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Posted by Nodima (1487 posts) 2 years, 1 month ago

Poll: How often do you watch Giantbomb content on Youtube rather than the site? (359 votes)

Never 26%
Rarely 24%
Occasionally 21%
Regularly 21%
Exclusively 8%

Personally, I highly enjoy viewing Quick Looks through the Youtube app on my PS3. If I see a Quick Look is on the site, my immediate reaction is to turn on my PS3 and head to TheRealGiantBomb. I love that Youtube app's technology despite the interface, how things look 95% as good on my 50" TV as they do on my 20" desktop, and I love that I can have the videos running and still be able to use my computer for other stuff.

As a side conversation, it's always had me curious if there's a way anyone's figured out to view premium content on their televisions. Maybe I could put them on my iPhone and play them through the USB port? But since a lot of premium content is live, that doesn't really help (I'm not sure why the PS3 browser can barely play any video, the only site I have any real success with is a sports streaming site) if I want to see it as it's happening (and I do, there's a lot of charm to the liveness of the live shows).

#1 Posted by Morningstar (2321 posts) -

Never. I download them to my computer most of the time, and add them to my ever growing backlog.

#2 Posted by Addfwyn (1982 posts) -

Occasionally, if I see a new QL up on the Giant Bomb channel while I am catching up with the day's kpop.

Otherwise I watch it on the site.

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I pretty regularly watch the videos on YouTube as I already go there to watch a bunch of subscriptions anyway.

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I subscribe to a couple other gaming site's youtube channel and watch their stuff there since GB is the only gaming site i visit regularly. Occasionally i will see a GB video on youtube before seeing it on the site first. Even then i rarely watch it on youtube and instead come here to watch most of the time.

#5 Edited by DarthOrange (4091 posts) -

I pretty regularly watch the content using the YouTube app on the Vita though will once in a blue moon will watch a video on the site.

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The site breaks somewhat frequently now and every once in a while back in the day; Youtube never breaks.

#7 Posted by laserbolts (5441 posts) -

Always on youtube because the video player on this site is garbage and rarely works.

#8 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5148 posts) -

Always on Giant Bomb because the video player on this site is pretty good and always works.

#9 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

There was a time when I was just using youtube to access GB video content, but now I'm back to viewing everything on the site after the new site went up.

#10 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

If watching videos on Youtube on my Xbox counts, then fairly often.

#11 Posted by Nodima (1487 posts) -

@Breadfan yea, I suppose I should have worded the question a little better, because that's what I meant.

On another note, IDK why I never tried PS3 Media Server before. I fell asleep during the Omikron stream and it's pretty fuckin' dope that I can download the HD version (though it takes a half hour :() and then watch it on my TV in glorious 1080 (or whatever these videos are, 720 I spose).

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Rarely. Only if the site is super duper slow.

#13 Posted by _Chad (998 posts) -

Never. I did however use the youtube video player a few times, like when Flash is being terrible on chrome.

#14 Posted by Voxus (368 posts) -

I watched it a lot more during Fear Gauntlet and what not. I miss the interns :(

#15 Edited by RPGee (775 posts) -

Since I find that the new video player is actually pretty good, Rarely.

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#17 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4712 posts) -

Sometimes, when I don't feel like dealing with it being 240p half the time.

#18 Posted by DaMisterChief (612 posts) -

Some times when Video player on the site is giving me shit.

#19 Posted by beef_melody (337 posts) -

Most QLs I do because the YT player has better options for my lousy connection.

#20 Posted by Tajasaurus (1264 posts) -

Most QLs I do because the YT player has better options for my lousy connection.

Yeah, this. And then I just download everything else through the site.

#21 Posted by Stonyman65 (3013 posts) -

I usually only use YouTube when to site's video doesn't work for some reason.

#22 Posted by Metzo_Paino (350 posts) -

When my internet is being slow i'll switch to YouTube. Found it to be much more reliable.

#23 Posted by probablytuna (4126 posts) -

Usually I download the videos then watch them after but sometimes I'll just watch it on Youtube because it strangely loads videos faster.

#24 Posted by Nilazz (722 posts) -

Only when I can't access Giant bomb for some reason.

#25 Posted by ajamafalous (12365 posts) -

I only watch (listen to) Bombcast clips on youtube.

#26 Posted by Aarglefarg (27 posts) -

I often watch quick looks with the YouTube app on my phone (often after turning my computer off for the night, winding down). And for longer/premium content, I normally download it to watch it off the site.

