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so the windows live ID attached to my gamertag is from about 8 or 9 years ago. it was my moms and it no longer exists. if i try to log into it it says some random error and wont actually let me recover or even get into the email. if anything ever asks the password for verification, it recognizes it. which is pretty much only good for signing into my gamertag at other people houses.

ive contacted customer support and there is nothing they can do to help. ive tried updating the info to my current email but alas, i need to access to my moms old email. ive given up on it awhile ago but just decided to see if somebody on these forums might be able to help me. there are reasons here and there, but right now i just want to link it to the account so i can look at my achievements compared to everyone else.

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Might be an answer in the bug reporting forums for the site issues like this, they might have answers for you.

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If you can maybe say that the email attached to it is no longer in use they must have a way around it. I've had similar issues with other services where I had an email account bound to a bunch of them that went belly up. I believe it was steam and the EA gun club at the time and was able to go through customer support to change it around, it was a huge pain but I eventually got it resolved. I remember having to answer some questions and I think steam wanted me to provide a key for a game registered on the account. I've never had to deal with Microsoft, but hopefully this helps and you get the issues resolved.

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Well if all you are wanting to do is link it to Giantbomb you might just want to save yourself the effort as Giantbomb is getting rid of the Achievement stuff as soon as the new site launches.