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So I was an idiot and I bought a 365 PS+ sub on Amazon not realizing it was country restricted. Now I have a code which is unusable in my country - anybody from UK interested? I would gladly trade it for Amazon gift code or something like that. Anything useful, really.

I know it's my first post here, I don't usually post on any forums on the net, but with this thing I'm not sure where to turn to and GB community seems trustworthy. Sony helpdesk told me to "return the voucher to the seller" which will not work as I scratched the thing already (and learned it does not work only after that), their second advice was to create UK based account which I don't really want to do (already have a PS+ sub in another country). So the only option left is to give the code to somebody from UK and hope for the best.

PS4 is coming so I guess it may be of a good use to someone!

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@kub: What are you after? I could negotiate a steam game for example if you're interested.

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Amazon has always been wonderful to work with, try a live chat with them. Maybe they can help.

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You should make a UK account. The PSN+ offers are often better and different here than in N.America.

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I have very good experience with Amazon customer service, but I just can't see how would they be able to help me this time. How will they know if I did not use the code already? Still, worth a shot maybe.

@benny - the most useful thing to me would be probably Amazon gift code. I do buy stuff from them all the time. A Steam game could also work though, if that's more convenient to you! We can take that to PMs if you're interested :).

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Let me bump this gently. Anybody want to help a confused gamer?... There is a PS+ code that needs home.