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#1 Posted by Jackcc (51 posts) -

Hey guys I picked up the humble origin bundle and I have most of the games so I have some keys to give away or swap for any games you may have and don't want!

I have codes for:-

Medal of Honour (steam or origin)

Dead Space 1 (same)

Burnout Paradise (same)

Crysis 2 (same)

Obviously if we are trading ill send you the code first so you can check and just trust that you will trade!

Hope this isn't the wrong place for this!

#2 Posted by ButtyMcbutterson (5 posts) -

Can I have burnout paradise please??

#3 Posted by Shingatsu (44 posts) -

Could you give me a Medal of Honor for Origin please?

#4 Posted by Jackcc (51 posts) -

Alright guys ill message you both when I'm home in a few hours

#5 Posted by Baillie (4279 posts) -

I'll have them all.

#6 Posted by Jackcc (51 posts) -

@baillie: there's only dead space 1 and crysis too left but sure you can have those?

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