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I looked at some old threads and a lot of opinion seemed to be that things over 60Hz looked weird. The thread was from a number of years ago, is that still the case? I use my tv pretty heavily for gaming and film.

I've been eyeing these two.

tv 1

-The only real bad things I've read are that Panasonic outsources the panels to another company sometimes ending up with lower quality and that the colours disappear in low light scenes, which is worrying.

tv 2

-The only thing I'm worried about here is the 600Hz thing, other than that it seems like a good bet.

So yea, what do you guys think?

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@bluefish: If you're serious about using them for gaming go find out the lag time for each of those - look around online. People are starting to measure and report lag times for televisions now. If it's 20ms+ it's going to make fast action games not good as they should be. Some TVs are at 60ms+ which will make platformers and action games pretty shitty and un-fun.

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I wouldn't get a 720p tv for gaming.

I would research input lag on the sets you are looking at.

I have a Panasonic LED, I've only had it for a month, but no issues with colours disappearing.

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Looking in to a new TV!

As others have suggested, it's really worth paying attention to input lag. Your best bet for information on that stuff regarding specific models of television would probably be http://www.displaylag.com/

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I bought a Sony KDL42W653 specifically because it was so responsive, 6-15ms of lag depending on the measuring method is pretty impressive.

http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/category/reviews is a good place to start, their more recent reviews are really in-depth.

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Do not buy LG. Stick with a Samsung LCD or plasma, or a Panasonic plasma.

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@jsnyder82: What's wrong with LG?

Thanks for all the replies by the way, lots of stuff to think about.

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Don't worry about the 600Hz. Plasmas are better for gaming and most if not all plasmas are 600Hz.

What's your budget? If you're set on around $400 you're probably better off looking at something that's not from one of the big brands.

If you're willing to spend a little more the Panasonic TC-P42S60 is a phenomenal TV for the price. The picture quality is comparable to their higher end models and the input lag is actually quite a bit lower.