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So for the past several years I've been using a crappy old office chair I picked up for cheap at a yard sale. Now I've been wanting to get a new chair for awhile now cause playing on it lately makes my back super sore. Only problem is I'm not sure where to start and thought maybe some of u guys might have some recommendations. It needs to be a swivel chair cause I have my tv and computer by each other and will use it for both. And as far as price i wouldn't like to spend more then a hundred bucks but if that's not realistic I would be willing to pay more as long as the chair is worth it. Any suggestions?

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Yea that's a bit expensive on my budget lol looks sick tho.

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Herman Miler - Aeron

They can be a bit expensive, but these are the most comfortable chairs that I have ever sat in. The other option is a swiss ball / exercise ball (depending on who is naming the device). Sitting on it forces you to use proper posture.

Oh, and if your back is hurting from sitting, that is usually one of three reasons (the chair is not one of them).

  • Your core is weak and you need to start doing ab exercises like planks
  • Your posture is shit (Usually because your core is weak)
  • You are not taking enough breaks from sitting. Every hour you should get up and move around a bit.

Fix those two problems and your back problems will go away within a year. Doing both those is super important because you only have one back, and letting your core get out of shape will always lead to other injuries. It might not be in the next five years, but you will have isues before you are 40.

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I've got another IKEA recommendation. The Markus is 200 bucks, has decent lower back support, you can adjust the tilt of the backrest and the mesh structure is pretty fantastic for hot summer days. I use this both as my computer chair and for an extra seat when I have friends over and I've actually started to prefer it to my comfy living room chair.