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These are all from the MS & McDonalds One Hot Holiday marketing thing, so if you want the codes, it looks like you have to do some registration stuff at www.onehotholiday.com

The first two are for "One Digital HD Episode - FOX TV show on Xbox Video"

  • HWJ5DZN87T
  • 7HS5J5HYTZ

The next five are all for "One Ms. Splosion Man Xbox 360 Game Download"

  • 5V37Z494R3
  • HV284HP2P4

I traded my 360 in a while ago, and went PS4 this generation, so don't have any need for these.

If you think of it, post back if you use a code, and I'll cross them off the list.

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I just used the first Ms. Splosion Man one, thanks!

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I grabbed the 4th splosion man, thanks dude