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If we write "TekZero pls no" on the box maybe he'll have a heart and gently place it on the truck.

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@tekzero: lol, so you just admitted that you know a "Fragile" label on a box means fragile but you, and others in your line of work, decide to overlook said caution and still throw packages? Nice.

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@tekzero said:

@marcsman: I'm not saying who I work for. Just to be safe.

So you're really working for Nintendo and deterring people from buying Sony or Microsoft's console by only mentioning that *they* might break?

Or you're working for Sony or Microsoft and saying that you aren't sorry if you break a Wii U...

I'm onto you.

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@cybertification said:

@jsnyder82: I know that you might have been joking but still, he has to do his job at a certain speed, and that involves throwing them. He's clearly not very happy about it but that's the way life works.

That's the dumbest fucking thing I've heard in a while. You can get the job done without throwing boxes. You're an idiot if you believe otherwise.

Having worked at a similar place to TekZero, and in a similar position, I can tell you that this is untrue to a hilarious degree.

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@berserker976: Having myself worked in a shipping and receiving department for, at the time, a large and well known retailer I will also tell you that you can always properly treat products the way they are supposed to without throwing them around and mistreating them.

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@sammo21: Sorry, but I'm really going to have to disagree. But I will qualify that by saying I think it is impossible to do at certain times of the year.

I'll concede that during less busy times of the year it may be possible to do, but if you're treating all packages properly around Christmas, you're probably about to be fired.

The funny part is that most packages can take the abuse anyway, what they can't take is being abused by the machinery, that's where most packages get damaged.

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@lunnington: I would seriously lol if I ever saw that.