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I'd rather get a subscription for $35 than a $50 one that comes with $15 off for their store. I guess subscriber numbers are good enough that they don't need to do this anymore?

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Don't they usually do the sales around the American Thanksgiving holiday? I know they didn't last year (perhaps due to the tragic loss of Ryan).

I recall reading a thread that claimed @rorie told them (via PM if I recall correctly) that a sale was in the works for New Years. For the life of me, I can't find that thread now so I can only assume I imagined the whole thing.

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Multiple threads on this in the top few pages, as well as instructions on using the discount codes that are still floating around.

For example: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/no-end-of-year-subscription-sale-bummer-1466808/

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I like the sale too because likewise I don't want the coupon as anything shipped to where olive in Europe will cost me a lot. When the shipping costs as much if not more than the item itself then I don't really bother - which is a shame cause I wouldn't mind a simple shirt, although I'm not a big fan of Buzzsaws designs.

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That was what I was waiting for, and Matt mentioned that there would be a sale this month awhile ago. I was holding out on that, but I might have to lapse for awhile if it doesn't happen.

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Hmm, I'd go in for a 35$ too, I'm not in the US so the store thing doesn't do much for me. Till then I'll stay a monthly subscriber. I'll gladly pay 5$ every month for GB but won't say no to a sale.

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We'd really like to do a sale but there are a lot of other pressing engineering/design priorities at the moment, so I can't confirm that it'll be something that's going to happen in January. As mentioned above, though, a number of these PAX codes still work for discounted memberships:


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@rorie: Will there be a 2014 shirt this year? I want to upgrade to the yearly membership but I'm waiting to see what the shirt will be if there is one that will be available.

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@fattony12000 When applying the coupon, did the 'total' on the Checkout page change for you?
I've gone through all the coupons (see below), but none of them appear to work.

Can you confirm if this is a bug or the codes have finally expired @rorie?
I tried all of the following codes with no apparent discount being applied (despite getting a 'You have successfully applied the coupon...' message).


I'm getting some serious Premium withdraw symptoms here, been several months since my account was 'demoted' (my membership expired). I've got no use for the $15 coupon, nor the t-shirt as I do not live in the USA and thus would have to pay a king's ransom for shipping, taxes, VAT, etc. so I usually pick up a membership during the "sale".

EDIT: Resolved.
A combination of a late night and my own stupidity; I never thought to progress to 'Step 2' of checkout (which correctly applies the code). For whatever reason, Step 1 will accept the code, but not apply it's value.
I apologise for wasting your time.

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@insanematt: Did ya manage to get to this page? Because I just tried using that QFA5U code again and it seems to be working for me!

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The page I get is a little different to the one your screenshot shows, plus the code doesn't give a 'value' once redeemed.

I guess the codes (and the page you see) are region specific? I dunno.

EDIT #1: Just noticed your screenshot is of Step 2, mine is of Step 1

EDIT #2: Going to Step 2 appears to display an almost identical page to the one you have shown. Sorry for wasting your time (it's turned 12:40 am here, so I'll blame it on being tired). It's also applied the value--and shown it-- on Step 2.

Again, apologise for my idiocy.

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I caved and finally got myself a subscription with one of the codes :)

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@row said:

I caved and finally got myself a subscription with one of the codes :)

Nice! On a related note, I always thought there wasn´t enough content to justify the price.. but there is a LOT of great stuff on this site. The premium stuff is amazing and even the full 50 were definitely worth it. Second best 50 dollars you can spend on a gaming related thing.. right behind PS plus :D

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Tried the codes today- codes 6MVJB, QFA5U showed as reached maximum uses, code 5KARZ worked! Thanks gang!

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I was waiting for a $35 dollar sale but it didn't come. As soon as my subscription lapsed, I re-upped. The value that I get out of this subscription is worth 50 easily.