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#2 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

The it game is well known to be the one. It's it. It's the one of its genre. It's the one.

Too many to count.

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I would have gone with C but I constantly run into better and better examples of the medium. It's the same reason I can't name a single favorite film; the medium is constantly growing and changing.

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Way too many to count.

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I don't think I've said that about a game since Braid, straight up.

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Quite a few. More and more great games seem to come out these days.

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I'm slightly confused by what you mean.

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Diablo 2.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

I'm slightly confused by what you mean.

You mean you've never seen a Claude poll before?

I played the shit out of DMC3, and thought this was it. And then Bayonetta came into my life.

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@dudeglove said:

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

I'm slightly confused by what you mean.

You mean you've never seen a Claude poll before?

I played the shit out of DMC3, and thought this was it. And then Bayonetta came into my life.

I have and they always confuse me. I suppose i'm now trying to understand.

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@Fallen189 said:


That was one of mine too. I remember thinking, how could it get better? But my video games did. I've been surprised many times.
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@Claude said:

@Fallen189 said:


That was one of mine too. I remember thinking, how could it get better? But my video games did. I've been surprised many times.

Off my head, there was Ocarina, Half Life 2, Super Mario World and then the rest of games

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demon's souls.

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Link to the Past, Ocarina, UT2K4, GTA 4, Persona 4, Red Dead Redemption... Too many to count.

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Once, Deadly Premonition. I quit video games after playing Deadly Premonition; nothing seemed worthwhile compared to it.

It's so fucking good guys and I'm the only one who knows it and no one believes me but dudes seriously that game is soooo fucking good it drives me nuts.

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Sometimes I do feel that I'm playing the "it".
Some of the games: 

  • TPS - Dead Space 2
  • Horror - Dead Space
  • Psycological Horror - Silent Hill 2
  • Hack And Slash - Torchlight
  • Dungeon Crawler - The Binding of Isaac
  • Plataformer - Super Meat Boy
  • Psycological Thriller - Alan Wake 
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Majora's Mask

#20 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Borderlands. Just sat there with my beer and though: This is it. I found my game. 24 characters later and i still play that damn game.
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Again, the key to a poll is to cover all the options. The other being, of course, 'A few times'.

Or however you want to phrase it.

Which is my case. I certainly thought Uncharted 2, Arkham, Snake Eater and SSF4 couldn't be surpassed in terms of what they aimed to do. I'm pretty convinced that I'm right, too.

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Oh, it was some old Rainbow 6 game for PS1, I was playing with my friend and he had said to me "I bet this mission is the last one", and I went "Yeah, right, Rainbow SIX and this is the sixth mission in the game, too coincidental". But right after the sixth the game ended with some crappy cutscene.

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Ocarina of Time!

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Spider Wars on the PC Engine.

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There's been a few. I'd say Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the most recent one.

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Portal 2 and maybe shadow of the colossus are the only games I can think of. Portal 2 just had such a great balance of story/humour/puzzles as well as the co-op being great fun, I couldn't really find flaw in it (some would argue replay value is a problem but I don't really replay games much to be honest) It kind of felt like it was a game made for me in a way in that it was everything I wanted in a game.

The amount of time I spent on multiplayer on Halo 3 kind of made it seem like it was that sort of moment for xbox live games but as enjoyable as it was even at the time there seemed to be ways they could make it better. Though Halo Reach did implement a lot of the improvements that I wanted the basic maps felt weaker to me at least and the people who I played with to help encourage that experience didn't really play it so I never got that this is it feeling from it despite it being a solid game.

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Morrowind. I couldn't believe someone had made that game, between the impressive graphics and the massive scope. The Elder Scrolls continue to blow my mind.

Aside from that, I dunno I play awesome games all the time. I'm not like OMG THIS IS THE ONE LOL.

#28 Posted by JasonR86 (9608 posts) -

I don't think any of the options fit for me. I'm somewhere in the middle between "once" and "all the time". The times when I've had the 'it' game is usually when I'm blown away by the game and that is sort of rare. But it has happened more then once.

#29 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

Only once:

Dark Chronicle.

It saddens me to know no video game will ever surpass this, but it's nice to know we reached our pinnacle at least.

