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I thought I should show the video first before talking. I have yet to hear ANYTHING about this game... either due to the fact that this is the first I heard of it or because I can't speak or read Russian in any possible way, shape or form but I did hear of a couple interesting tidbits.

1. The main character is an old man pilot who had hidden in a bunker when the bombs went off.

2. This may be a Stalker sort of game... maybe.

And finally, 3. Real time combat with pausable gameplay for more tactical combat ala Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I have optimism for this title. Sure, Russia may not make ALOT of games. But the few they do get made and sent overseas are generally pretty fucking awesome. I have hope for this game.

Edit: Oops! I apologize, for some reason the youtube thing doesn't want to work. here is a working link!


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Youtube link is broken.

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Isn't this the SP game made using a new X Ray engine?

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@Dylabaloo said:

Youtube link is broken.

I edited the post. Here is the link again just for you!


@SeriouslyNow said:

Isn't this the SP game made using a new X Ray engine?

I dunno... Again... those three things are all I know so far.

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@Jay444111: Thank you.

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Best Way are Ukrainian not Russian.

Also that trailer made me kind of interested in this. So did it being developed by Best Way.

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As far as I can tell from trailer. Russia has reformed Soviet Union. 
To people, who don't understand russian: radio is only telling time on different timezones in Soviet union.

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Someone call Dave.

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Eh, really don't tell us anything about the actual game play.  But, if it is like Fallout and does have good weapons and combat plus vehicles/planes then I'd be quite happy.

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Cool. Looks like another post-Stalker, which I'm usually down for. Graphics are a little more cartoony than I might like, but it really comes down to the action, atmosphere, and world.

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@Landon said:

Someone call Dave.

I laughed.
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Is this finally a chance to call upon our Russian counterparts: Gamebomb.ru? I'm sure they are more prepared to deal with Ukrainians than we are...

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Emm, set up is not like Stalkers afaik. It's alternative reality, where Soviet union and USA went all out during Caribbean crisis. 
Too lazy to repair google translate's nonsense, so here's bit of what I found on games main page: 
Confronting the Soviet Union and the United States, known as the Caribbean crisis was resolved in 1962 by force - it was the finale of a nuclear war, which resulted in most of the population perished, and nearly all the territory of the planet has become uninhabitable due to radioactive contamination.  However, the Soviet Union was ready for such a development.  For some time before the global crash of military mobilization machine ran at full power: it was carried out mass evacuation of citizens, the most important companies and organizations in a pre-built network is equipped with bunkers.

It took 50 years.  Came in 2012 ... For decades hastily sheltered underground fragments socialist nation now turned into the state with its capital, Pobedograd bride.  The main purpose of the New Union has been and remains a population survival and recovery technology base in the external hostile environment.

The mighty Soviet state survived even at the end of the world.  Survived - and has continued to evolve in a completely new, hostile and strange, though still recognizable world.  Here, in an underground Pobedograde, begins an extraordinary story of extraordinary people.  Hero RPG «The new Soyuz" - a Soviet pilot, an officer who took part in the atomic bombing of the United States.  But all of his past - only a little compared with what he had only to go through a dangerous, new world, born in the merciless rays of radiation.

In the face of danger man ever yearns to feel the severity of arms in their hands.  And in the "New Union" necessarily means there will be its struggle with the enemy, that is certain to delight connoisseurs.  In the arsenal of the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse and the destruction of the military industry will best examples of experimental firearms USSR, for example trehstvolny machine "device 3B", AO-46 (nicknamed the "Soviet ultrasound") under 5,45 mm machine TKB-022PM.

Now you have a lot of questions, comrade.  But all the time.  Remember the main thing: Pobedograd will stand no matter what.  Will stand by you. 
Here's screenshot page.
Here's artwork page: 

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That actually looks cool, good find Jay.

It says nothing of the gameplay but the premise looks alright.

