The only game I really plan on buying before the launch of the PS4 is Grand Theft Auto V.

#3 Posted by Chuncho_Munos (48 posts) -

GTA 5 has me curious, if it's as good as past GTAs I cant see myself being completely done with it by the time the new systems launch

#4 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

My SNES has only been unplugged when i changed TVs for the last 20 years. Same for my PS2 for the last 10 or so years. Until i run out of video input on my TV i don't unplug a system and i have room for one more.

#5 Posted by novarichrider (4 posts) -

I'll keep my PS3 as an extra blu-ray player.

#6 Edited by Zeik (3478 posts) -

I guess it depends on when I actually end up picking up a PS4, but I have no plans to put away my PS3 anytime soon. I expect to still be playing plenty of new games over the next several years.

#7 Edited by TheHT (12577 posts) -

I will. I've got like 10 games I haven't touched yet and won't abandon for the 2 or 3 I'll be playing on a next gen system.

#8 Edited by SuperSolidSnake2019 (84 posts) -

GTA 5 has me curious, if it's as good as past GTAs I cant see myself being completely done with it by the time the new systems launch

I know. I think if the multiplayer is anything like the last GTA or more refined like Read Dead Redemption then there will probably be weeks/months of fun to be had roaming around in multiplayer. As I said before, its a shame that a game like GTA V isn't compatible with either of the new systems.

#9 Posted by thatdutchguy (1300 posts) -

GTA 5 and Yakuza 5 are enough to keep me playing on my PS3.

I'm only gonna get a PS4 when there will be a worthwhile exclusive out for it.

#10 Posted by JasonR86 (10031 posts) -

The new systems aren't backwards compatible and there's still stuff I want to play and haven't yet. So yes they'll be hooked up.

#11 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Of course ill keep it hooked up, at least until my next-gen library is big enough to take over full time.

#12 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

Probably not. I've mostly just moved over to the PC for gaming except for some odds and ends on the PS3. Well and some Silent Hill on the PS2. I missed those the first time through.

#13 Posted by Miyuki (180 posts) -

I probably won't buy next gen for a year - I have quite a backlog! I am really excited about the South Park game.

#14 Edited by Slag (5706 posts) -

Let me put it this way,

I have a playstation one hooked up to one of my TVs right now (and a gamecube and a Ps2).

In the past I've been a day 1 launch guy, but this time I think I'll wait to make sure these things have a library I care about and have hardware stability that won't red ring etc on me.

#15 Posted by BoFooQ (870 posts) -

New system will go into my room where I play most of my games, and current ps3 will be moved to other room and used mostly for playing movies, but will also have games loaded on it from psn plus. I'm not sure what I will do with the ps2 currently hooked up to that tv, but its probably not worth anyhting to get rid of it. I wanted to trade in my wii a weeks ago and was told I would get like $30, so I said fuck it and left it behind the tv to collect dust.

#16 Posted by Yummylee (23515 posts) -

Most definitely. Though now I'm no doubt going to have to finally shelve my PS2 to make space.

#17 Posted by KaneRobot (2225 posts) -

Not touching a next gen system for at least a year. Want to see what plays out, and I'm still more than happy with what I have on the 360 now.

I have generally been an early console adopter in recent years (Dreamcast and Xbox day 1, 360 within 2 months of launch) but no urge to do it again.

#18 Posted by believer258 (12977 posts) -

Getting rid of my first PS2 is a great regret of mine. So many games, most in perfect condition, just plain lost...

Even if I wanted to get rid of any of them, I couldn't. The 360's disc drive doesn't open half the time. The Wii is modified. The PS3 is my brother's. The PSP is also modified. And I pretty much gave the DS to my brother after getting a 3DS XL. And that's everything.

#19 Posted by Lexus2jz (93 posts) -

I'm just going to move my PS3 and 360 to my bedroom (have to put the PS2 in the closet) and hook up the PS4 and XB1 out in the living room.

