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I use games to not think about eating or being hungry. I have nothing to play right now.

Please help me I'm going insane.

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You could eat.

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Eat then?

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Play surgeon simulator 2013.

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@somberowl: What's the reason for not eating? I'm concerned.

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Food's pretty good, sometimes.

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If not eating is your idea of losing weight, it's a pretty stupid idea.

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I have an idea for a new service. You post "I am hungry" and you state the price you are willing to pay. A person will then order the food for you so you have no idea what they got you. Then it is up to the person if they want to pay for the food themselves or not. Paying for the food gains them "Karma"... Samaritan points? anyway, the points simply tell people how kind that person is (potentially leading to a greater desire to pay for his food). What do you think. Also, I apologize for hijacking the thread, this would make no sense out of context in a different thread.

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@super2j: Sounds like "I'm Fucking Lazy Buffet." ~ I'd pay for it.

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Any good co-op mac games? Wait I have no one to play with. Is there some sort of GB game community? Where forum members get together and play games? I still need to co-op Halo 4 for the last 2 achievements I need but have no one to play it with.

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@super2j: Neat Idea but I don't eat takeaway food.

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Why aren't you eating?

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@petiew: The fear of gaining weight

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@somberowl: Are you on an actual diet and exercise plan, or have you just stopped eating?

The latter will do more harm than good for you.

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Well now I feel bad about posting this. But, I just took a shower and barely noticed the later posts.. ~ Game happy, man.

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@petiew: I'm on an actual shitty lifestyle where games and gaming help me get through it.

Would anyone recommend Roller Coaster Tycoon 3? Theres no Demo for the Mac.

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Pro tip, exercise is key to losing weight along side diet. If you are burning some calories you should not need to starve.

I cut from 222 to about 205 in 5 weeks while maintaining muscle doing this, I was not always hungry either.

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I got games and two fried egg sandwiches with onion and mayo...done deal

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@alexw00d: Is there a console community?

Not really. The consoles don't have much implementation for large scale friends stuff, and no-one seems to have taken any sort of initiative to set anything up save for the occasionally gamenight for whatever FPS that lasts about a week or two.

So the only advice I can give is by yourself a PC. :D

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@somberowl: OK, compromise. A new option or the new focus of the site. What if there was a section of the site or a button to press that allows for home cooked meals to be made. So you say, "I would love something Italian". Someone accepts the order and makes you something Italian like(lasagna). They bring it to you(or you go to them) and you pay them a price you may have agreed upon beforehand. The Karma system works to make sure no one is poisoning people. Its like Uber for food or that other service where you sleep in people's houses instead of going to a hotel. All the convenience of take out but home cooked.