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I was an early adapter of both ps4 and xbone and felt at the time that this could be a really exciting time, however, with all the doom and gloom still plus the lack of anything new just the same old same old my excitement has turned to kinda being bored. Anyone feel the same will this console generation really be all that good.

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I can understand that feeling. I'm excited for E3 though. If you think about it, this is as boring as those consoles will be right now, we have nothing but game announcements to look forward to. Whether they're good games or not remains to be seen but games none the less.

...Unless we're talking about Nintendo.

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I am excited.

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I'm not either. It could be a variety of things with me, this lack of pleasure and interest... things are kind of stale at the moment and there's still a lot of ground to travel.

If E3 begins to introduce more new IPs, I'll probably awaken a little. Hopefully I'm haven't simply lost all interest in gaming.

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I have no interest in buying another console anytime before Christmas (even then, I sort of want a Xbone and that's it), but I always love seeing all of the new stuff at E3.

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It's been like 8 months, it was a good year before 360 had anything of note so just be patient. I bet by the time next Monday (or whenever the conferences are) end you will have a different tone. Something will grab your attention and make you excited.

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Bummer for you.

I'll be over here in the "Constantly Excited About Video Games Association" if you want to join one day.

(We are very early in the generation, very. Give it some time.)

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lol at least wait to after e3

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I've felt that way before, I suppose. Usually it's just burnout, though. Take a year away from video games, do some other shit, find some other hobbies, take more walks. When you come back, I guarantee, so long as there's still room for games in your heart, you'll find something entrancing.

If not, then eh, plenty of people grow tired of video games and leave them behind as a relic of their childhoods. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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I'm not ecstatic like I was last year, but that's because we're going into a radically different E3 than last year. Last year, I wanted to see Microsoft and Sony out for blood, and God knows I was not disappointed. This year, I want to see less fierce competition and more detailed outlines for the future. From what I can tell, it seems like that's what we're going to get and this year's E3 will be about the long-term rather than the short-term. I'm sure there will be some great and exciting announcements, but I mostly want the tones of these conferences to be, "These consoles out and developers are excited; now here's how we're going to support them for the next few years."

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There will be a ton of games at E3 and new IPs, just nothing that will remotely come out anytime soon

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Ouch, yeah. Buying both consoles was really risky, and seeing those investments without any return would be a surefire way to curb any enthusiasm. I learned my lesson with the Xbox 360, where I had to convince myself that Perfect Dark Zero was a "good game" (spoiler: it's not) until Oblivion was released. Even after Oblivion, it was from March to August before more games I was interested in started coming out, so the 360 was a day one purchase I easily could have waited months and months to make without missing anything.

Keep your chin up, and know that this isn't any different from the 360 and PS3 launch years. We always tell ourselves it will be different, but it's not.

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Six months in you're ready to throw in the towel? You don't buy a console at launch for the games available. You buy it for the games to come. Next year you'll be spoiled for choice.

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I am very excited.

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I'm excited for E3, because hopefully it will make me excited about this generation of consoles. If not...? Well, that's what old games are for.

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I'm more excited about Superhot than I probably will be about anything at E3. Indie games are where all the interesting stuff is coming out of, not the AAA big publishers.

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Can't say I'm expecting too many surprises this e3 but still looking forward to it.

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I'm excited. Games are just getting started! Once we purge all of these cross-gen garbage games out of the system things should start to pop.

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Question, how old are you? Or rather, how many console generations have you gone through? This is sort of par for the course, most consoles have to take a while before they build up their libraries it's not all just there all at once. Game devs will continue to develop for the PS3/360 alongside the PS4/XONE and eventually some time will have passed and the PS4/XONE will become the primary consoles and will have more games, I mean E3, the thing where new games are announced is right around the corner! It's right there! Just try not to be eager, good things take time. The PS3/360 library wasn't built in a day either, hell it wasn't even built in a year. Anyone remember that old "PS3 has no games" meme that happened? Eventually that went away, as will the current generation lacking right now. So be patient good duder, and good things shall come.

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I am super fucking excited. I am 25, got my NES when I was 2 or 3, and I still am pumped. I think I'm really lucky that I have managed to maintain my imagination.

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This is nothing new. After getting my 360 a year or so after launch for games like Gears and Lost Planet I struggled to find more than five good games I wanted to play for nearly a year.

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I always look forward to E3. Just wondering what new things will be shown or progress to stuff already announced is fun.

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As an early adopter of the PS4 and XONE, I'm still waiting for that ONE game that makes me happy about my purchase, but I am excited for the crop of 2015 games. This year is looking a little thin for me personally, but Destiny looks pretty awesome.

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Good for you? Dismissing the entire generation within the first year they are released? Awesome!

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I felt unexcited about E3 because it seems like there are going to be mostly sequels announced in next gen (but really they're just ports from this last gen since they're cross gen) form, but who knows? Maybe there will be some surprises this year that have yet to be unveiled and let's be honest... buying a new console early is never that fun until developers figure out how to make use of it and sometimes that takes til the end of the console generations life span to get some really really great games. We've been pretty spoiled by the quality and quantity of games released in 2012 and 2013... unfortunately we're just going to have to wait and see maybe a couple years to get back to speed. Doesn't help either that a lot of the studios that were around last gen are laying off staff or closing entirely. So be patient everyone :D

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One of the side effects of having an 8 year long console generation is that quite a few teens and young adults are likely buying their first console at a much later stage in their life than people who are in their mid-20's or later did. After all, those entering college this year were 9 when the 360 came out. So they likely don't remember how barren console launches are. It usually takes at least a year before things really take off. For example, there were two years between the launch of the 360 in 2005 and the releases of Assassin's Creed, Halo 3, and Modern Warfare in 2007. And there were two and a half years between the release of the PS3 and the first release of the big year that saw the releases of Killzone 2, Infamous, Flower, and Uncharted 2.

