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I completed over 40 games in a few months, this year.

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Considering I played alot of games when I was a kid. Probably afew more years from now.

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Well I guess that would depend on the length of the 3000 video games, wouldn't it?

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Well, if you say that in few months you've completed 40 games (I'll assume this means three months), then you'll do 160 a year. So, almost 19 years (18 years and 9 months).

Am...am I doing your maths homework?

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I don't think anyone could finish more than 2 games a week on a long term basis, so 28 years give or take.

I've been trying to do a game a week this year and I'm having a hard time just keeping up with that.

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Are you employed? If not: 6 years.

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@beachthunder: I am over with that chapter in my life.

I was just wondering, and yeah, all the genres including. But I was thinking about those who don't work at all or study and they have plenty of time. A FPS/TPS can be completed in 6-10 hours.

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Grab all the Call of Duty games post modern warfare and knock about ten of those suckers out in an afternoon.

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@jking47 said:

Well I guess that would depend on the length of the 3000 video games, wouldn't it?

Yep. You can close this thread now.

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to finish 3,000 units at 333.33 minutes a pop that's million minutes.

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There's plenty of games that can be completed in an hour, so 3000 hours. 3.75 months. Note completing games is pretty meaningless for just about anyone relative to playing good games or playing hard games and what have you. There's maybe 200-300 games objectively worth playing and another 500 or so that you'll like according to taste; that leaves 2200 garbage games to go through.

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I completed over 40 games in a few months, this year.

It's called simple math and the law of averages....

Let's say you did 40 games in 3 months. 13.33 games a month.

(TotalGames / GamesPerMonth) / MonthsInYear = NumberOfYears

(3,000 / (40/3)) / 12 = 18.75 years

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Why would you want to torture your self?

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@tycobb: I wanted to see your conclusion based on your own experience, I did not completed them in three months, but more. It would take me over 16 years only for FPS/TPS games . If RPGs, RTS and racing games are included in the 3000 list, then definitely over 20 years - for me.

~ It's just a simple question, we all have odd/lame curiosities sometimes.

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@Gotcha. Did not realize you were asking us for our personal time since you didn't list out how many years it would take you.

Me, more than a lifetime. I rarely finish games. I play until I no longer care or something new comes along. I maybe complete 2 or 3 games a year.

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I play like 20 new games maximum every year probably, so for me it would take 150 years or so.

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I am 10% the way there. I wasn't really in to gaming until 6 years ago. If I tried to beat games as a kid I would be up to 500's.

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Based on the amount of new games I play and how likely I am to complete them..........NEVER

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3000 years, 'cause I have only finished one game this year.

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Do you have an iPhone? If you answered yes, then you can play those games in under two years. Since I first purchased my iPod 3 years ago I have collected almost 2000 games.

Edit: I have not even tried to play games quickly either.

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My backlog is huge... I'm actually looking forward to getting old and put into a retirement home. I'm betting a few geriatrics can get a good game of Goldeneye or Halo going.