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Ever since I watched Brad play Nuts and Bolts, I have been itching to play a collectathon game. It's been years since I sank extended amounts of time into a game collecting things, but I suddenly really want to.

I only have a Vita, so PSP, PSone, or Vita only. I would also prefer it to be a 3D platformer of some sorts. I know that sort of knocks out a ton of games, but I have too large of a backlog of RPGs to add more.

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Gravity Rush has collectable gems throughout the game that you need to collect to level up your powers (there are a lot of them some well hidden and some that require some degree of skill to get to), and it's a great game otherwise.

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@kidavenger: I actually forgot to mention that I've played basically every Vita title, so maybe they should all be excluded.

Great game though.