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Answer bitches!

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I've had three Xboxes fail on me.

#3 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

One ylod

#4 Posted by Yummylee (23236 posts) -

1-RROD, 0-YLOD...a couple of broken pads =P
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I've had 1 RROD, 1 Black Screen of Death, 1 E74 Code Error, and 1 Disk Drive Failure. (Note: All were Xbox 360's)

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0, and I have a launch 360.

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my ps3's been got to me so far but I have had 2 rrod's. The second time happened to me a few weeks ago 5 mins away from the end of halo odst on legendry, I was pissed!

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There is already a topic on this.

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I own a wii, and I heard the firmware bricks the console. I want to buy lostwinds 2, but I dont want to update the firmware. Is there anything I can do except update and hope for the best? Im tired of console firmware always destroying the consoles. as for the question, no consoles have broke on me yet.

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Not gonna jinx it.

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@Vision: good idea
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well i'm on my 3rd 360, one rrod and another E74. zero ylod, i don't think it will happen to my ps3.

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0 so far, This thread is going to jinx it.

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2 of my 360's red ringed and my third one was dying, I have a PS3 which is now ticking for almost 2 years.

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I had the three beeps and a red flashing light of complete and utter death, 
Damn PS3
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I had a launch that bite it like 3 weeks ago, so i got a new one
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Goose egg.

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There is already a 360 version of this thread. I'm not sure that the relatively small amounts of PS3 deaths warrant a new topic, but there are a few YLOD threads out there if you want to post in them.