I'm kind of on the fence about buying new games for the old systems as I put down pre-orders for both systems plus games for both so that's a good chunk of change. Most likely I will wait until the games like GTA V, Saint's Row 4, Killer Is Dead, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Splinter Cell Black List, Batman: Arkham Origins, ect go on sale and pick them up then.

#20 Posted by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

I still have my original XBOX and PS2 hooked up alongside my PS3 and formerly my 360(it's dead jim). I'll retire the PS2 and Xbox when I get a PS4 and eventually an XBone.

#21 Edited by HypnoToadBrwowrowrow (1715 posts) -

Ohhh yeah. I've just started hitting my backlog and have quite a few games on the PS2 that I'm going to be playing for a while. And then there are a few on the 360 that I'm going to be hitting up. Depending on when I finish those and what Gaikai has available on PS4, I'll probably be hitting up all the games that I've missed for the PS3, or just continue my PS2 backlog on there.

#22 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

I have sworn an oath to myself that I will not buy a next gen console until I have cleared my backlog of games from this gen for that specific system. And in the case of Sony my PS2 games as well. So unless they announce full backwards compatibility they are not going anywhere.

On top of all that, I only ever play console games for the stuff that doesn't come to PC and so far none of the console only stuff looks interesting. Now that they have a pay wall to play games online on all consoles I will now never be tempted to buy a console game new at release as there's no reason not to wait for big price drops as I refuse to pay a monthly fee to access half a disk I just paid full price for. Not to mention I fire up the consoles so rarely that it's silly to be paying for something that I will never use.

#23 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

I think if anyone sells their current systems they are nuts. Support for the PS3 won't die out until at LEAST another 3 years.

#24 Posted by pompouspizza (425 posts) -

There are too many games only coming out on current gen consoles that I will still want to play, so I'll just put my ps3 away when ps4 comes out, then leave my 360 hooked up.

#25 Edited by ShadowConqueror (3355 posts) -

I probably will. I have enough HDMI ports for both. It's just a matter of shelf space.

#26 Edited by JJOR64 (19572 posts) -

Keeping my 360 hooked up just for Super Street Fighter IV.

#27 Edited by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I would love to play the games coming out to this current gen, but my ps3 is broken so I don't have much of a choice. I'm particularly upset about not playing The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

All I can hope for is Gaikai streams these games to the Ps4

#28 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4213 posts) -

I guess so. I think I'll keep my PS3 to get TLOU t some point. Like w/ all the DLC. And for GTA V for if it doesn't go next-gen..

Saint's Row IV for whenever I give a shit. I'm still content to just keep III.

#29 Posted by Buttenator (206 posts) -

Every console I've ever owned is still hooked up, can't imagine these will be any different.

#30 Edited by TyCobb (2004 posts) -

The only consoles I ever sold were my original NES and Genesis because I didn't realize I would want them later and needed money to buy the PSX. Even though I still have the launch DC from 9/9/99, I did trade-in my launch PS2 when the slims came out because it was only like $50 after GameStops insane trade-in value.

Actually now that I think about it, the N64 I have in my closet isn't the original one I had. Shit, I don't even have my games for it anymore.... now I'm pissed that I don't know what I did with the console or games. Son of a bitch!

#31 Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials (2538 posts) -

No way. I already have an elaborate network of HDMI cables and splitter boxes to accommodate 3 consoles, a PC, a Boxee Box and two displays. There is no room for another box.

#32 Posted by Vextroid (1469 posts) -

I have already retired my 360 but my PS3 will still be hooked-up for GTA 5 and maybe The Last Of Us.

#33 Edited by Sploder (918 posts) -

Yeah, but it's weird to think that the only games I have left to play on my PS3 are South Park, Saints Row IV and GTA V. And Yakuza 5 if Sega brings it over, which I'm doubting they will.

