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#51 Posted by Fattony12000 (7301 posts) -

All of it.

#52 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (533 posts) -

I just watch whatever seems interesting or cool. I used to watch almost every single Quicklook, but I don't always have the time anymore.

#53 Posted by Andorski (5270 posts) -

All the Giant Bomb. I watch all the Giant Bomb a week.

#54 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Not too much. I don't have enough free time to watch that many Giant Bomb videos.

#55 Posted by ExiledVip3r (84 posts) -

I watch whatever is new that day.

I also re-watch a lot of old content; as I can't fall asleep without something on the TV for me to watch for awhile then tune out. So I've also been re-watching old Endurance Runs, Unprofessional Fridays, and TNTs pretty much every night for the last year or so. If it's something "new" I'll be to interested in watching that and not fall asleep.

#56 Edited by Jace (1092 posts) -

I used to watch a lot, but I've recently let my subscription lapse for the first time since you could subscribe. I've had an account here since day one, but recently I just don't consume anything on the site.

This year has been so different for Giantbomb. I don't think it is what it was when I first hopped on board the crazy ride 5 years ago. I think whatever Giantbomb ends up evolving into from here, I won't like it. I have a suspicion that eventually the crew will make all video content under Gamespot, and Giantbomb will remain solely as a wiki/forum.

But I could guess at the financial and corporate side of things all day, the truth that's hard for me to admit is that I don't feel the energy here anymore. I wish all the best for the guys and the community, but I'm not sure how long it will sustain itself in its current state.

#57 Posted by AMyggen (2862 posts) -

I watch pretty much watch everything on the site. I generally don't visit other gaming sites anymore, and I spend a lot more time watching the GB crew play games than actually playing games myself.

#58 Posted by NegativeCero (2995 posts) -

Almost none anymore. The occasional quick look and when I was a member I would always watch unprofessional fridays. I don't really have as much time as I used to.

#59 Posted by The_Ruiner (1042 posts) -

@david said:

I watch everything except Daily Dota, Bombin' the AM and Coffee Time.


#60 Posted by Pirateogta (62 posts) -

I watch Unprofessional Fridays and Spookin' With Scoops live, as well as other random series like Pathfinder and Breaking Brad. I watch about half of the Quick Looks they put out, and try to listen to the Bombcast while I'm doing work, but I get easily distracted.

#61 Posted by tsutohiro (364 posts) -

@andorski said:

All the Giant Bomb. I watch all the Giant Bomb a week.


#62 Posted by RioStarwind (524 posts) -

I usually watch just about everything they put out each week. I sometimes just have a random GB video on when I'm about to fall asleep. That sometimes backfires depending on if they are doing something really silly.

#63 Edited by ShaggE (6420 posts) -

I've started saving videos here and there for rainy day watching, but I still watch an unhealthy amount. I think I've seen/heard more of the GB crew than I have lifelong friends and immediate family members at this point.

#64 Posted by MB (12269 posts) -

For years when I was busy with my career and traveling and what not, between 2008 and early this year, I was watching things as I could and catching up on podcasts and Quick Looks when I had breaks and a reliable internet connection. Now that I've switched gears and am a full time student again, I watch and listen to almost everything the day it's posted.

#65 Edited by TheHT (11145 posts) -

I find myself watching less of Quick Looks and more of their live features, whether live or archived. And of course the bombcast. But for some quick looks, I'll load it up and watch maybe 5 or 10 minutes, and if I'm interested I'll keep watching, otherwise I'll just bail. I used to watch all of em, boring or not.

#66 Edited by Elwoodan (818 posts) -

I watch/listen to pretty much everything, but a good chunk of it is background noise while I work, the guys are just generally fun to listen to, even if I'm not totally invested in the content.

#67 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (845 posts) -

Just Unpro Fridays and any premium content Vinny is in. It's pretty rare that I watch quick looks, and I don't know if I'd even visit the site still if not for premium content.

#68 Posted by Zekhariah (697 posts) -

Maybe 20-30minutes in a week. I tend to like podcasts while I'm working, but I mostly do not care about most of the video stuff.

#69 Edited by Canteu (2821 posts) -

UPF, some QL's on youtube, and any non shit premium video.

Nothing from Patrick interests me in the slightest, and I cannot stand daily dota.

Always the Bombcast though. That won't change.

