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Print screen wont work, it only pastes black screens to paint whenever i try, is there any simple software which lets me hotkey fullscreen capture to a button so i could take screenshots of any game i play?

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In Steam, F12. Or maybe just buy FRAPS.

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There are programs to do this with, but if the game in question is a Steam game or you've added it to launched it from Steam, you can push F12.

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Steam just allows you to take pics with F12 but it can weirdly bog the game down but it's handy to just uploud them. FRAPS however lets you take pics as frequently as you want and the quality of much better than what is produced with Steam.

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Have you tried Alt+Print Screen, or is that busted, too?

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in addition to Alt+Print Screen, Ctrl+PrtScn (print screen) also works.

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Usually this is because the game just doesn't like it. Some games will probably work, other's won't. I'd suggest getting fraps or just using the Steam interface to do it.

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+1 for steam

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Steam has a built in ability to take jpg screenshots of games so that's probably the best solution if you are using Steam, Fraps also allows you to take screenshots but the free version only saves them as .bmp files which are uncompressed and are tens of megabytes each. Bandicam is another program that you can use, the free version of that allows you to save the screenshots as .png, .jpg or .bmp files.

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You can use Xfire, it's free and saves the images in a lossless format, unlike Steam.

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Use Fraps; don't bother with Steam's screenshot system, it saves everything in jpeg format.

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Steam's built in screenshot system, using Print Screen and putting it in an image editing program, Greenshot, Fraps.

And many other ways.

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Don't listen to all of the chumps before me. Open up MS Paint and recreate the scene manually like a pro.

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If all else fails, right click on the shortcut or the game's exe, go to Properties and then disable Desktop Composition for that game. That should let you use the print screen key again.

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ok fraps works, thanx :)