#34 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

1. Yes because how else am I gonna play all my imported shmups for the 360?

2. Yes because I like video games.

#35 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Most likely not. Unfortunately for myself, I don't have the area in order to house a ton of systems. I refuse to put them behind closed cabinet doors, which is the main reason. I may pull it out every once a while to continue playing on my Zen Pinball 2, I have all the tables, but I doubt for anything else.

#36 Posted by SaFt (425 posts) -

Well, i still have my SNES, PS2, DC and GC still hooked up so i don't see my PS3 going anywhere soon.

#37 Edited by Wuddel (2309 posts) -

Nope, not in the long run. I still have a considerable backlog I am aiming to churn through, but after that I am selling my PS3 games and console. However, I have moved to PC mostly and I am also a PC guy at heart, so that stays with me.

GTA 5 is really the only thing stopping me. I guess this will come out on next-gen or PC eventually.

#38 Edited by Scampbell (504 posts) -

As I've only acquired a console fairly recently, I've certainly got a lot of backlog, besides, I'm really looking forward to games like Puppeteer, Rain and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (though not console only, I would prefer to play it on my PS3). As I have still yet to play Heavy Rain I have no real expectation about Beyond Two Souls, but it does seem interesting.

But especially Puppeteer, at least after watching this:

Loading Video...

#39 Posted by SomeJerk (3733 posts) -

I know everything about having a real shit economy and I'm keeping my PS3.

Of course it helps that I built my own astounding small footprint media furniture to host PS3, PS4, all of my capture & streaming devices.

#40 Posted by VierasTalo (1104 posts) -

I'll probably keep the PS3 around as a blu-ray player as the PS4 I ordered will be region-locked to the US.

#41 Posted by VoleMaulder (71 posts) -

I'm keeping both connected for at least another year. PS3 will get plenty of game-time, considering the games they've been putting on Plus lately and I have quite a few friends on 360 for multiplayer games, and very few of them are getting a next-gen console (all of them going for a PS4, funnily) in the first year of their release.

#42 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3813 posts) -

I'll probably keep my current gen system connected for 4 to 6 months after the launch of PS4. But after that I just won't be buying PS3 games, nor would I have much interest in old games.

#43 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6352 posts) -

I'm not going to make the mistake again of getting rid of my consoles just because new ones are coming out. They might be put in a closet, but they'll stay in my possession.

#44 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

I have a separate setup for older consoles. I will probably move it to that tv after a few months.

#45 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

I bought my PS3 two years after the launch, I think I'll do the same again. So I'll definitely keep my current system for some time.

I can only connect one system at a time though, so I'll need to switch consoles whenever I want to play on the other one...

#46 Edited by Klei (1799 posts) -

@emoney244 said:

Me. There are still current gen games I'm interested in playing; Dark Souls 2, Splinter Cell Absolution and Final Fantasy XIII-3.

Did you mean Blacklist?

And as for me, I wouldn't mind selling my 360, since 95% of the games I own on this system, I also own on my steam library. I'll keep my PS3 though because of Soney's multiple exclusives and The Last of Us.

#47 Posted by psylah (2273 posts) -

360 is getting boxed up and put in the closet when the PS4 launches.

#48 Posted by nintendork666 (209 posts) -

Without a doubt. I plan on playing PS3 games even when the console is considered 'retro' or whatever. Just like I do with all my other systems.

*hugs top-loader NES*

#49 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1038 posts) -

I'll be keeping my 360 but it will likely be put away when the PS4 is released. I might bring it out every now then but for the most part I'm going full next gen when the new consoles are released. I don't have an attachment to my 360 like I do with my ps2 and gamecube. So I'll keep it mostly because it's too old to sell and I need to be able to play GTA V.

#50 Posted by JoeyRavn (5131 posts) -

I already sold my 360. I'm done with consoles (with the exception of the Wii U, because Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Pikmin, Zelda, etc.)