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Poll: How's your internet? (152 votes)

Fast and reliable. 29%
Fast but unreliable. 12%
Decent speed and reliable. 34%
Decent speed but unreliable. 14%
Slow but reliable. 5%
Slow and unreliable. 7%
I have no internet in my home. 0%

With all the talk going around concerning always-connected services with next-gen consoles I'm interested in finding out what kind of internet connection the duders are hooked up to.

In stead of having numbers for answers I thought that it would be more helpful to describe your internet in two basic parameters. How fast is it and how reliable is it? If you can watch HD-video with no or little buffering your internet is fast. If you have to buffer for a long time before watching HD-content then your internet speed is decent. And if your having trouble watching any form of video content on the net then your internet is slow.

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Its ok. It could be better though. it suits my needs, but i'd like to find better internet at some point in the next year.

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120 MB/s with consistent speeds, but goes out occasionally (once/wk) then reconnects within a minute or two.

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I have FIOS and live in a fairly well connected area, so I voted for decent speed and reliable. With that said, in the past half year I've had at least two periods where there were outages lasting a couple days or more, so even with a reliable "always on" connection I've had issues.

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I'm currently on a consistent 50 MB/s connection with no disconnects.

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50MB/s and rock solid 99% of the time. I often get over 50MB/s too which is nice. The most I have seen it get to on Steam is 100MB/s for a few hours one day. I downloaded a ton of games during that time to take advantage of it.

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Always on with decent speeds

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A better question is what is Microsoft's track record with never having any problems or downtime with their Xbox Live service?

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Mine is ok, and somewhere between reliable and unreliable, I can go a month with no disconnects and then for like 3 days straight it will just disconnect randomly every hour or two and then be fine again for a month or two.

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5mb/sec represent!

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Pretty shit, its always on though but my computer gets about 8 mb/s (megabits not bytes), I can't watch 720p unless I'm on a really good day.

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Speedtest says I'm getting 6mb down but I've never had anything download faster than 1m/s and the average I usually get is 700k/s on Steam.

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It's fast sometimes and goes out once or twice a month. We also have a low bandwidth cap which would be completely destroyed if a console required always online. Can't forget that it's also overpriced.

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Good speed and usually pretty reliable, but on busy days it might drop for 20-30 seconds once or twice a day (sometimes long enough to disconnect me from XBL, sometimes not). Usually not a big deal, but it's just enough to make me nervous about any service that'll kick me out of a game if I lose my connection briefly.

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200kbps gaming crew

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I'd say decent speed, but unreliable. It was much better at my old house, but with where I live now I get a reasonably high speed most of the time, then it will just have these periods where it goes to shit.

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I have shitty DSL and I despise it with a passion. It's fine for gaming as I get around 50-80 ping but for downloading or streaming, it's pretty slow. I've also been having a lot of trouble with it recently. Hopefully I'll have better internet by the time next gen comes around. Time is ticking, though...

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At my parents' house, where I lived last year, it was incredibly slow and incredibly unreliable -- it was also the only Internet solution where they live.

Now that I've moved closer to civilization, I have decent and reliable Internet for a fairly inexpensive rate. But the wounds of the slow Internet are still fresh enough that I shake my head at anybody who claims that digital-only is absolutely the way for games to go. Downloading even smaller XBLA games could take hours, and I was never able to play much Diablo III because I always got disconnected. That's an Internet reality for more people than you might think.

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500Kbps-1.5Mbps, Thanks BT for your crappy infrastructure!

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I currently have the fastest internet I've ever had, 6mbps download/1mbps upload. While it's not that impressive, I'm able to deal with it fine. I only upgraded several months ago. Before that were some really hard times.

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100mbs down (that actually hits around 150-160 when the line is empty)/ 20mbs up (seems to hit around 50-60 when the line is empty) and rock solid connection. In the year the I have had it it has gone out once when a large cyclone cause a few billion dollars worth of damage, and they had it back up in two days. I'm lucky cause all the cable from my house to the node are all new so everything is running at 100%. This should keep me going in comfort until the government come around in 8 or so years with their wonderful fiber to house and the gb/s that entails.

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100 mbps and very reliable. I had a power outage a while ago which broke it for a day, but I can't really blame my ISP for that.

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I've had a perfect connection for over three years. But I refuse to buy a always connected system on principal.its sets a terrible precedent. What if money gets tight and I have to get rid of my Internet? My Xbone and all the games I have for suddenly become bricks. I recently took my 360 with me on vacation so the family could play some rock band and system link halo. There wasn't internet for miles.

What happens in 20 years when I want to play grand theft auto 6? I won't be able to connect to the servers to authenticate it. WON'T SOMBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

I guess I'll just hope ps4 doesn't do the same or I guess I'll just become a Nintendo fanboy and retro gamer. I hope Microsoft burns to the ground.

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Download speed is pretty good. I get a consistent ~30Mbps. Upload is terrible though at only ~4Mbps. Online verifications won't affect me in the slightest, but I still think they're bullshit as they can only prevent me from playing content that I bought while offering nothing in return.

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from 4pm to 9pm it's slow as shit, otherwise it's ok

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50Mbp/s download and it's up most of the time. Most of the time.

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I download at 5-6 megs a second if I have the internet to myself. Fastest I've ever had, it's so nice <3

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I'm fine with my internet, but at 20Mbps, it's not exactly the fastest out there. It's good enough for what I need. And it's reliable enough as well.

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100 Mbps symmetrical. Very reliable.

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Not bad.

EDIT: Just did a speedtest. A measly 5mb/s download and .9mb/s uploads. YEA...

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60 mbps, but unreliable - sometimes it just turns off for no reason and won't work for a few hours.

I also had to buy a new router because the one they gave was garbage and had almost no wifi range.

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Oh, it's dirty.

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Fast and reliable. FiOS 75/35 plan. Very stable and often exceeds those speeds by a good 5-10 Mbps. Steam downloads are routinely 10 MB/s and Origin downloads sometimes hit 16 MB/s for some strange reason that I don't at all mind whatsoever.