#70 Edited by rjayb89 (7720 posts) -

I watch all I can. Though I typically have Worth Something, Quick Look Solos (and sometimes regular Quick Looks) and Coffee Time relegated to background noise and not really take anything in while they're playing.

Podcast-wise, only the Giant Bombcast is something I actually pay attention to, but still "listen" to everything offered (which includes Bombin' in the AM).

For reading, I just read Guns of Navarro, but that's been gone for quite awhile now. If some news article has too vague a title, then I'll skim whatever's in there for any information relevant to me then leave.

#71 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2690 posts) -

I watch at least 2/3 of the video content they put up. Occasionally, I will skip a Quick Look on game I just want to play myself, but I mostly just skip MMOGs or strategy games they show.

#72 Posted by sickVisionz (1268 posts) -

When they did the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run I was watching almost double digit amounts per week.

Post that and post getting a full time job, it's like zero hours most months. I'll watch a quick look for games I'm curious about though. The last one in the past few months was the Beyond one yesterday.

#73 Posted by TheLegendOfMart (245 posts) -

All the videos, I never miss one.

#74 Posted by Dogma (946 posts) -

I watch almost everything. I have started to watch their videos from the computer and just downloads them instead and watch them on my TV when I eat lunch/dinner or just wanna relax. Yes, Giantbomb IS my TV shows, all my TV shows since I don't watch TV for any other reason than movies or games.

So how much time is that? Since almost every damn video i about an hour long it quickly adds up. I watched the Quick Look for Beyond, Spookin with Scoops; Worth Playing, Unprofessional Fridays and Load my Last Soul these past three days. What's that? About 7-8 hours of content? And that's not even a whole week. So yeah....I watch a lot of Giantbomb each week. Best spent bucks on the Internet :)

#75 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (49 posts) -


#76 Posted by SunBroZak (1082 posts) -

With having about 2 years worth of backlog to still go through, I try to listen to a Bombcast everyday and then on the days where I'm not at college, I try to watch that week's worth of quicklooks/TNT/WhiskeyMedia Happy Hour. I'm slowly getting through it. I hope to be caught up by the end of the year.

#77 Edited by SeanFoster (866 posts) -

2-6 hours depending on my schedule and what they're doing. I skip a lot of Quick Looks these days (recent games just aren't interesting me that much) but always watch Unprofessional Fridays and other live steams like Load Our Last Souls or Pathfinder. Which I guess oddly enough means I am primarily watching the Premium stuff these days.

#78 Edited by LackingSaint (1787 posts) -

Every livestream, every podcast, most Quick Looks. The only things I don't bother with are Daily Dota and the Powerbombcast, since neither appeal to my interests.

#79 Posted by CynicalBuzzard (240 posts) -

I watch on average 6-9 hours of video a week, I love the back catalog of Unprofessional Fridays and other premium subscriber only videos.

#80 Edited by Seikenfreak (368 posts) -

I haven't had a job for a bit and this translates to.. a lot. I watch pretty much everything they put up every week (except for Daily Dota and Powerbombcast I guess). But also go back and watch old Quick Looks, and recently have been seeking out and listening to specific older Bombcasts. In the process of listening to the E3 2012 Bombcasts. Before that I was listening to Bombcasts around when Demon's Souls came out. I love going back and listening to people talk about stuff while knowing the future outcome.

Vinny trying to explain Demon's Souls to the guys and them just thinking its some weird masochist's game. Hearing them discuss the Wii U during the E3 2012 casts and what they think, and knowing how lackluster it ends up being. Or Adam Boyes being there while he must have been aware about PS4 and it's existence and it hasn't been announced yet, but has to sit there and not say anything related to it or not accidentally let it slip or hint at it or anything. Watching the Bombsquad discuss the next Xbox before it was announced and the whole shit show and all the stupid messages Microsoft initially delivered.

Edit: Yea as someone mentioned above, I don't watch TV. Giantbomb is the type of stuff I wish was on TV.

#81 Posted by MikeFerrari7 (187 posts) -

Hours a day. I do web development and graphic design work, and I always need something playing in the background. I am not into television, so I load up something from either the podcast or an old video and get to work.

#82 Edited by Yesiamaduck (1013 posts) -

Watch about half the Quicklooks, and more often than not only make it half way threw them.

Watch the entirety of Unproffesional Fridays every week (might skip a couple of segments.

