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I just wanted to post this somewhere. When I came to the site this morning it had noticed that my card details for premium membership were about to expire. So even though the link provided didn't work to fix it, by going to the top right, clicking my username and then Accounting and Billing I updated my details. I was putting my card back into my wallet when I heard cheering and the GB crew congratulating me. There was also confetti! There are a lot of sites out there that are designed well and work. Giantbomb does that but also has tonnes of character. Whoever's idea it was to add the congrats page, Kudos to you good Sir/Madam! By the way I am smiling from ear to ear :D !

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Yeah, that happened to me. Gave me a big grin when it happened, turning something mundane into a crazy fun moment.

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darn it, the surprise is gone for me! Spoiler alerts man! think of the children!

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well now i dont have to subscribe since i know what happens when you do.

its like youtubing the end of a game. thanks man.

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spoiler alert. geez, be considerate at least


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@Vivek: Lol yeah had that happen to me when I subscribed :) I just had a massive grin on my face :P

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It scared me at first lol, I had my speakers turned all the way up. I smiled and laughed. Exact reason I subscribed lol.