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#1 Posted by Atlas (2564 posts) -

Just curious to know how much time the average Giant Bomber spends a day playing video games. When I say a day, I mean an average day, taking into account weekends and the like.

I'd say I probably play games about 2-3 hours in an average day, unless of course I'm playing Oblivion in which case its like 6-8.


#2 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -

Probably 3-5 hours, sometimes more if I have nothing to do.

#3 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

probably about 4 hours a day

#4 Posted by Bigrhyno (509 posts) -

When I was playing WoW, 12 hours daily. Currently it fluctuates anywhere between maybe an hour a day to six depending on the day.

#5 Posted by Sharvie (116 posts) -

On average, a day it varies between 1-2 hours but sometimes i don't play at all.

#6 Posted by Delsaber (208 posts) -

My average time seems to be slipping these days... 2 to 5 hours at most, I'd say. Kind of depends on the game.

#7 Edited by DirrtyNinja (724 posts) -

About 2 hours a day, on average.

#8 Posted by Xeros606 (577 posts) -

since its summer about 1-8 hours but when school is in probably 2-6 on weekdays and 2-8 on weekends.

#9 Posted by Josh9989 (34 posts) -

For me it depends what game I'm playing, Civ IV or summat and im gone for the day, but shooters etc I usually go for about 3 hours most of the time. lol so much for those 15 min warnings.

#10 Posted by ZenGaijin (143 posts) -

I normally game 3 to 4 hours a day, weekends double that time. I really need to get one of those "Girlfriends" I hear so much about.

#11 Posted by predator (361 posts) -

Last week I played for about 50 hours. So yeah, those kind of numbers.

#12 Posted by Colino (178 posts) -

Depends really.

I think that my daily average ranges from 3 to 4 hours. However weekends can extend me to 8-12 hours or more, especially when I buy a new game.

#13 Posted by TheBeast (1920 posts) -

I'm working a lot more than I play games nowadays - even though I love to sit down every now and again and have a long gaming session.
When I played WoW I used to play way too much, and I'd get a bit depressed about it, since I quit I've been doing so much more!

#14 Posted by Isomac (70 posts) -

Really hard to say. It depends on so many things... Hmm maybe ~5 hours a day.

#15 Posted by Aquaman (45 posts) -


#16 Posted by Callik (149 posts) -

Depends on work but tend to get in a least an hour or two per day. More if it's a new game.

#17 Posted by Esten (151 posts) -

1 - 2 hours daily, maybe? Not much, I know.

#18 Posted by AdrenalinDragon (44 posts) -

Varies from time to time. If I really want to finish a game I guess 8-10 hours but it may be more or less depending on the type of mood I'm in.

#19 Posted by Krypton (349 posts) -

5-8 hours....

#20 Posted by Pikapichu (79 posts) -

Not as much as I used to. I play for maybe one hour a day on average, though it really depends.

#21 Posted by Pikachu (449 posts) -

It depends on my mood, sometimes I'll play a game all day, sometimes maybe a few hours, then some days none at all.

#22 Posted by zeus_gb (634 posts) -

According to Steam i've played almost 40 hours in the last two weeks, that doesn't include the several hours that I spent on the DS.

#23 Posted by Locke (335 posts) -

Usually one to two hours. But it depends on the game or season.

#24 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

Some days I play for 12 hours and others I dont play games at all

#25 Posted by OrcaGT (16 posts) -

A few hours a day if possible, maybe more on weekends. Sometimes I can go nuts though, like with MGS4 my first sitting was about 12 hours, but that's only with games I'm really hyped up about...

#26 Posted by Oni (2224 posts) -

Yeah it really depends. Like, the day I got MGS4, I played for 11 hours. Seriously. But if I have nothing new to play, I may not play any games at all. On average, I'd say maybe 3-4 hours.

#27 Posted by Ultraviolence (2 posts) -

1-2 hours on a weekday, and normally 3-4 hours on a Saturday/Sunday unless I'm busy.

#28 Posted by Dee7 (8 posts) -

2 hours a day atleast.

#29 Posted by CarthX (26 posts) -

Usually about 2-3 hours a day, but most of my friends are on holiday the last couple weeks, so I've been looking for things to occupy myself with. My last big gaming session was spent completing Halo 3 on Legendary on co-op over Live. Took about 10 hours thanks to our significant incompetence at some parts, and that we thought it would be funny to kill each other. Damned if it wasn't fun though :D

#30 Posted by Casual (19 posts) -

Summer right now, so maybe 30 minutes average?

#31 Posted by lilan (11 posts) -

I average around an hour or so each day

#32 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

It does indeed fluctuate between days, depending on the game.

With a new game - 3-4 hours.
With my regulars - 1-2 hours.

#33 Posted by Feanor (1440 posts) -

I've been playing AoC a lot since its launch so since then probably 3-4 hrs a day.  Its hard for me to tell since I don't just sit strait.  I'll get up and doing things throughout the day. 

#34 Posted by alwayspureblood (5 posts) -

depends how good the game is really. I'd say 2 hours if a game is semi-decent for me. if its a final fantasy then i spend some more time with that,

#35 Posted by MissileWarriorz (278 posts) -

2-3 hours a day sometimes less sometimes more

#36 Posted by KindGalaxy (462 posts) -

Zero today, came home from work and Giant Bomb launched >.< Normally, about 2-4 hours a night and 5-6 hours on the weekend.

#37 Posted by stAtic (1636 posts) -

I don't have anything to play, but when I do get something, I can play eight hours a day.

#38 Posted by KillaMaStA (878 posts) -

Depends when i got my last game.

The day i got the game, 6-12 hours
the next day, 4-8 hours
third day, 3-5 hours
the days until my next game, 1-2 hours
Some exeptions such as GTA4 and MGS4 recently where i didnt stop until a week after

#39 Posted by BladeOfHeaven (36 posts) -

usually i play games about 4-6 hours a day

#40 Posted by Randolph (381 posts) -

Less than two hours five days of the week at least, work is a pretty heavy constant, and a lot of times when i get home, I just get on the laptop, eat some dinner, browse around, and go to bed.  Makes the fact that I have three twenty plus hour JRPGs on my 360 kind of silly, as I doubt at this rate I'll beat any of them.  But at least it's the opposite of the old problem of beating my games too quickly because I had too much spare time.

#41 Posted by TwoLines (3055 posts) -

Around 5 hours a day.

#42 Posted by Foxdemon2k (287 posts) -

2-3 hours a day I think. I don't exactly time my gaming sessions, that would just be weird.

#43 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

It depends if I'm doing something else but I can usually clock at least 30 hours in a week.

#44 Posted by Lone_Wolf (29 posts) -

I try to get in a good 2 hours.

#45 Posted by nf_2 (36 posts) -

Usually something like 10-20 hours a week. Depends on if I've just bought a new game and if I'm doing anything.

#46 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

3-4 hours recently, been getting busy.

#47 Posted by kashif1 (1543 posts) -

anywhere between 2 and 6

#48 Posted by dankempster (2596 posts) -

Way to revive an old thread, although admittedly this one is a pretty interesting topic.

My honest answer? Both far too much time, and not enough time. If you'd rather have numbers, anywhere between one and four hours a day.
#49 Posted by Flashduck (12 posts) -

Averaging between 2 and 6 hours right now.

#50 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Generally I don't play that much and when I do, it's usually not for very long periods, unless I stumble upon a game that truly wins me over.