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Yesterday, my brother's GPU died due to his HORRIBLE Power Supply Unit. (PSU) It is a dell product so it was bound to happen.

We wanted to safely throw it away, instead, it is being used as a coaster for my drinks. Thus, it sparked a question.

How would you use a dead GPU?

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Honestly would probably smash it up. Electronics are really fun to destroy if you have never done it.

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Dead PC parts makes good targets at the range.

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To quote one Ryan Davis speaking on almost this very manner. "Throw that shit away!"

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Be a responsible human being and drop it off at a place that recycles electronics.

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Take a bat to it.

Then recycle. :D

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Beat the fuck out of it until you bleed. Only then will you really know how to feel.

Recycle it.

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Throw it in the river.

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Cup holder

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Throw it in a fire and breathe in the fumes.

Don't actually do that.

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Take a dump on it.

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Wait till the garbage bag gets half full then hide it in there and cover it up. Then when garbage day rolls around you take it out and put it in the trash.

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Keep it forever, like me.

Recycle it.

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throw a chain on it and wear it around ur neck!

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Shoot it.

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I'm in the southeastern part of America, so naturally it sounds like good target practice.

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Clean it up, put it back in original box, leave it in lobby of local apartment building. Whoever finds it probably won't understand what it is but will think it's worth picking up because of the fancy box; they take it to their apartment figure out more about it and think they hit the jackpot but they can't use it themselves so they now have a mission to do something with this treasure that will end with hilarious disappointment and them leaving it exactly where they found it so the cycle can continue....

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Recycle. there are poisonous metals in that shit. Be responsible and don't leave it lying around.

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Your municipality should have some form of electronics drop off.

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Put it in the oven, I have a friend who did that with a dead GPU and somehow it started to work again

no really

fuck it, I don't wanna be responsible for anything, so forget it... or will you? ;)

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Dissolve it in aqua regia to recover its gold!!

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Put it on your wall. Unless it's ugly as fuck. Then just throw it away in an environmentally safe way.

Coaster is a pretty good use too.