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#1 Edited by Sackmanjones (5188 posts) -

I have gone back at least twice on most of my games sometimes more.  What have you played more than once
GOW 3: 3 playthroughts  
Uncharted 2: 3 playthrough
Infamous: just beat my 1st playthrough and ready for another once I let the game soak in
 RDR: started up my 2nd
MGS4: Just started 2nd today
Plenty more just cant think of them all right this second

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It really depends what game. Like, I never even finished San Andreas, and I'm currently playing through that. On the other hand I've cleared Metal Gear Solid 2 about ten or fifteen times, God of War and God of War 2 about three or four times each. So it really is different in each case.
EDIT: Also, I bashed the hell out of both Uncharteds.

#3 Posted by FunExplosions (5535 posts) -

Haven't gone back to GOW 3 at all. I beat the story mode, then beat all the challenges, and that was it.
Haven't gone back for RDR.
Played Uncharted 2 into oblivion.
Playing inFAMOUS for about the fifth+ time.
Played MGS4 at least three or four times.

#4 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

Usually once or twice, but there are a few I've played like five times each. I'm on my fourth playthrough of Persona 3 right now although I haven't completed it yet. I always need at least 6 months before I play a game again. 

#5 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1663 posts) -

MGS2 & 3: around 6 playthroughs each
Kingdom Hearts 2: 3 playthroughs  
Condemned  2:2 playthroughs.
Persona 3 & 4: 4 playthroughs each 
Half Life 2 : 3 playthroughs
I'm sure I've replayed more but these are the ones i remember playing the most.

#6 Posted by Yummylee (23197 posts) -

If I enjoyed it, at least twice. I've completed some single players multiple times though. Just as a more recent example I've completed Dragon Age around 12 times O.o

#7 Posted by Sackmanjones (5188 posts) -
@Hourai:  Same here. Especially for games like Red Dead where I put SO much time into. I started it cause I was bored but I'm still not ready to jump in again
#8 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -
I love taking long breaks before playing a great game again, because when you do go back it'll feel all new again. I tried a second Mass Effect 2 playthrough right after my first and I just got burnt out and quit halfway through it. 
#9 Posted by ky326 (261 posts) -

Mass Effect 1: 8 playthroughs
Mass Effect 2: 5 playthroughs
Elder Scrolls 4 both PC and 360: probably my most played game ever
MGS4: 4 playthroughs  
Fallout 3 both PC and 360: 5 playthrough between the two versions
I love single player :)  <3

#10 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1160 posts) -

I could count the games I have played 2+ times on one hand and they are 
Final Fantasy VII- 3 complete playthroughs getting everything 
Resident Evil 4- Probably somewhere around 10 playthroughs 
God of War 2- 2 Playthroughs 
I am rarely inspired to play through a game multiple times since there are so many other games I still haven't played.

#11 Posted by Sackmanjones (5188 posts) -
@Hourai:@ky326:  I just cant bring myself to play mass effect 2 again. Not because its a bad game. In fact its one of my favorite games ever!!! I just feel like my story is done and what I did is done. It has tempted me but I resist!
#12 Posted by FateOfNever (1863 posts) -

Not sure on what all I've played through more than once, but since I don't buy games 'that' often, I've probably played through every game at least twice.  Particular ones of note, however -
Chrono Trigger: By now, probably over 20 play throughs.
Earthbound: probably a good 5 play throughs.
War Craft 3: 4+ play throughs.
Final Fantasy X: 3 play throughs.
Valkyrie Profile: 4 play throughs.
Secret of Evermore: about to start my 3rd play through after I finish my current play through of Chrono Trigger.
Man, I just realized I don't own many new games that I actually have felt like playing through more than once or twice :(

#13 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Doom 1 & 2 : dozens of times, and probably played through E1M1 many hundreds of times.  I know E1M1 better than my own basement.
Quake 1 : quite a few times
Half Life 2 : played through bits and pieces many times
Solar Striker : a fun play through
Super Mario Bros 1 / 3 / World : many times, possibly hundreds of plays of early levels
Virtua Cop 1 & 2 : many times
Really that's just a small sample.  There are dozens of games I've played through many times.  I am huge on replaying great action games.  The games I almost never play through more than once are the kind of games other people have brought up.  As much as I love Mass Effect 2, Fallout 3, and RDR they're just too long winded for me to play many times.

