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With all the OBAMA SALES TAX / Extra Controllers / EXTRA EYEs CAMERA / EXTRA KINECTs and what not. How much will you cough up initially

Lets do the math for me (WITH TAX of 9.25)

  • $545.16
  • $65.55
  • $60 (Digital No Tax)
  • $60 (Digital No Tax)
  • $20 (Digital No Tax)
  • $20 (Digital No Tax)

$770 Total

#2 Posted by killacam (1278 posts) -

My entire Christmas unboxing.

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I'm hoping there's a subscription model for the 720 for $300-400, if not then $500-600.

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I guess it depends on what someone is willing to spend and how determined they are to be an early adopter.

As usual, I will probably wait a year or two to buy a new console. That will give them time to lower the price and improve the SKU while I am playing a bunch of cheap, but amazing, PS3 games.

#5 Posted by Nonapod (126 posts) -

I'm not even sure I'll pick up either at launch, but if I did I would expect to pay at least $600 ($499.99 system + $59.99 game + tax). I doubt I'll pick up any extra peripherals or what-not.

#6 Posted by Kidavenger (3628 posts) -

I'm happy with my PC and I will just keep running that as my main platform; I am very interested in the PS4 and could see myself spending up to $600 depending on what it offers feature wise, what games are available at launch and what ends up happening with PS+.

#7 Posted by dinkys (53 posts) -

I think we're looking at £399 ($599) day one launch with a cheaper, subscription based model to go alongside it.

I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up spending more though.

#8 Edited by MooseyMcMan (11400 posts) -

As much as it takes to buy a PS4.

My guess is five hundo for the higher end one. I don't see them putting out another console that costs five hundred and ninety nine US dollars.

#9 Posted by EXTomar (4947 posts) -

How much it costs is only a part of the consideration on whether to buy or not. If I get anything it will be weeks or even months after release where the thing that will speed it up is a game that looks interesting.

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I suppose it is subjective, but I will get the lowest form factor possible. It is not that high on my wish list.

To be honest, I would rather pick up a Wii-U for Pikimin 3, when it comes out.

#11 Posted by Marcsman (3286 posts) -

As always way too much.

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I'm going to pass on launch. Not for price reasons but i want to wait to see how each console is fairing 6 months into release before i commit. I would expect the launch price for both to be about $499, and then you are going to want to purchase 2 or 3 games on top of that.


Also i purchased a gaming laptop over the holiday which has yet to meet a game it can't handle on ultra, so i'm not in a rush for a new console just yet.

#13 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1857 posts) -

Probably about $500-$600. I expect AT LEAST $450 for the console and I'll buy an extra game and/or controller.

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I'm always cursed to be broke when consoles launch, so I'll probably be getting them sometime next year. I need to get a lot of film equipment this year and ideally a new phone. Mostly I'm worried about capturing off these new consoles and HDCP. I hope I don't have to get any new equipment.

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Whatever they charge for the Ps4 on launch, i'm just buying it regardless

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Hopefully less than 600 and tax.

#17 Posted by OfficeGamer (1086 posts) -

Already spent a big bag of cash on a gaming PC recently, it will serve me for years and Steam is making sure I won't be paying 60$ on every game, so ZERO

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Probably close to 700 in total. Ugh. Can't believe I just said that.

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I'm figuring $500 for the Xbox and $600 for the PS4, but I'll spend whatever they are. I've mentally set aside about $3k during the last quarter of the year to acount for the systems, peripherals, games, etc.

Unless they manage to do something that really makes me hate them more than I already do and I finally give up my little bit of time (only about six years or so) with consoles and just stick with PC gaming, exclusively, like I always did before.

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5 hunna.

#21 Posted by dungbootle (2428 posts) -

five hundred ninety nine usd heeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Nothing until games I want that aren't on PC come out for them.

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Zero dollars. My current consoles have all died and I don't think I'm going to get any of the new consoles.

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When you include games and accessories, about $700 on day one. I haven't decided if I will get both, if I do that'll be another $700.

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I haven't really been able (or tried) to scrape together more than $500-$700 since I bought a house. So since buying gaming related stuff has had to go on the back burner and house related stuff put at the front, I'll have to say $0. I'll just stick it out with PC games. I've also been learning programming and that's actually taken up all my game playing time.

edit: Although I'd like to eventually buy a ps4 if it turns out to be a good platform with enough must play exclusives. But at this point in my life that's not looking like it's going to happen any time soon or at all.

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Hopefully no more than 500 for the console and at least one game. So, probably somewhere between 500-650 $. I'm finally at a point in my life, financially, where I can jump on the hype train at a console launch.

