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All the time. Last thing I want is to give all my money to Gamestop and 0 to the developers of the game I just enjoyed.
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I rarely buy games new since almost none of them are worth sixty bucks.  Downloadable games that are $10 I'll buy new though.
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always, only used games I buy are older titles I can't find new. I'll wait for price drops but I dislike the idea of stickers and junk on my games. As well as poorly handled discs.

#5 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

I never buy used games.

They're too mainstream.

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I buy most of my games on Steam so always brand new.

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About half of the time. 
I will mostly buy games that are half-price or less. A few games this year have looked good enough that I paid full price for them, such as L.A. Noire and Legend of Heroes.

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All the time. Most of the games I buy are on the PC or downloadable from PSN/XBLA. The few console games I buy are games I want to play the day they are released.

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Important games, good developers, weird or obscure, buy it new. Everything else, Amazon in a few months or Gamefly.

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New, and only new. Those who don't are thieves.

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I'm a college student, no way in hell I can afford to throw down cash for new games constantly. Maybe a tenth of the games I buy in a given year are new and usually requires saving some money up a good deal ahead of time. Usually just buy used and sell back games I've completed AND can't see myself returning to.

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Mainly I buy my games new unless I can't find a particular game. Then I searched the used games market.

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If I think it's worth $60 (which is rare) I'll buy it. Otherwise I'm waiting for a sale. I have enough games to keep me busy until then.

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I only buy new if it is a game that really interests me i.e Skyrim will be Day1 purchase.
I don't see the problem with buying pre-owned, from a personal standpoint. I realise money doesn't go to devs.
I got BioShock, BioShock 2, F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2 all together for £23. Not a fan of BioShock 2 really but for the money I paid it doesn't hurt  and it was good enough.

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Always buy new.

#16 Posted by chrismafuchris (1154 posts) -

I think the last game I bought new was for the Gamecube.

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The only time I buy preowned games is when they're really old and I can't find a new copy at a respectable price.

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I only play PC games, so everything is new.

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Most of the time, but almost never full price. €30 is my sweetspot, anything less even better. I only buy used games I can't find a new copy for a reasonable price.

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I kinda feel like none of the options really fit me. I pretty much never buy a game for 60 bucks. I either wait till it's been out for awhile, and then buy it new for 20-30 bucks, or I buy it through Gamefly. A lot of the time Gamefly will sell games that are only 2-3 months old, and that are still 50-60 bucks at Gamestop, for only 20-30 bucks. So I jump on that type of thing all the time.

I guess buying through Gamefly technically counts as buying it "used," but I just wanted to clarify a little.

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I always buy new because used are for poor people.

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i tend to only buy used games ~ the end of a year when gamestop has that silly buy 2 get 1 free thing going on. and i buy some of the stuff that i looked over during the past. Otherwise its new all the time from amazon.

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D. I rarely buy new games.

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all the time. the only time i buy used games are when a store doesn't have new. usually gamestop does have new.

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i buy new games all the time with my most anticipated games, but there is a 20% of my games that are the ones that get bad reviews or simply i don't see the value of the 60$ and i buy them used or when they get cheap 
buying new games here is hard, the price for a new game is 1/4 of my monthly salary
i still feel ashamed that i bought valkyria chronicles used or paid 15$ for enslaved

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I always try to buy new. It's not like used games are that much cheaper anyways. Every time I go to Gamestop looking to buy a used game, I usually find the game I want for greater than or equal to the price of the game new on Amazon. 

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The only time I buy used is when the game is difficult to find. Persona 4 for example.

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Unless there's an awesome pre-order discount, I can't think of a single good reason to buy something full-price.

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About 1/3 of my games are new.
For all you self-righteous Americans, try living in a country where a game is a significant investment. 
If developers want my cash, stop charging so damn much.

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I buy pre-owned if it's an older game and the difference between a sealed copy and used copy on amazon is greater than 20 or 30 dollars.  Other than, I always buy new.  I hate not supporting developers.
Edit:  Also I've stopped buying console games except console exclusives so I only have the option of buying new on PC.

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At least once a week.

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I buy pretty much all of my games new, but I usually wait for a price drop.

If I buy used it is because the game is hard to find / way too expensive new. Also sometimes I come across a deal too good to pass up on, for example I bought Chrono Trigger for the DS used for €10 not that long after release.

#33 Posted by Beforet (3006 posts) -

I usually buy new. Nothing to do with supporting the industry; I just want to have some guarantee that the disc won't be broken.

#34 Posted by Soapy86 (2683 posts) -

I haven't bought a used game in years. 

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I rarely buy games new....video games take a back seat to my music collection.

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I buy almost exclusively from steam and I am pretty sure my bits are new.

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about as often as i buy games.
i have nothing against used game, i just don't wait for them. if it's an older game sure.

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Always be new. 
Last used game I bought was like a fucking N64 game from Blockbuster.

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The only games I buy pre-owned, are games I can't find new anymore. The $5 EB discount on used is a joke, I want to support what I enjoy. That being said I recognize that I have more disposable income than some people, and to each their own. Also I watch for sales and rarely pay full retail, with all the deals on new games there really is no reason to pay $60.00 for most games.
$40 is the new $60.

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I'm twenty-seven years old, and I've never bought a used game in my life. Also… haven't been to GameStop since the nineties.

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Whenever I can. I don't even remember the last time I bought a used game. Maybe when I was 7 or something.

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I mostly buy games pre-owned due to the fact that I miss a lot of games when they come out.
Games that I will be missing now, but buying later:

  • Alice: Madness Returns
  • Shadows of the Damned
  • Trenched
  • Puzzle Agent 2
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I used to always buy new, but these days I've been waiting on price drops and buying used from friends.

#44 Posted by SeanFoster (913 posts) -

80% of the games I buy I get new. But there's some I'm interested in on console that aren't worth $60 to me so I'll wait, for example I just picked up a used copy of Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions the other day.

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I try to buy new games when I can.

#46 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3687 posts) -
@Gazel_Ministry said:

If I think it's worth $60 (which is rare) I'll buy it. Otherwise I'm waiting for a sale. I have enough games to keep me busy until then.

yes and I'll buy used games if its hard to find new.
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I'm surprised at how many people chose A. That's quite a bit of money to be spending. C for me!

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@JJWeatherman said:

I'm surprised at how many people chose A. That's quite a bit of money to be spending. C for me!

Same here!

I only buy used games when they're not on shelves anymore and I don't wanna order it online

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Very poorly worded poll. 
As for the topic, I might buy two or three new games a year, but I usually wait for price drops and Steam sales before I buy stuff. I just don't have the money to buy new games at $60 a pop plus tax and the gas it takes to do a two hour drive to pick it up at the store and come back. 
As for the other part of your question, I never buy used games. Obviously being a PC guy you can't buy used PC games, but even if I could I wouldn't. If it was a huge price drop like $10 used or $20-$30 not used I would pick up the used one, but every time I have looked it's only like $2-$3 less and if I like the game enough to want to buy it I want the people that made it to get the money so they can keep making games.

#50 Posted by StingingVelvet (594 posts) -

I sort of have to buy new because I'm a PC gamer and modern games have DRM on them that makes used copies worthless. That said I would mostly buy new anyway so I can support the developers, and when I was using my PS2 more often I always bought new. I will get a PS3 eventually and buy new for it as well.