Point is, people forget that it takes a while for things to build up with a new console. Grand Theft Auto 3 came out a year after the launch of the PS2. And most games associated with the system came out much later than that. Guitar Hero, God of War, Devil May Cry 3, and Shadow of the Colossus all came out in 2005. So far there have been many more releases for both the Xbox One and the PS4 at this point in their lifespan (not even counting online only releases) than for any systems that have come before. People just don't remember what a console launch is like.

At this point in time in 2006, the year after the Xbox 360 came out, there were 20 games released. Of those only 4 or 5 weren't previous gen ports. The PS3 was in a similar spot in 2007. There are around the same number of Xbox One releases this year with, again, 4 or 5 games that aren't last gen ports. The PS4 is killing it if you include PSN with over 30 releases including around 10 games built from the ground up for current gen.

EDIT: I should also note that worldwide there have been over 75 games released for PS4 to date. That compares with under 40 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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I realized I wasn't excited for this console generation as soon as it was clear neither one of the new consoles were as powerful as I hoped they would be. I put the money into a PC upgrade instead.

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@xyzygy said:

I am super fucking excited. I am 25, got my NES when I was 2 or 3, and I still am pumped. I think I'm really lucky that I have managed to maintain my imagination.

Be super jaded like the cool kids!

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yes, but I do think what people aren't talking about is how much indie games are holding us out for the larger production games. And most of those games show better at Pax the E3.

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A lot of the lackluster feelings around this generation probably comes from the lack of games. Even this holiday looks to be only a handful of heavy hitters like Destiny and COD. With the absence of mid-tier titles this console generation is surviving on indie games and whatever comes out between now and 2015.

I'd say just give it time. This generation isn't a year old yet and hasn't had it's first real E3 to just talk about games. Perhaps we won't be seeing stacks on stacks of games form on our shelves by this time next year but that doesn't mean it'll never happen.

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Things take a couple years after the release of a new gen to heat up. Things will get better as less and less games are released for 360 and PS3 as well and are built for just the new consoles. At the moment games like Watch Dogs are last gens Gun etc.

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What kind of adapter? AC or DC?

It's good that adapters are speaking out. They usually just sit there plugged in somewhere- never getting a chance to voice their opinion.

I'm not surprised if someone says they aren't all that excited about next gen. Or current Gen? The gen that we have been shoehorned into. It hasn't shown a whole lot yet that people can be excited about. The most interesting game so far was just graphically impressive (Second Son) but it was still just another sequel.

That's ok, though, for me I can always look forward to the games in the indie scene.

Plus in a year or two there will be more big budget games to look forward to.

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Bummer for you.

I'll be over here in the "Constantly Excited About Video Games Association" if you want to join one day.

(We are very early in the generation, very. Give it some time.)


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Sounds pretty short sighted to me. Give it some time. I know 2014 is looking pretty boring right now, but next year's really shaping up to be the blast off we've been waiting for regarding these new consoles. Console launches and the preceding year or so afterward are usually pretty fucking barren. Time will tell all, but only if we let it.

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Sunset Overdrive, Halo 2 Anniversary, Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin's Creed V, Far Cry 4. Hype. :D

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I am having too much fun playing Watchdogs and Mario Kart 8 and Ultra SFIV to worry about being excited about new stuff.

Yet I am still so excited!

I wish I could share some of that excitement with you.

Here watch this:

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I feel like we're seeing more and more of these "I've lost my interest in games" threads.

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I'm super pumped for E3 and I don't even have any current consoles. In fact, I just got a PS3 last winter. Video games, you guys. Sorry you've lost your sense of excitement?

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First year of the 360 had two or three really quality games. 6 months after the PS4 launch, I already have five good retail games and a bunch of fun downloadables. Can't complain.

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I'm still, and always will be excited for E3 because of new games, more info on upcoming games, and the dumb/crazy shit that the Giant Bomb guys do each year. Even if it is stuff that I might not be interesting in playing, it's still really cool to see and hear about all of the new stuff coming out.

As far as the consoles go, I have to agree that it is kind of a bummer - they are nowhere near as powerful as people wished they were, the first year games are seriously lacking, most of the interesting stuff is getting pushed back well into 2015, and even then it's not entirely clear if some of them will even make 2015 at all, on top of that, there doesn't seem to be too much innovation tech-wise with the exception of a few titles... If I dropped $400+ on a console this year (or the end of last year), I'd be pretty bummed out right now too. I know that things will change sometime down the road, but the next 2 or 3 years look pretty rough right now. Unless something crazy happens at this E3, I don't think that is going to change anytime soon.

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Have you seen that new witcher 3 trailer? If you don't get excited with that you don't have a soul my friend.

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@blu3v3nom07: remake, sequel, sequel, sequel.

Not that I care too much, just saiyan.

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You do know nothing changes right?

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I hope the wii u gets an rpg or something. That'd be nice. I've still got earthbound to play, at least.

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Why do people seem to expect the entire world during the first fucking year of this console cycle.

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You need a PC.

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@xyzygy said:

I am super fucking excited. I am 25, got my NES when I was 2 or 3, and I still am pumped. I think I'm really lucky that I have managed to maintain my imagination.

Whoa, it's like there are other me's out there, or something. I'm also pretty stoked to go to the Super Smash Bros Invitational next week. Gunna be super rad.