#14 Posted by Dizzyhippos (2094 posts) -

Most times only once but there are execptions
alpha protocal: 2 times
mass effect 2: 3 times
max payne 2: 14 times and counting

#15 Posted by ky326 (261 posts) -
@Sackmanjones: I am in the process of playing Mass Effect 1. Once I am done, I will import that character into Mass Effect 2 and play it one more time. I'm addicted!
#16 Posted by NTM (8291 posts) -

Uh, way too many games to say. The first time I started redoing games after beating it once was back when I played Metroid Prime. I beat that like, five times. Then I remember beating Ninja Gaiden five times or so as well fondly. I remember that 'cause those were the first couple of games that I had fondly played again and again. As of recently, the two games I think of that I beat more than once, are Crysis and Dead Space. Anyways, there are way too many games to name. Lets just say every game ever made.
#17 Posted by Sackmanjones (5188 posts) -
@ky326:  OoOo replay the first then second?? Stop tempting!
#18 Posted by hedfone (1746 posts) -
@Lemoncookie01: 4 p4 playthroughs? damn
#19 Posted by ky326 (261 posts) -
@Sackmanjones: Give in to the Mass Effect side!
#20 Posted by ShooterJoseph (97 posts) -

I replay single-player quite a lot, but the game I have finished the most would have to be Resident Evil 4=21 times. :D

#21 Edited by Brodehouse (10488 posts) -

I've played through Final Fantasy VI on various consoles probably... finished it six times, got near the end and quit probably another five.
I've played through Mass Effect 2 four times.
Mass Effect the original twice.
The first Uncharted four times.
Metal Gear Solid 4 two and a half before my save died.
Batman twice. 
Dragon Age Origins three times.
Persona 4 twice.  Kanji-Naoto ship!

#22 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

I play through most games once and i'm done with them.  The exception to this are usually action games with a lot to unlcok and a fun fighting system. For example: I beat Resident Evil 5 and Bayonetta four times each.
#23 Posted by DDhanez (113 posts) -

Very often... usually when I'm bored.

#24 Posted by LiquidPrince (16475 posts) -

God of War 3 - 2 Playthroughs
Uncharted 2 - 3 Playthroughs
MGS4 - 2 Playthroughs
Prince of Persia - 3 Playthroughs
So on.

#25 Posted by SSValis (1198 posts) -

If I buy a game i'll play it twice at least. Anymore and I find it hard to enjoy it again. 

#26 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

Depends on how long it was to get though. Something short like COD4, I played though multiple times. But something super long like Persona 3, I'll go though once and be done with it.

#27 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

usually only once. i think the only games that i replayed this generation were resident evil 5 and heavy rain. i usually buy new games and play them a bit and buy newer games. my games just keep piling up.

#28 Posted by Turtlefuzz (270 posts) -

I played Dead Space four times. Other than that though I don't really play action games more than twice though. If a game is open ended I'll play it again differently, like Bioshock. 
Weirdly enough though I played Mass Effect 2 twice, but played it as renegade both times. But that's because first of all, it's a great game, and second, because something doesn't seem right about Paragon Shepard.

#29 Edited by Sticky_Pennies (2031 posts) -

Never back-to-back, but I will revisit games that I really enjoyed multiple times. I've played through the current Half-Life (including the first one) series five times on Hard, for example. 
Deus Ex four times... I'm tired, but I'd list more. 
Edit: I lied. I've played Diablo 2 back-to-back a few times, with a total-to-date of eight playthroughs.

#30 Posted by triple07 (1238 posts) -

Well I put 2 100 hour playthroughs into Oblivion and probably 7 or 8 playthrough of Ocarina of Time but those are the extremes. Usually I'll play an RPG a couple of times and a shooter once or maybe twice if I really like it. Action games are usually a once for me since I'm not big on going back through on a harder difficulty right after I finish so I usually never get around to another playthrough.

#31 Posted by Lawrens (678 posts) -

4-5 times if the game is good, a good game usually have enough modes and unlockable for me to play through it a few times. I only play through RPGs once. I replayed a lot of the snes games back then.

#32 Posted by BergDK (268 posts) -

Monkey Island HD: 3 times

SW KotOR: 4 or 5 times

Mass Effect: 4 times

Halflife 2 +episodes 2

Deadspace: 2 times

Halo 3: 4 times

And many more 

#33 Posted by DukesT3 (1979 posts) -

Usually once. I have serious ADD with games... I can barely even stick with one unless the game instantly grabs me in.

#34 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2353 posts) -

I don't do it much these days, got so many games that once I beat one I move onto the next game. I suppose the last single player I restarted was Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the Xbox and that's because I already beaten it multiple times on the ps2 and I wanted to see the difference between the two. I keep telling myself to redo the MGS series again.
#35 Posted by Krystal_Sackful (804 posts) -

I've played through Deus Ex at least 8 times.