#30 Posted by BoG (5181 posts) -

A few games. Shadow of the Colossus, Metroid Prime, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Eternal Darkness I remember having very strong feelings towards. I'm positive that, at one point in playing them, I said "this is it." Not to mention, these are the only games I finished on my first playthrough in my younger years.

#31 Posted by phish09 (1109 posts) -

A lot. I've been saying it to myself a lot during Skyrim, but it happens whenever I get really invested in a game. Other examples, for me, this gen have been Mass Effect, Uncharted 2, GTAIV, and Fallout 3, but right now it is definitely Skyrim.

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Just one. World of Warcraft. I played it for two and a half years solid and barely touched any other game in that time. If that's not "the one" then I'm not sure what is. However, like too many other aspects in life, my affection for it soured over time and maintaining a sociable relationship with the title became more and more unbearable. Finally, I left without a word of goodbye. I don't regret the time I shared with the game, and today I look back fondly on many of my experiences. Sometimes, I wistfully wonder if I did the right thing. Still, what's done is done and I've decided to move on with my gaming life. It was a good game. It was "the one", I think but that itself wasn't enough.

#33 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5137 posts) -

I have played many games but my heart belongs to Neverwinter Nights.

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@Catarrhal said:

Haven't felt that way since the first time I went looking for sailors.

How dare you sir! Shenmue is and will forever be a classic game! The Yakuza series is the only thing that keep me hoping for Shenmue 3.

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I shit my pants when I shot a barrel and it started rolling down a hill into a pallet, which was then smashed into pieces. Half-Life 2 introducing realistic physics to gaming, blew my mind.

#36 Posted by Panpipe (472 posts) -

Half-Life 2 was probably the first time I felt that "this is IT" moment.

Before then, I'd really loved games, but they'd never smacked me around like HL2 did.

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Maybe a couple of times. Certainly about Men of War, that's the last one I remember.

#38 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Where is the other motherfucker option?

#39 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

@ImmortalSaiyan: Read Claude's polls while drunk, they make a lot more sense then.

#40 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2129 posts) -

If by 'this is it' you mean 'we have hit the next generation of gaming', then quite a few times but not a lot, so my answer is not in your poll.

If you mean 'gaming cannot get any better than this' then it's none. So long as humans and technology continue to evolve, there will always be a better, more daring and more technically impressive game than the ones before.

#41 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8698 posts) -

Mass Effect 1.

#42 Posted by Justaddwater (291 posts) -

I havnt felt like that in a very long time, the only ones I can think of are Battlefield 1942, Counter Strike Source and WoW when it was first released, I think it might be more to do with having money to buy games myself nowadays, I play too many for them to stand out.

#43 Posted by david3cm (635 posts) -

Mischief Makers.

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The only game even close was Skyrim, but honestly, until Elder Scrolls is coop (Doesn't even need to be complex, could just be an extra person in the game that's rarely acknowledged.) it won't ever be #1. Total War got sort of close with Empire but Napoleon and Shogun 2 simplified the series and now it's back below the line. Mount and Blade can't ever be the best without coop. ArmA 2 is very, very, very close so maybe ArmA 3 will break the barrier. Otherwise, no. Games will only keep getting worse.

#45 Posted by kermoosh (911 posts) -

star wars battlefront series, and halo 1 and 2, maybe 3

#46 Posted by thehuntsmen5434 (427 posts) -

Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy 2. I remember finishing those and thinking "There wasn't anything in this I didn't enjoy."

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Half-Life 2.

That is it. No other game is or ever will be better than Half Life 2.

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Persona 4 recently. And at a much younger age: Final Fantasy 10.

Edit: At an even younger age, it was Pokemon Red.

#49 Posted by Ramone (2959 posts) -

Maybe 3 or 4 times

#50 Posted by emem (1961 posts) -
@BoG said:

A few games. Shadow of the Colossus, Metroid Prime,...

Nice picks, those two are on top of my list as well. I personally would add Mass Effect 2, Quake 3 and Super Mario Bros. 3. 
It's interesting, thinking about that particular question made me realise that I absolutely adore a lot of games, but only a hand full truly blew me away. Nice question @Claude.