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This may seem to be an ass-backwards way of getting things done, but as I explain the issue, you may see why I'm requesting this. I'm attempting to broadcast Dungeon Hearts on Twitch.TV, but apparently the only way they're going to add the game to their list of supported games is for the game to show on this site first (seems they use some content from this site in their support). The problem is, this is my first time using this site (actually created an account in hopes of getting the ball rolling so I can display that I'm broadcasting that game on Twitch.TV), but I have no idea on how to start about getting information added for the game to this site. I guess I'll start by including what information I do have about the game & hope that will help in getting it added to the database. Here are a few links that will do just that:



Now if I'm out of line by posting links to other sites to get this game added to your database, then I apologize in doing this. I just have no idea on where to start, so this is the best I can do until somebody informs me on what I need to do to get it added.

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@wondergamer: I can understand your issue, and new games can be submitted for approval by filling out a form to "Create new game page" here: http://www.giantbomb.com/games/

For now, though, I have already filled out a request including the information you provided, and upon a moderator approving it, Dungeon Hearts will become part of the database. Please give a day or two(or more depending on availability) for the page to show up; though, it may show up sooner if seen quickly. Though, there is also the chance that not enough information has been provided to make a page, but I would guess that this game's Steam page should be enough evidence of its worthiness for listing. That just isn't up to me.

I have submitted the request; so, just check back to see if the page appears in the next few days. Thank you. :)

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Thank you for your help & for the link for future reference. Kind of got out of the habit of having to go through channels of submitting support requests as I do it myself on Xfire. I'd add you as a friend on GB if I knew how to seeing as you were kind enough to help me out; seems like all you can do is follow people on here.

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@wondergamer: Glad to be of some help. Hopefully it gets posted up there for you soon. :)

And you can hover your mouse cursor over my user image and click the "Follow" option that appears if you like. That's basically being friends around here.

Good luck with your stream!

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I didn't realise Twitch pulled that data from GiantBomb. How weird.

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