Starting to watch Giantbomb Unplugged

Breaking Brad

So all in all I'll say about 4 - 6 hours a week. (usually one show at the end of a day)

I don't watch but listen to Bombin in the AM at work every Tuesday and Saturday

Giant Bombcast every Tuesday (At work ideally but living the UK I find myself listening to it at night usually DAMN YOU TIME ZONES)

Powerbomcast when it's on.

Overall I'm certainly getting my monies worth.

#83 Posted by myketuna (1679 posts) -
@david said:

I watch everything except Daily Dota, Bombin' the AM and Coffee Time.

#84 Posted by judgejudy72 (22 posts) -

I'll pretty much watch anything they put out in the week except for Daily DOTA or Spooking with Scoops. Not because they're bad or anything mostly because I'm not interested much into it. Maybe over time I will.

#85 Posted by Noblenerf (313 posts) -

I'll eventually consume all of their content, except for the QLEXes (most are far too much like advertisements) and Daily DotA's (no interest). GB's videos are a lot of fun to watch, and the Bombcast is a good listen while playing "slow" games with little relevant sound. I'll catch livestreams if and when I can.

Giant Bomb is essentially my television and radio, so it probably averages out to about an hour a day - depending on the amount of quick looks posted over the week.

#86 Edited by ToTheNines (712 posts) -

If I need a good laugh I will always go back to the endurance runs, and the random pc game videos. I do that on average once a week I think. I watch QLs if its something I am interested in, other than that I always look forward to unprofessional fridays.

#87 Posted by Superkenon (1418 posts) -

The time most people would give to TV, I give to Giant Bomb.

TV pffffffffffffftttt

#88 Edited by ElixirBronze (424 posts) -

To be honest, as of late I only watch stuff involving either Jeff or Vinny. I don't hate the others by any stretch but they're just not as entertaining. And I have a lot of shit going on right now.

EDIT: The exception to this rule might be the Pathfinder streams, that shit is just booooring.

#89 Posted by Shaunage (700 posts) -

Everything they put out, plus a bunch of rewatching old stuff. I'd hate to think how many hours it is. Way more than I actually spend playing games.

#90 Edited by Yesiamaduck (1013 posts) -

Actually I've probably spent 100hours rewatching the Euro Truck Simulator video, I hope Vinny goes back to it.

#91 Posted by Veektarius (4772 posts) -

I watch everything except Dota and Patrick's content. As far as listening goes, I only do the Bombcast.

#92 Posted by BadNews (506 posts) -

I watch everything except dota, and patrick & the wolf in the AM and SOMETIMES I will skip Worth Playing but only if I have limited time to watch the videos between work shifts. Still Pathfinder is really good background video, Spooking with Scoops is amazing since me watching it gets me just as tense as if I was playing it.

#93 Posted by packs217 (93 posts) -

I don't watch all the Quick Looks right away, but I eventually get to them. I don't think I've not seen one that was produced in the last two years. I try to watch Unpro Fridays live, otherwise most of the stuff I try to catch up on when I have time.

So my answer is that I watch a lot of it, but in waves. Some weeks it's very little to none, others it's maybe an average of an hour a day.

#94 Edited by mak_wikus (516 posts) -

All of it.

Well, I sometimes miss the AM show and I skipped a number of Daily Dota episodes.

#95 Posted by Rafaelfc (1332 posts) -

Everything that doesn't involve Dota.

#96 Posted by Gatehouse (610 posts) -

I used to watch absolutely everything they put out, except of the DOTA stuff (I just don't get that game at all) when I was unemployed and single. Now though my life is filled with a job and a girlfriend, I don't watch anything like as much. I still watch as much of the subscriber stuff as I can (Unproffesional Fridays and Load our Last Souls mainly) but I'm horribly behind on my QLs.

#97 Posted by cyberbloke (55 posts) -

I watch most of it, but in the background.

I like to have it on while cleaning, because it stops me from getting bored, but let me get on with my duties without getting too drawn in. I listen to the rest at night when sleep escapes me. I find GB played softly in the background stops me fretting about not sleeping.

#98 Posted by FinalDasa (1616 posts) -

All of it.

#99 Posted by Claude (16255 posts) -

Not much anymore. I check my PMs and check for blogs and than hit the forums. I don't reply like I used too. Hell, I would probably be banned if I did. Such an ass I am.

#100 Posted by WillieMcBride (60 posts) -

Everything but the Daily DOTA. I paid money for this, I'm for sure gonna take advantage of it. I don't tend to watch trailers I guess?