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I've never played an isometric turn based RPG from before the year 2000. Now that Torment: Tides of Enumeria is wrapping up on kickstarter, I really want to give it a try. Any advice on how to make the game experience as pleasant as possible?

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All points into Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence. Combat is poop; avoid when possible.

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http://www.gog.com/news/mod_spotlight_planescape_torment_mods_guide For mods.

You can play it however you want obviously but - to me - the most enjoyable experience is playing with high WIS, INT, and CHA. You'll get some of the more interesting dialogue choices in the game, which is really the best part of it. Be prepared to read lots of text and hate/get really bored with the combat. It's not aggressively awful, but it's such a slog that it seems that way after you're done.

Also, you have to go to fixed points to change your classes. You start off as a warrior, but it's not a big deal as your initial few companions can tank reasonably well if you decide to go with the conversation stats. Erm, that's probably the most useful information: it's text-heavy, dialogue driven, and meh to bad combat. Also off the top of my head, but that should be okay for a first playthrough. Have fun, it really is a fantastic game.

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I've owned Planescape: Torment since it was new and just last year was the first time I actually finished the game. Get the mod that increases the resolution (which essentially zooms out the viewing area) and increases the font size. Most of this game is reading the bottom half of the screen while the top half sits completely idle. Like others have said, avoid the small amount of combat in the game if you can. It's a good story, with some nice looking locations, but if you are looking for more of a game and not a novel, play Baldurs Gate first.