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i need to make music for my game for my programming class

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sfxr is nice if you need some quick and dirty sound effects.

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FL Studio.

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fruity loops is the easiest studio for fast learning

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ableton live is my favourite. @demonknightinuyasha said:

sfxr is nice if you need some quick and dirty sound effects.

Hey, that's pretty cool.

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FL Studio if you're willing to learn.

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i use cubase

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For bustin out some quick and easy(but good sounding) original music, Reason is a good, pretty straightforward option. And if you'd like to, you can get really deep into it as well.

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Gonna ditto Fruity Loops.

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i need it to be simple easy to use and cheap

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Reaper and Fruity Loops are the cheapest I know off. They both go at things differently. Fruity loops is sequence based while Reaper is more live instrumentation based. Reaper is similar to Audacity but with some really useful features to make recording music easier. I think for the decent version of fruity loops it is 99 and reaper is 79. Both offer the unlimited update thing. ALSO, you can download both and try them out... They are infinte demos. You can produce music in fruity loops without paying for it if you leave the application open and your computer on all the time through the demo mode. I know that Reason offers a resonable demo as well.

Jeff Gerstmann uses Fruity Loops to make his music. Another advantage of sequencer based software is you don't have to know anything about music theory to get good results. Sequencer software being Reason or Fruity Loops. I think Abelton Live also has a sequencer. If you don't know a Sequencer is basically what you see in most music creation video games. Actually Lumines the puzzle game kinda encapsulates that with a bar moving across the screen that is triggering samples that you laid down. The samples would equate to the bricks in the game.

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Music software is not cheap at all. You could go the pirating route if you're not going to do it professionally. 
BUT how about instead you link up with one of the many musicians here on GB so they can bulk out their portfolios and your music will sound like it's someone who has an idea of what they're doing.

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If you need the music for the presentation then why don't you just use some of the video games OST, those that you consider would fit your style?

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DAW: Audacity. It's free and very competent.

Synth: TAL Elek7ro. It's free and pretty damn effective and easy to use. In fact, TAL makes a bunch of great free plug-ins.

Also, @D_W: makes a good point.

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Get Synplant, it is easy to use and free to try. Also, it is amazing.