#36 Edited by Make_Me_Mad (3213 posts) -

Varies greatly from game to game how many times, but I usually don't even bother with multiplayer for most games.  Bayonetta, for instance, I've finished somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 times because fighting in that game is so goddamn ridiculously fun.  Final Fantasy Tactics I've completed enough times to classify as obsessive.  As a general rule, if a game has a lot of customization/character creation options, I'll play it like mad, or if the single player experience is enough fun, i.e. Red Steel 2 and the Advance Wars series.
Except for Days of Ruin.
That game can suck it.

#37 Posted by fugie7 (1131 posts) -

it really depends on the game, If the story is good I'll tend to play it two more times then move on to something else.

#38 Posted by schizogony (988 posts) -

Mass Effect 1 and 2 are pretty much the only games I can replay. 
I will probably replay RDR again some day.

#39 Posted by BibleDoctor (697 posts) -

KOTOR - 30+ times since release
Mass Effect - 20 -25 times since release
Mass Effect 2 - 14 times since release
Dragon Age: Origins (including Awakening) - 13 times since release
Oblivion - 10 - 15 times since release
If I enjoy the game I will play it over and over again.

#40 Posted by M_33 (531 posts) -

Sly cooper 1: At least 3 times, been awhile.  
Sly 3: 2 times. 
Resi 5: 3 times. 
Portal: 2 and a half. (Hey, I just got it) 
Kingdom Hearts 1: 2 times.
KH 2: 3 times.
Tony Hawk's Underground: I think 4 times.  
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System: 7 times and counting.
Both Kingdom Hearts were played through a second time to have a seperate save file before every boss fight in the game. The third for Kingdom Hearts 2 was when I lost my memory card holding said boss fights.  
Sly Cooper series was just best. 
Resi 5: Various playthroughs with various people. 
Metal Arms will always be my favorite third person shooter ever. I'm playing it right now!
#41 Posted by immike (712 posts) -

At least twice (AT LEAST) for games that I enjoy. I honestly play through them quite a bit, since I am more of a singleplayer gamer than anything else.

#42 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

Néver more then once
No matter how good a game is, i will never go through it again. 
Occasionally, i do load up a saved game in which there's a cool soundtrack, beautiful scenery/leveldesign, great atmosphere, awesome plot twist etc. 
#43 Posted by Korone (404 posts) -

I've played through Call of Duty 2 countless times.

#44 Posted by Carcharias (85 posts) -

Played through Mafia almost 7 times, if I'll bother reinstalling it  I'd probably go through it again.

#45 Posted by RaccoonusDoodus (328 posts) -

I replay singleplayer games all the time. The ones I've done the most would be Sly 2 and Sly 3, probably around 20+ for each (played the shit out of those when I was a kid haha and can't wait to do it again in Sly Collection :D ) Resident Evil 5:somewhere around 15. Those are the only ones I can think of that have gotten 10+ playthroughs out of me. But, like I said, I replay a lot of stuff...

#46 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Depends on the game.
I have finished Mass Effect 1 a lot, like give or take 20 times (I stopped counting round there, but this is very true, I'm an huge fan).
Also leveled three characters to 61 with Borderlands, finished Jade Empire twice, 3 times through Dragon Age Origins and twice through Awakening.
Crackdown 1 like three times...
I could go on, but an estimate would be two to three times I spose.

#47 Posted by Atary77 (578 posts) -
@Sackmanjones:  Basically I love any game that allows me to do multiple play throughs while saving my accumulated stats ,weapons ,EXP ,ect. 
Only exception I have to this rule is a game with a good story and characters like Brutal Legend or Psychonauts.
#48 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19816 posts) -

I play through them just once, usually; it's hard for me to play a game that I enjoy, even, multiple times.  Not sure why, but I like getting an experience only once.  I feel like it just has a lesser impact on me when I play through a 2nd time or more, I believe.  Games I've played through twice:

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Games I've tried to play through twice, but stopped:
  • Mass Effect
  • Fable: The Lost Chapters
  • Fable II
  • Persona 3 FES
I need some time to pass so I can forget some of the story before I jump back into a game that I've finished once already.
#49 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

Depends on the re-playability and achievements.

#50 Posted by Metroid545 (1839 posts) -

alot but usually on older games
for example
Super metroid-27 times
Earthbound-19 times
LOZ:OOT-9 times
and counting i'm on an oot replay now