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I just got a credit card now of course the first thing you do is becoming a premium member @ giantbomb.com.

Then something amazing happened was waiting for the order to come through and then the crew start yelling wooow ! you did it ! then those tears of joy started flowing and felt like Simba staring over he's kingdom with pure joy this is amazing even from the starting second thank you Giantbomb !

(bye the way any videos i have to see as a newbie subscriber ?)

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Congrats! MY personal favorite premium videos are Jeff's JarTime videos but you can't go wrong with most UPFs :D

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Breaking Brad.

Loud Our Last Souls.

Classic Happy Hours.

Classic TNT.

Jar Time.

Spookin' with Scoops.

Premium podcasts.

E'erthang, bruh.

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For some reason i read the subject as "I just sobbed"

This is much better news..

Welcome fellow subscriber.

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Drew's North Korea video is a must.

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Go for the gold : vinny plays train simulator,vinny plays truck simulator vinny plays plane/ helicopter with drew simulator. always good fun and Hi-five.

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Go through this thread:

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Maybe I'm getting a residual effect from the Slender Man thread, but I read that title as "I just stabbed." Anybody else?

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Lantern run, Burn Cycle, Dead Island and Fortune Street TNT if you didn't watch those live or on twitch.

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Random PC game series. Especially Phantasmagoria.

oh and the Bioforge run.

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Huge mistake.

The community is terrible, the hosts are all giant pieces of shit, and the Fridays are completely unprofessional.

What were you thinking?

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Well done soulcake! We now recognise that you are a loyal fan of Giant Bomb now that you told us. Gold star!

I'm fucking with ya. ;) I recommend you watch Thursday Night Throwdown. So many good moments back then with Ryan.

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Seriously though, pathfinder.

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That's fantastic.

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If I knew you were coming I would have baked a cake.

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With as many threads like this as we get, I feel like there should be a "new subscriber recommendation thread" or something.

At the very least I'd direct you to this wonderful thread. You're bound to find a lot of awesome premium content there. Oh and by the way, welcome duder!

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@soulcake: Thanks for signing up! Hope you enjoy.

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Seriously though, pathfinder.

i totally agree!!!

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Thank you everyone for the recommendations will definitely check them out !

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Dude, scroll to the subscriber video section, and watch them all in chronological order. Especially those original TNTs.

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Welcome to the family.