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To start off i was a PAX virgin this year so the first time for anyone is always very emotional and in my case orgasmic. I could tell a story, or maybe a cheesy play by play. Why don't i just sum it up in 3 words? Amirite? ......TOTALLY.....FUCKING.....AMAZING. Thank you, that is all......Well maybe not ALL but that's pretty much my impression. I will break down this beautiful beast for you:

1. ZE GAMEZ. Well how were they? They were pretty awesome as this is what PAX is mostly about, besides the other parts like long bathroom lines and ungodly long game lines. The games themselves were very refreshing. God help us if there was another COD there....but this year it was pretty stacked. You had your misses but also your highlights. LoL had a huge booth with their crazy screaming fans..Watch dogs was not a playable demo but a watchable showcase along with Saints Row 4. They both were amazing. Watch Dogs 8/10 and Saints Row 4 9/10. I mean Saints Row 4 you are the President, a Superhero and aliens are attacking Earth.....FUCKING AWESOME. Crazy super powers in SR4 like running like Flash and flying like Superman. Of course they have super hero attacks why not right? Also their wide variety of strange guns that are just those shits and giggles moments. Including the dubstep gun and the inflator. Both self explanitory. Also i DID NOT get to play The Last Of Us because it was a 5+ hour line. but i have heard nothing but amazing things from people who have. Remember Me, was well, underwhelming to say the least. Clunky mechanics, bad camera angles and barely any free roam ability smacked on top of gorgeous graphics doesnt spell amazing game to me. But i'd still say it was a 6/10.

2. The CROWD. HOLY CRAP. It was packed. Saturday it was packed and sunday too, if you want my advice on PAX get to the things you want to see early or itll be full before you can even say damn.

3. The Panels. They were great this year Rooster Teeth, Magic, TGS Podcast Live!, and well GiantBomb haha. i only went to the TGS Podcast one but all my friends went to the others and really enjoyed them. TGS was well what you'd expect if you're a fan. AMAZING. Dodger looks so cute in person and my man crush Jesse Cox was amazing as ever signing 2 of my things and taking more pictures than a photographer waiting for Britney Spears to get out of a car. It was amazing. Jirard the Completionist was also there. So it was awesome.

4. The atmosphere. Was suprisingly really good and fun. Tons of free games to play and free stuff. So MUCH free stuff. Posters, lanyards, stickers, buttons, pins, and much much more. Amazing merch and the infamous swag bag. Including magic cards, a poster and a bunch of ads haha oh PAX. Poeple were nice and the place didnt smell.....everyone says it does. maybe i just smelled too. BUT it was fun.

5. THE RATING. From all the games, the free stuff, Meeting Jesse Cox, Dodger, and Jirard, it was an experience of a lifetime. Being a huge video game fan and JESSE COX FAN it was an unforgettable experience you can only get at PAX. I give PAX East 2013 a 10 out of 10.

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Sounds dope. I've been meaning to check out PAX for years now. Hopefully next year I'll finally get around to checking it out.