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I guess the title is pretty self explanatory.

I got the yellow light issue on my PS3. I am planning to get a new one, but I don't want to loose all my content (especially my saves). Is there an easy way to recover and transfer them to the new one?


PS: I am assuming the long way is: 1) Take out the old disk from the old PS3; 2) Put the old disk on the new PS3; 3) Backup on a usb drive; 4) Put the new disk on the new PS3 and 5) Restore the backup. I am looking for an easier way, if available.

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You can't, you're fucked. The hard drive formats when you put it in a new PS3 and thee format system (JTFS) is non readable on the PC.

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This happened to me. I opened up my ps3 and heated the cpu/ gpu using a heat gun. There are lots of videos that show you how to do this. My ps3 worked for another 3 months before it happened again. I then repeated the process to get the ps3 working and copied the saves across.

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@yani: Yeah, I heard about that process, but (if it works) I am still going to transfer the saves as soon as it turns on, since I know its only a temporal fix.

@NewDust: That is pretty crappy. Now I hope the heating process works, since I am not willing to replay 80+ hours of Skyrim...

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If you were/are a PS+ member you can get your saves from "the cloud".

NewDust is right, you can't just swap hard drives, the PS3 recognizes that its a different drive and re-formats. If you connect the drive to a PC it'll want to reformat it because it can't read the file system.

I've heard that people have used the towel trick or blasted the vent in the back with a hair drying to melt the solder on the board and make the PS3 work long enough to recover data.

Have you called Sony Playstation Support? I don't think they erase the hard drive when they do repairs, if you really need those saves that might be your best bet.

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Same thing happened to me, I tried the heating trick but it didn't work for me. If you call Sony they will replace your PS3 with a refurbished one that won't reformat your HD, allowing you to recover your saves. IIRC it cost around £90 for that.

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Unfortunately, I am not in a "PS3 supported country" (I live in South America), meaning Sony here won't handle PS3s.