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I do not know if this counts as YouTube spam. But please check out my youtube series where I play AntiChamber.
More coming so subscribe if you're into that sort of thing!

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Maybe not youtube spam, but it is probably going to count as advertising.

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@jking47 said:

Maybe not youtube spam, but it is probably going to count as advertising.

Can you advertise in any from? Like, could this person make a blog about their youtube series?

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Mm. If you put this in a blog, I think you might be okay.

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@immortalsaiyan: I am not sure exactly. If he made a blog about it I don't think anyone would care, but if he chose to publish the blog to the forums it will fall under forum rules.

This rule has some exceptions, like for friends of the site, but I am not sure what qualifies that. Since this guy has been around for a couple of years and is a premium subscriber I would think it is not a big deal, but there has been some extreme moderation going on lately so who knows.

Also to the OP, good mic set up but I am not gonna watch the rest of the video, don't wanna spoil that game yet.

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That is for the mods to decide, they can strike you down and when that happens you will come back stronger

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OP, yes, this does qualify as Youtube spam, which consists of posting a video (or in this case, a link to a video) with little to no text. You can read up on what we consider Youtube spam here.