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I'll wait 30 minutes, count all the posts and randomly select 3 people.

Edit: All gone!

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Nobody has replayed to this? Wow..... I guess I'll take one? If there are more than 3 people that reply though feel free to give it to them. And if nobody else replies I guess Ill take 2, one for my buddy

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Me please, pretty sure I've got arthritis after having fingers crossed for so long over the past year waiting for an invite :)

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I would appreciate an Invite, Firefall potentially sounds really cool and I've been waiting years to check if its true.

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Please don't give me one! noooooo! /cower

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I apparently have five invites. PM me if you'd like one!

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Three left!

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Am I missing something? Invites to what?

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Oh, that's weird that it removed the game forum it was part of.

Firefall! Three of em. Get em while they're hot.