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Occasionally, if the website is being slow that particular day.

#28 Posted by TruthTellah (9630 posts) -

Unfortunately, since the new site launched, videos on the site continue to run a bit hitchy on my laptop, but the same videos on Youtube run just fine. So, it's all I've got for the moment.

#29 Posted by Nightriff (6156 posts) -

When I am at work and it is blocked I use youtube as the alternative, but since the new site launch most videos aren't posted until hours (so I'm all ready home) or even days later, took forever to finally watch the A:CM QL a few weeks back, had to watch it at home instead of on company time

#30 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

I don't watch videos often now that YouTube is subscriber only. (if you want to use the video player on the site, I mean)

The default player on this website sucks, the auto feature is the only one available on streaming and it doesn't work properly. I should get HD quality every time but often I don't. If I switch to progressive at 720P it works fine but then I can't skip ahead.

Pretty gross that YouTube is paywalled now.

#31 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I usually download videos directly from the site. Because I can't reliably watch them in one sitting, a browser was unreliable for keeping my place (it's also why I left Firefox). And I used to have a harsh internet cap, so I used the mobile resolution.

#32 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (473 posts) -

I always download videos directly from the site, especially because my University's Internet is often shoddy. This allows me to even speed up the videos if I just want to hear the banter in the background while I work.

#33 Posted by Demoskinos (16183 posts) -
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Before the new site the videos here wouldn't play so I'd watch everything on youtube. Now if I happen to see a new video on youtube before on the site I'll check it out there.

#35 Posted by Jason_E_Sigler (142 posts) -

Before the redesign, I frequently used Youtube because they were all easily located and accessible. Now though, I just view them straight from the GB site, on either PC/Mac or tablet. Also, for console/TV watching, the Wii U offers a great experience, allowing playing videos on the site and then doing other things (viewing comments, etc.) while the video plays on the TV. If I'm home, that's how I watch GB content.

#36 Edited by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

I would usually watch the video on the site at home. But I'm in Hungary for my English Teaching practice and the hotel internet doesn't agree with their player. So I have found myself using therealgiantbomb youtube channel a lot these past 3 weeks

#37 Posted by Seb (385 posts) -


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The new video player seems even worse than the old one, so I use the Youtube player a lot these days.

#39 Posted by jakob187 (22309 posts) -

Ever since the new video player came out, I pretty much ONLY watch their video content on YouTube.

Seriously, that new video player is terrible.

#40 Posted by Gamer_152 (14281 posts) -

I think it's been about half-and-half. Once you're already on YouTube it's kind of easy to just get onto the Giant Bomb stuff. I've definitely used YouTube more since the site change-over though. Like a lot of things, the video player here is still going through some teething problems.

#41 Posted by Nev (594 posts) -

On Youtube itself? Never. Do I use the Youtube player on Giant Bomb? Yeah, here and there.

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A week or so back, the site player wasn't working on iPad (maybe that's fixed now), so I went to YouTube that time. When I'm on PC, I only really go to YouTube if I'm looking for a particular clip (Let's Watch a Pro). For watching full quick looks, unprofessional fridays, etc., I pretty much always view them here.

#43 Edited by louiedog (2381 posts) -

I'm watching a quick look on youtube right now while I eat my lunch. Normally I watch the embedded YouTube video here on GB, but that's been less than reliable lately.

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I've been using Youtube when available since the site transition. Once they work out all the kinks with the video player I might switch back though.

#45 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

Always on youtube because the video player on this site is garbage and rarely works.

Preeeeeeetty much, I will often pause videos and just leave them there while I take a study break, do something else and when I come back, sometimes after just a few minutes the player just crashes, youtube works.

#46 Edited by TheHT (12271 posts) -

occasionally when i feel like watching something on my PS3.

#47 Edited by Happenstance (491 posts) -

I watch a lot more of the videos on Youtube now that I cant use my second monitor while GB videos are playing fullscreen

#48 Edited by Poppy_Persona (174 posts) -

Am i the only one that thinks youtube is sloooow, especially with longer videos. No i always watch on the site i like the player and find it faster than most.

#49 Posted by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

I sometimes get weird issues with the sounds levels when I stream, but they come out better on YouTube for some reason.

#50 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19813 posts) -

More often than not nowadays because I've been having trouble with GB's video player.