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I just had a sobering realization. After months of bitching about everything XBone, I just pre-ordered a Day One Edition from Best Buy. Why? I'm an addict, that's why. I just spent $530 on something that conflicts with every value I have, something that has zero launch titles I care about, and something that is overpriced in my estimation. I do this just because I love being part of that early conversation, and the 63,000 Gamerscore I've built is a major pull as well. It sucks that deep down, I know I can't control myself and will eagerly hand over my paychecks for every chunk of hardware these suits sling out. I truly loathe myself and would like to take this moment to personally thank Nintendo. You've down such a poor job of producing compelling hardware that even someone as sick as myself can refrain. Thanks, and "PLAY THE GAME".

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Sorry, I thought you were part of a real problem. Just take a deep a breath. You'll be fine and we'll all survive.

Frankly I don't see much of a difference between pre-ordering a console because of good press versus pre-ordeing one despite bad press.

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You sick bastard.

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I just pre-ordered one as well. I know there will be exclusive I will wanna play... Dead Rising 3 and Forza both look pretty good. The only thing that bothered me about their original plans was that I wouldn't be able to rent. I probably wouldn't buy the console if I couldn't rent. I have no desire to own games, just play them, so now that renting is feasible I have no inherent problems with Xbox One. The price is higher than I'd like, but... I don't often buy myself things so I can kinda justify it that way.

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I am the law!

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You can hand me your paychecks if you want.

Because i care about you deeply.

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Eh, whatever. They "listened to consumers," and came around in the end. No beef here. It's a fucking video game console. I still think pre-ordering game stuff is dumb, though.

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@pillclinton: It totally is dumb to pre-order game stuff. Pre-ordering games has no purpose any more, but I would hate not being apart of the platform launch. To me, those events are what console gamers live for.

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Well to answer you question, yes, yes you are part of the problem lol.

Nah, seriously they switched pretty much all their digital crap (still convinced they will revert) and pretty much everything is on par with the ps4. Only REAL gripe is the dumb ass kinect right now and the fact it's 100dollars overpriced.

I'm a collector sorta, so i'll probably end up getting both in the end and still upgrading my pc some more.

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At least you preordered now and not in June

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hey, if that's the worst you have to worry about count yourself lucky. If it still bothers you go out this weekend and really put some effort into building a strong foundation of shame and regret. Stuff that makes you hold your head and scream until you black out. Your pre-order won't feel all that bad.

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@pillclinton: It totally is dumb to pre-order game stuff. Pre-ordering games has no purpose any more, but I would hate not being apart of the platform launch. To me, those events are what console gamers live for.

Maybe to you, but I'm going to the midnight release of GTAV, and I can't wait.

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Watching Giant Bomb's console release stuff + Having a PC = Solution

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Just seems like a risky maneuver to get what will likely be the most expensive and least functional version of the hardware. I'd have at least waited for the first revision (not that I plan on getting an Xbox One), but good luck to you anyway. Videogames.

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Good, its a machine that you have for at least half a decade +. Who cares what the hive mind thinks, there will be actal games for this it ain't a Nintendo console. Cough cough Crimson Dragon

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Well, at least you can admit it. Could be worse. You could be in denial.

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@oginor said:

@lackingsaint: Okay...I'll bite. Least funtional? Howzat?

It's just the way these things tend to go. By the nature of having to rush to meet manufacture, shipping and release, you usually end up a fairly flawed system on the hardware end. I don't expect it to be absolute trash but but its very nature the first version of the console is going to be the least refined. And I mean, if we're talking specifically about Xbox One, let's keep in mind that one of the biggest violators of what i'm talking about is the previous Xbox.

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Phones...cars...mp3 players...consoles...TVs...stereos...tablets...Where would most of the industries that we care about be without early adopters?

If you're one of those people who has to have the latest thing, before it's even been shown to be any good, just accept it, come to terms with it and come to terms with the fact that it's a bit dumb and you will occasionally throw good money after bad.

At least if you do that and you enjoy being part of 'the dialogue' at the time, you can share your experience in a balanced and honest fashion. That way, people who haven't made the jump (like, say, me) can benefit from your experience.

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I've made a huge mistake.

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It's fine. I bought a bag of oven-baked chips the other weekend that I didn't quite like. It's the exact same thing. We all make bad decisions.

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Thought this was going to be about a relationship..

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I thought this was going to be about you buying a Wii U.

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I would have done the same in the past. Too much money. This time around I can only afford one, at the earliest next summer, so will just go with whichever one has had the best initial six months.

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You are indeed that problem, but hey so am I. So cheers :D

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Personally, I think you should give me all your money to prevent you making any more poor purchasing decisions.

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Cool... I guess gaming companies really have a firm grasp on your balls, where you have no control over what you buy. That's some scary shit

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Whatever, I'm not even that interested in owning one yet and I'd still pick one up day one if I had the cash. I'm sure you'll glean some enjoyment out of it sooner or later.

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Enjoy your VCR, OP♥

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You are indeed.

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Whoa, you some kind of video gamer?

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Honestly, the way you make your case here, yeah, it does sound legitimately gross. Your money and your life, though, duder.

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I think that the problem is that your value structures are such that a video game console manages to conflict with everyone of them. It's not like it's even capable of sexual assault or chemical weapons attacks. It can't make offensive racist or homophobic jokes. It can't even refuse to serve a meal on a flight that clearly overlaps with dinner time.

In other words, it's clearly worth 500 dollars.

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