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Best Way and IC company? Now they're making post-apocalyptic/dystopic, what I presume to be, shooters as well? What's next? BIS turning DayZ into a full game? STALKER, Cryostasis, Metro, and Suvarium getting kind of burnt-out on that setting. Too many pitch black underground tunnels and grey decaying buildings. It's why I still enjoy original Arma 2. Lots of green, open fields and forests on Chernarus. Even better with tanks, artillery, and jets blowing it all up

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It looks like Fallout because it's most likely a Fallout clone. Could still be fun, i'll wait for the Gamebomb review.

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I'd rather actually have Fallout 2 like gameplay with Silent Storm turn based style engine and skill progression system.  

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Well, it's certainly interesting. We don't know anything about the game play, but the premise sounds good. I've run though the American wasteland, so I'm up for wandering through a destroyed Soviet Union.

Actually ever wonder what life is like in all the not-nuked parts of the world in these scenarios? What's up if you just live in Nigeria or Uruguay?

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Kind of getting a "post apocalyptic eastern europe" fatigue.

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@medacris said:

Wasn't Metro 2033 the "Russian Fallout"?

...Kinda... I would more or less say it was the Russian answer to Half Life 2 if anything. I gotta admit. That game was pretty fucking kick ass the more I think about it.

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Also, explain to me why this is the Russian Fallout? If anything it's the spiritual successor of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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The title means "New Union".

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This is more like Stalker than Fallout. But that's not a bad thing.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:


Also, explain to me why this is the Russian Fallout? If anything it's the spiritual successor of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

It has a 1950/60's theme to it more than a modern theme, said by the creators at least. So that is why my mind thinks of it as a Fallout sorta game than Stalker... also I don't have a gaming PC, thus have never played Stalker... :(

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@Jay444111: Getting a PC that can run Stalker on say medium settings doesn't cost all that much these days. Get one, get Stalker. Play it, for the love of God man, play it.

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Looks neat but I have never heard of the company. I just hope it's not another "You are Empty" situation where a cool premise get's hyped without a good game to go with it. They are calling it a Role Playing Game so it might have fallout-ish elements to it. If anyone is interested I can look it over a bit and translate what is hard to understand.

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@medacris said:

Wasn't Metro 2033 the "Russian Fallout"?

No, it wasn't very open at all. So no. Not at all. Also, the gameplay was a shooter, not an RPG. Not at all sir.

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Man...I should go play some Stalker.

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@medacris said:

Wasn't Metro 2033 the "Russian Fallout"?

other than being set in a post-apocalypse world, they have pretty much nothing in common.

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@DeF: @MordeaniisChaos: @Jay444111: Huh. Sorry about that, then. I wonder why I've seen so many comparisons between the two if it's not really that close.

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@medacris said:

@DeF: @MordeaniisChaos: @Jay444111: Huh. Sorry about that, then. I wonder why I've seen so many comparisons between the two if it's not really that close.

because they're similar in their very basic plot setup and setting.

Nuclear disaster -> people hide "underground" (fallout: vaults; metro: in the ...err ..metro ^^)

You -> must travel outside to find the MacGuffin in the harsh overworld (fallout 1: water thing; metro: some dude, then some device)

Post Apocalyptic setting -> conditions are harsh, world is filled with mutant creatures and human bandit type dudes.

oh and they're first person games with shooting (well, at least the latest two fallout games are).

but the actual gameplay is very different. Fallout is a straight up RPG in a huge open world with dialog trees and stats.

Metro 2033 is a linear, go-down-that-tunnel shooter that happens in mostly tightly confined spaces (tunnels, destroyed buildings) mixed with optional stealth mechanics and teeny tiny RPG influences. Metro has some openness in terms of how you approach a certain situation along with a few minor moral choices but it's very different from Fallout.

Even S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is still very different because again it's a huge open world but gameplay wise it's a little more similar to Metro 2033 than Fallout.