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So I just reached the end of Dark Souls II. I'm not sure what the hell just happened, but I saw credits. As a person that likes to bounce around between games, I wanted Dark souls to be that game I just couldn't put down till the end. Well I beat it, and I'm not sure NG+ is for me yet. My point in this post is this. What should I play now? I currently own a Ps4 and a very nice PC rig. What are you guys playing?

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I'm playing Dark Souls II, thanks for asking. I'm afraid I'm going through it a bit too fast and will soon be left with the same feeling as you. What the hell now?

But I have Crusader Kings 2 sitting in my Steam list which I'm determined to dive into as soon as I can find the time and energy. I've been putting it off for for a while but now I'm pretty excited about a grand strategy game.

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Use all them Mhz to play Civilization 4 like me!

For something more actual, you might want to play Infamous: S3cond son. I heard that's okay.

Hearthstone is a lot of fun, if you're into that.

Also, Watch_Dogs is right around the corner!

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@rebellion91: You should play the second half of Dark Souls 2 (aka. NG+)! :D

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@dentist: From what I've gathered Second Son seems like a decent game it you're looking for a graphical fix. Not something I'm sure I can dump $60 bucks on though. I want something deep, not unlike Dark Souls. Immersive and Expansive. Briefly thought about dusting off a PS2 and some RPGs.

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Crap, I forgot that I wasn't going to be commenting for a day since I was at 7777. Ack. Dangit. Man...

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@rebellion91: The answer depends on what you've already beaten, as you might try some games from last year that are cheaper now. If you're looking at current releases then man we're dead in the water here. The one thing you can kinda look forward to is Wolfenstein and thats an "ehhhh ..maybe?" proposition at best.

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@christoffer: I cannot recomment CKII enough. It is a fantastic game. However, it isn't a strategy game in the purest sense. It might be wiser to call it a medieval/feudal sim.

As someone who dove right in the game without checking any guide, I can attest that it can be overwhelming for a beginner. My first games were clumsy, yet enjoyable. The family stories that it generates can be bonkers. By all means, give it a try!

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@humanity: I have a problem with starting games I never finish. I'm around 210 games on Steam. I've been looking into old systems just to go back and enjoy some of the earlier games. Kingdom Hearts crossed my mind, maybe I could redo the story before 3 comes out. Also thought about playing Mass Effect 2. Bought it on a Steam sale but I've never played the series.

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@rebellion91: Well if you want a long game to sink your teeth into then Mass Effect 2 is not only long but some might say the highpoint of the series. If you have the Shadowbroker DLC thats a bonus as it's a really cool storyline.

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How about FTL: Advanced Edition? It's amazing.

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I've been playing and really enjoying Sleeping Dogs, which is especially impressive considering I don't generally like open-world games. If you're looking for a quality product that'll last you a while, I highly recommend it. If you already did so, maybe Fallout: New Vegas? It's an acquired taste but it's one of my absolute favourite games, and pumping in a few mods and playing it on PC with all the DLC is a beautiful experience.

And if you somehow haven't played any of the Mass Effect games, playing through the whole trilogy is over 100 hours of engrossing storytelling and fairly fun gameplay.

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If you kill all bosses on your 7th New Game+ in Dark Souls 2, the flames in the basement in Majula near the cartographer turn blue. That's the next goal for you, good luck.

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I'm on NG+4 and I keep finding new things and new places each run. There's definitely plenty of reason to keep playing (especially as there isn't really anything especially compelling to play other than Dark Souls 2 right now).

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BF4 is fantastic currently. There's bearly any sever woes anymore. If that's something you can get into, you won't need another game for like ever. Battlefield's been my gaming baseline for like half a decade now, and for the most parts, it's hard for other game experiences to hold up in comparison to what a Battlefield veteran can get out of a Battlefield game.

Also - if it's within your budget, I'd highly recommend getting a PS Vita. It's the perfect indie platform. If you had a PS3 or 360, you could play Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, which hits a similar vein as the Souls franchise.

On PC, Wildstar is the next big thing worth looking into, in my opinion. And there's always a wealth of more obscure indie and early access games. Some of the cooler kickstarter stuff is about to come out too.

The next thing on PS4 I am really looking forward to is Transistor, out later this month.

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@rebellion91: You should play the second half of Dark Souls 2 (aka. NG+)! :D

One could really argue that real Dark Souls 2 experience is NG+, and everything before that is but mere tutorial.

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I went down a minecraft hole again recently. Now I've built a town with a church, cemetery, library, lighthouse, tall ship, log cabins, two train stations & a subway, bank for all my rare items, art gallery and a department of lands which has like 25 maps on the wall. All this was done in survival mode with no cheats. Next step is maybe a soccer stadium or hockey arena, or 3 hole golf course.

I've also been playing OlliOlli which is a pretty good game.

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Dragon's Dogma.

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Thanks for all the responses. Since last night I've started my NG+ and died in the first 30 seconds. (Was texting someone and didn't realize they put enemies right at the beginning.) I do own a vita but I don't use it very much. As for MMO's like Wildstar and everything else coming out, I played WoW for 7 years. I don't think I can do that to myself again. I will probably stick with NG+ Just to see what I missed. I had five missing bonfires when I started so I'm sure there is something fresh for me in there.

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Step 1: Play Dark Souls 2
Step 2: Beat Dark Souls 2
Step 3: Profit?????

Seriously though @justkamtoo is right, go for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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You should definitely get on the mass effect train buddy, its one of my favorite series. If you get the whole trilogy thats a lot of game. If only I could go back in time and get that magic feeling of playing through ME1 again and exploring a new universe. I want to experience ME2s incredible world building and character writing again. Then there's the tension and dramatic weight of ME3.

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I beat dark souls 2, now I'm bouncing between covenant to covenant and maxing them out, got sunbros, bellbros, darkbros, but coming to a halt with blue bros (no summons!). And just looking up and getting cool gear and achievements.

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I can't wait to play Dark Souls 2, but I can't put down the original Dark Souls or NBA2k14. I know it sounds crazy but NBA2K is just as deep, gameplay is just as tight and could be infinitly longer than any game if you really get into it.

130 hours and I didn't even like basketball 6 months ago....

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If you haven´t played the original Dark Souls, you really should play that on PC but be prepared for some major problems, especially if you run Win 8. Once all that has been sorted out, the original is a fantastic experience though. Too bad that the PS4 isn´t BC. You could play Demons Souls on that thing if it would be and it would be glorious.

On PC i´d say DayZ and War of the Vikings. Bot critically underrated, fun games...Or get a WiiU and Mario Kart 8 soon :P

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I'm in the same boat, so I'm about to start trawling through From Software's older RPG's. King's Field and Shadow Tower and all that stuff.
Could be a good way for you to get your fix?
I mean, there's 4 King's Field games and 2 Shadow Tower games (the second of which looks fucking amazing, and there is a fan translation out there. I'm going to be playing that one first, as soon as I have fulfilled a few work related obligations,) so there's plenty there to keep you going.

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I think you should move on to a grueling run through Costume Quest. That games is tough as nails.

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Go back and play Dark Souls 1 again, then decide which one you like better and write a controversial blog post about it. That seems like the only right option to me.