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Have you ever played Morrowind or Oblivion? Bethesda keeps my hope alive.

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Freelancer is great, not sure how you'd get it though since it's not on GOG or Steam.
Also the Hitman series to balance out all the heavy duty CRPGs you listed on the op, maybe some Thief III.

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If you just want old download a SNES emulator and one of those 1-2 GB  torrents of every SNES game ever and just start going down the list alphabetically. I'm sure most of it will be crap, but you will eventually come across some goods one you never heard of. Make it a blog series and post when you find good ones.

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Just take a break. Everyone has phases where they don't feel like playing.

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@onarum: I think you hit the i key one time too many there. Thief II is the way to go.

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A lot of the games on GoG are great for this. You named some of the better ones. What you must keep in mind when doing this is to be patient, and don't be afraid of really reading through the manual first. I find that some old games aren't that easy to get into these days by the simple fact that the UI is... well, garbage.

Oh, and if you want another great game you really should try, buy Outcast from GoG. It is amazing.

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@Bribo said:

@onarum: I think you hit the i key one time too many there. Thief II is the way to go.

I only played the third one, that's why I recommended it :P, is the second one really better?
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Baldurs Gate.


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Or you could just, you know. Do something else. Just a friendly suggestion.

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I heard Planescape is the shit.

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Though they are a little harder to get into you could try the Ultima series. The first one has time travel and the third one has a crazy A.I. Though the fifth and sixth games are supposed to be the best I think.

I only played through the first and the seventh one.

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@onarum: III stands up better graphically, but II is the pinnacle of the series. Definitely recommended if you don't mind games that look terrible.

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Maybe you've just lost your love for gaming.

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@Pr1mus: Have you tried a new hobby to fill the gaps? I'm into guitar and gaming. There are times when I make some breakthroughs learning new stuff on guitar and I'll wake up one morning and not be interested in playing for months. I always go back to playing guitar I just need a break. Same with gaming, I just finished a long pause in my gaming. I'd spend every minute on my 360 watching netflix but I'm back to playing games. Any chance you just need a break?

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There is nothing retarded about going back and playing Baldur's Gate. I think it is a great idea!

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@Pr1mus: A tester... that explains a lot. I'd get burned out if gaming was a job. I'm so glad guys like the GB crew and others don't get burned out on gaming. Hang in there man. There's a game out there for you!

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If you're looking for quasi-old and expansive story, I highly recommend The Longest Journey.

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I agree with Athadam, try going back and playing Morrowind. It's graphically no worse than current mobile titles and I managed to lose myself in it for months.