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I guess around $700 if the consoles cost around $399-$599.

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Right now, about $299 straight out. I'm not willing to mess with any subsidy crap. I can't see buying one before it hits that price. I have a gaming PC, so I'm covered for anything 3rd party, and no one has shown many 1st party games yet (and the ones they have shown do nothing for me). Maybe there will be some awesome exclusive I just can't miss out on, but that probably won't happen until at least next Fall.

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450 US AMERICAN DOLLARS, if i buy one at all.

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@jjor64: I'll sell you two for that price

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I'll probably wait two or three years until they hit $300 or so (maybe even $250). I'm in no rush to get any next-gen consoles.

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Circumstances permitting, I estimate I'll drop 800$-1000$ worth of local currency. Not sure if I'll preorder, or if I'll go out and hunt for a system in the mean streets of the city. If Battlefield 4 is available at launch, that's going to be my game of choice.

If my choice falls on Microsoft's new box (fat chance!), I'd likely grab a copy of Ryse too. If Kinect 2 works as promised, that might actually be hella awesome.

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775 Milion

#35 Posted by BigJeffrey (5178 posts) -

Though it has not been announced, Alan Wake 2 will be a definite launch purchase.

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0 dollars because i dont like "always on" cameras and microphones in my living room

also, share button.

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I never spend more than $400 on a new console as anything higher than that I feel like would be better spent on my PC. But yeah, $400 for me is a good price point for consoles. I don't mind the idea of a cheaper subscription based model as it's a pretty neat idea that's quite flexible for some people though I could never justify purchasing an Xbox Live subscription right now.

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I never spend more than $400 on a new console as anything higher than that I feel like would be better spent on my PC. But yeah, $400 for me is a good price point for consoles. I don't mind the idea of a cheaper subscription based model as it's a pretty neat idea that's quite flexible for some people though I could never justify purchasing an Xbox Live subscription right now.

I highly doubt the subscription would be for Xbox Live. Most likely it would be a cable service that uses internet to provide the TV signal rather than standard cable. Xbox Live costs too little per month for MS to offer a subsidy to subscribe to that service to make financial/business sense.

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@zoozilla said:

I'll probably wait two or three years until they hit $300 or so (maybe even $250). I'm in no rush to get any next-gen consoles.

Same here, I'm waiting this time around.

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I'm trying to keep it down this year, that said I already own a WiiU...

But right now I'm planning on a PS4 and taking a strict "don't buy a new game until you beat the one you have" to avoid a backlog. I'm very busy these days and backlogs are just killer to my wallet...

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Zero, not a dime. If they have warranted exclusives down the line, probably at least a year or so into their launch then maybe. I have no reason to buy them at launch though.

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Probably nothing, if not for a very long while. I haven't played anything on my PS3, save for some Skate, in about 2 and a half years, and I got about 25 hours worth of use from this xbox I bought before it became an expensive paper weight.

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Somewhere between $0 and $0, but probably $0; I have also taken the liberty of translating it into other currencies:


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Probably only around $300ish when the PS4 eventually gets reduced to that price. PC gaming makes consoles highly nonessential for me, and if Xbox exclusives next gen are anything like this gen, I don't think I'll ever get one. PS4, on the other hand, will most definitely have some exclusives I'll want to play, but not so much that I'll buy one at full price, or even after the first or second reduction necessarily.

#47 Posted by PenguinDust (12629 posts) -

I'm still on the fence as whether I need one this year. I have a really good PC, so Microsoft and Sony have to convince me to pluck down $600 for a system and game. I don't think they'll be too successful this year as the consoles will drop when the Steam sales are just on the horizon. Do you know how many quality games I can get off Steam for $600? Hell, probably all of them and I'd still have cash left over for ice cream.

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Im waiting for price announcements,

Too much has changed in the world economy and in gaming since the last releases for me to have any idea how much these things will cost... I don't think either company can get away with the just go get a second job bullshit they tried last time. most countries are still in the shitter.

Just to give you an example in Australia (where i live now) last time the consoles came out they just doubled the price, now our money is worth more than the green back and when the slim 360 launched it was only 100 bucks more than the US version.

I don't know if they will try to gouge us again or if the changes in the world economy will flow through to us. If I have to spend $800.00 AUS or more to get a new console I'm going to build a new PC instead.

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0? I won't buy a next gen console.

#50 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (635 posts) -

I expect to pay at least $500 on a PS4, and will probably will skip the 720 until there is a must have game for it or a price drop.