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I have been playing fps since the first halo all of my childhood and now i cant play them anymore they are just boring to me i had to push my self to finish halo 4 and bioshock infinite and since it is summer i bought a PS3 and got resistance and couldnt play it at all cause it just bored me to death any one else having this problem?

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Hmmm...maybe you need a break from shooters, tryout some other genres I could recommend some if you like..

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Just play something else for a while, if you just picked up a PS3 grab The Last of Us, it's great.

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@christopherson329: I know exatly what you mean. Take a break, I did the same thing, and now 2ish years later I feel like getting back into it again. Try out some other genres meanwhile! There are a lot of good games out there without shooting! :D

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I suggest giving up games forever.

Or maybe you could look at some of the games on XBLA/PSN. Shadow Complex is really good, and as I'm concerned it won't be available in a couple of years maybe you should check it out while you still can.

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Dishonored is a good first person game. It's not just running around shooting everything. I'm also pretty bored of running around and shooting unless it's online multiplayer, and I don't play them much either.

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Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?

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Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?

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Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?

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I did get kinda bored of shooters, so I started playing something else. RPG's, mainly, but there are many other genres and many other different things to play.

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As others have suggested, you could just take a break - shooters will be around for a while yet, so you can always come back later.

On the other hand, here are some FPS suggestions: If you're not after constant gunfire, try Arma 3. If you want a classic single-player shooter, play the original Deus Ex. And if you and your friends enjoy co-op, get into Swat 4. All these games have a lot of flexibility, allowing for very different approaches/playstyles. The latter two will also run on just about any machine.

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We need fast paced shooters again. Just sayin'. I have become so bored with "realistic" shooters.

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@christopherson329: you're not sick of shooters, you're sick of bad shooters. halo, gears, killzone, cod, moh, and killzone are all the same type of game. Try metro, stalker, fallout, dozens and dozens of others, grab old rainbow six, SWAT 4, classic ghost recon, future soldier, ghost recon online somewhat, day of defeat, CSS, etc. mods are your friend man, move to pc and keep going.

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I have been playing fps since the first halo ... bioshock infinite ... resistance

If you haven't yet try playing something faster paced like Doom, Quake or Serious Sam. Completely different from modern shooters and might reinvigorate some of your passion

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@nabokovfan87: Not sure I've ever seen someone recommend Fallout for its shooting before.

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FPSs are pretty diverse as a genre. As others said, try out some old-school shooters like Doom/Quake/Duke

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Play other games then.

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Expand your collection mate. Jump into some other genre's or try out some other shooters such as Metro or Fallout.

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Anything can become stale with enough exposure. Just take a break for a while.

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play something else then?

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Play Chivalry if your tired of shooters!! Instead of first person shooting you go to hack and slash. Seriously it completely changes the way you think in an online mp game.

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Well if it makes you feel any better. I cannot get into MMOs anymore. I sunk thousands of hours into Guild Wars and its campaigns. I created lots of memories with Guild Wars (good and bad). So, I just can't get into any other MMOs because I'm afraid of getting that attached to any game ever again. I don't play MMOs anymore and now I view every MMO at arms length.

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@nabokovfan87: Not sure I've ever seen someone recommend Fallout for its shooting before.

More about for the story/world and the fact that a damn wasteland is a whole lot more interesting than call of duty and friggin' halo. Take that for an ironic pill. Lol.

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You should get a gaming PC and play some real FPSeseseses... Which is what I would say if I were a troll.

Maybe you just need a change of pace.

@alexw00d said:

Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?


@alexw00d said:

Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?


@alexw00d said:

Maybe it bored you 'cause it's bad?


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Try not playing ANYTHING for a while. Read a good book, watch a TV show, listen to music, go for a walk, do something completely unrelated to video games until you feel the urge to play again. This is in complete earnest; any activity will become tiresome regardless of quality... or genre, frankly.

Shooters have been the most competitive genre for the better part of two decades now, and that competition has turned out quite a few amazing games to date. It's funny to see people waxing nostalgic about games like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. Having played those games at the time, I distinctly remember how the gaming press complained about how tiresome and repetitive shooters had become,and then the onset of more tactical, multifaceted shooters like Halo: CE and Battlefield 1942 came along and took the genre by storm. And now we have people asking for the polar opposite.

I'm not against fast shooters at all: they recently increased the default movement speed in Halo 4 and it made a big difference in how much fun I was having. I would just caution against painting older shooters with Nostalgia-Spackle, pretending we wouldn't all be bored of Quake 3 within a week if it launched as a new game today. After all, why are Unreal Tournament 3 and Nexuiz the after-thoughts they are today?

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Aye, definitely take a break from the FPS or at least the multiplayer/competitive ones. Stick with ones like Left4Dead or other co-operative ones where you don't have to worry about jerk players on the other side or find the ones that have a decent single player/story to them but definitely take advantage of things like renting games or the steam sale & pick up a few different genre games to find what you might also like. GLHB!

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Or, just try a whole new genre.

I'm more a fighter game type than an FPS type. Try those for a bit. Give it about, a month or two. Then try the FPS games again.

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Can't go wrong with a change of pace. After BF3, I got burned out really quickly on the FPS genre. I grit my teeth and dealt with it for the sake of playing Bioshock Infinite, but I don't see myself playing another one anytime soon.

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Same here, only that my problem's the fact, that there hasn't really been any interesting FPS games since Bioshock - Infinite. I'd still play Black Ops 2, if it would go for cheap...hopefully end of this year/new console generation will bring forth something interesting for this genre.

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i've been playing FPS's since wolfenstein and last night i started Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and love it.

i never play the same genre back to back though.

before Blood Dragon it was The Last of Us, before that it was Tomb Raider, before that The Swapper, before that Bioshock:Infinite. etc... i mix it up to keep it all fresh as i can so i don't get bored.

Shooters are my favorite genre though FPS or TPS