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So I realized that as i watched Breaking brad, that the format of the video made it perfect for me to be able to study and look up every once in a while. the same is true about the ER. So do you guys know anyone else on the internet who are playing thru games( there are a lot i know) but are able to have some interesting conversation as the game goes.

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Game Grumps and the Two Best Friends.

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Yeh game informers Replay/super replay i think is probably what your after, check out overblood super replay.

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I would also highly recommend the Overblood Super Replay over at Game Informer. Their Replays and Super Replays are usually anywhere from pretty to very entertaining. Dan Ryckert is amazing. I enjoyed the Half-Life Super Replay a lot as well. Just watch them all.

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@Zithe: @Carryboy: Oh no... They did Mega Man Legends 1 & 2... There goes the rest of my day! Thanks!

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Here's a Dumb Game is pretty good but I haven't had time to watch it all yet. So far they've played Way of the Samurai 3 and Saw.

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Run Button is pretty good. They're also Giant Bomb fans so they'll talk about that occasionally.

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Yahtzee's LPs are pretty good as I mentioned in another thread. He and his friend do mostly late 80's and early 90's point and click adventure games that are amazingly terrible in some pretty absurd ways. Another thing I like about his style is that they tend to be long form and usually about an hour long.
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@zombiesatemycereal said:

Run Button is pretty good. They're also Giant Bomb fans so they'll talk about that occasionally.

I second Run Button. I'm working through the 20 Years of Sonic LP right now.

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 Since I'm pretty sure you want only group based ones with humour and general conversations over gameplay I'll make a mega-list of the best of the best.

The Something Awful LP Sub-Forum is the best destination for general Let's Plays, as it was invented there and the rules allow for a bar of quality much higher than the vast majority of random Youtubers.  
The LP Archive  is a collection of previously finished LPs from the above forum.  

Slowbeef & Diabeetus - The original LPer and Moderator of the LP forum and his bud, very humour focused and mostly play bad games, channels: 
Slowbeef's Youtube contains the majority of their main LPs
Retsupurae contains mainly riffs on bad Youtube LPers and an assortment of shitty flash games and 'longplays' (games played by other people that they then talk over instead).  
Other groups from SA:
The Freelance Astronauts A group of 4 dudes (sometimes all of them, sometimes a couple of them, sometimes with idiots that arn't part of the group that fans hate), highly praised for their humor, they usually recorded their videos live while streaming on ustream, probably the first LP group to gain a large following outside the forum itself, they like to mix it up between good and bad games, but also play lot's of random stuff. They haven't made videos in quite a while though.
Chip and Ironicus Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus, a duo that focuses on informative videos of mostly good games while also still managing to be really funny. 
Tipping Forties A now defunct group of 4 who got very drunk while playing, lots of immature humor, usually playing bad games or games they generally dislike. 
RunButton Two cousins who love games and had a podcast about games turn their podcast into a let's play instead, extremely funny, quite informative, and is basically a podcast in video form while playing a game, they also took on the huge task of playing almost every Sonic game in existence in their '20 Years of Sonic' Let's Play. Probably don't watch if you can't stand long anecdotes as the majority of their longer than average videos don't even talk about the game being played.
Youtubers that actually don't suck:
Game Grumps is a duo of net famous nerds Egoraptor known for his flash animations, and JonTron known for his reviews, together like PB&J to form a very weird, very immature humour based game channel, they like to keep put out lots of videos of different games in 10 minute chunks, and they'll probably drop games that they get enough content out of, like I highly doubt they're going to be finishing very many games.  

Two Best Friends Play - Mat and Pat are two best friends, they play games :p Okay no seriously, there are two channels one for their Machinima show which are 30 minute montages of the most hilarious bits of things they find in whatever game they're playing, and their other channel for full playthroughs, they are also pretty immature but their humor takes a different approach to most other groups I've seen, their channels: 
http://www.youtube.com/show/twobestfriendsplay for the show. 
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSw1tcher for full playthroughs. 
And finally for videos put out by another (coughrivalcoughnotreallycoaugh) game publication... 
Game Informer's Replay  
Weekly show where Game Informer editors play various games, they switch out people a lot and have guests on, sometimes special ones like playing Deus Ex with Warren Spector, sometimes just having a dude from Atlus playing something from his childhood, either way they have a combination of very informative and very funny videos. 
Replay comes in two flavors, first is regular ole Replay about 30-60 minute videos that are split into two parts, the first is the game of the episode which they pick something they really want to try or revisit out of the GI vault and the second is Replay Roulette which they pick something super random and most likely bad, quite a few really bad and weird ones went on to become... 
Super Replay! A full playthrough of a game, usually really bad or really strange games, Super Replays are spawned in two main ways, games that were previously Replay Roulettes that have been voted on by the community, or on Super Replay Showdown a segment that takes place of Replay Roulette in some videos where the editors pick a game and they have to battle for the right to play it in either a challenge or multiplayer match against each other, winner gets to play! 
And there you have it, how I manage to get anything done while watching all these videos I'll never fucking know.

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