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(Note to Mods: I've put this in General because I thought it might catch attention from people who might have an interest but wouldn't actively check the specific game forum, and I'd like those opinions too. I'll leave it to your discretion whether it should be moved, thanks)

So if you've played Planetside 2 at all, or just heard people talk about it (perhaps via Quick Look) you at least know it seems cool, but bewildering thanks to the lack of any real tutorial/guidance. Let's face it, video tutorials just don't cut it, and I like this game enough that knowing good players who might give it a shot but quit or put it aside just because they are overwhelmed as to what the hell is going on (like Drew, maybe!) is disappointing to me. Well, I've been thinking of this for a bit, and considering the Quick Look just went up I figured I might as well throw it out there now when there just might be peak interest in the game.

So my question to you, the reader, is this: as someone who might have an interest in trying to play the fascinating large-scale free FPS that is Planetside 2, would you like the idea of joining up for an in-game "class" on how the hell it works? The most frustrating thing for me, as someone who took the long road of learning the game via more or less pure immersion and intuition, is knowing how NON-complicated its systems ultimately are for anyone who's played a Battlefield-style FPS before. I honestly think anyone with basic FPS knowledge could learn all the important mechanics in, like, 30 minutes with just simple in-game guidance.

That's my offer here. I have enough spare time at the moment that, should people be interested, I'll be happy to schedule some in-game "seminars" to teach the ropes. Skill level shouldn't matter; basic Battlefield-style FPS knowledge (or maybe even just basic FPS knowledge, not sure yet) should be enough, I reckon. The in-game voice chat capabilities should work just fine for this (assuming the servers aren't going wonky at the time). I can't promise I'll be super-entertaining or insightful or nothing, but I'll do my best to teach you what you need to know to have fun in the game.

My schedule is pretty much wide open at the moment, so I can do whatever is most convenient for the majority of people. As mentioned, I suspect the length of this "seminar" should be about 30 mins at most, but of course we'll have to see. If people are interested, I'll do a few smaller test groups to see how well it goes, then scale up as necessary. If not, so be it. What's in this for me? Simple: every extra soldier in this game who knows what the hell is going on makes the game that much more fun.

Please, let me know if you have an interest in learning this rad game in what is (hopefully) a quick and efficient way!

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i just jumped in blind. a veteran of battlefield i think i understand the basics of the game and was able to figure out the mess of a battle i was in. That said theres deffinately a lot going on in this game. I'm up for he idea.

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@Jadeskye said:

i just jumped in blind. a veteran of battlefield i think i understand the basics of the game and was able to figure out the mess of a battle i was in. That said theres deffinately a lot going on in this game. I'm up for he idea.

I would start playing if we could get a voice chat system going and someone would be willing to let me be a medic or engineer. 
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Oh hey people posted in this and I figured I'd get a notification, sorry! Of course @The_Laughing_Man you could be whatever class you'd like, I'd plan to do a quick run-through of each class to make sure everyone is clear on their abilities (most of them are pretty straightforward but something like the Infiltrator has a few things that aren't immediately intuitive) and after the tutorial we'd totally look for some action. Like @Jadeskye witnessed, you can definitely sort out the most basic stuff quick but there's a fair amount of nuance that you can learn a lot faster with a little guidance.

Re: Voice chat: The in-game voice is totally up to the task (when the servers are functioning right, at least). It even has proximity chat so folks can ask individual questions and I could tell who's saying it. But setting up a Teamspeak server or something to that effect for backup shouldn't be a problem.

Just to make sure it's clear: my plan is to run through stuff someplace safe, so we'll be "on-the-job" but there won't be action right away. I wanna cover all the stuff that's not intuitive or is frustrating when you don't know what the hell is happening. But trust me that taking whatever couple minutes it will require to run through the stuff (again I estimate no more than 30 at the MOST) will save you hours of frustration from dying over and over not knowing what the hell is going on.

But I want to stress: there's no need to be intimidated by this game! Trust me, it's not that complex, it's just busy and cluttered.