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the game was on pc i cant remember much only one or two things it was a rpg based games about a cop in the sorta future i think the only other thing i can remember was that it was sorta confusing and and the game makers must of liked the colour blue oh and there was some part of the game where you were in a supermarket and some bad guys were robbing it and you rocked up and stopped them sorry im not much help but please help i really want to play this game again.

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@Brenalicious Possibly police quest
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no that wasnt it, the graphics were alot better then that

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Did you look at the VGA version of Police Quest? Though it doesn't fit the sort of future theme.

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Blue Force maybe?

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I'm thinking Oni, for some stupid reason.

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CompuCop: Blue World

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long shot. but it may have been omikron: the nomad soul?

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You're just remembering it wrong, it wasn't a police officer it was a unicycle. Also it wasn't on the PC it was on SNES.

You're looking for UniRacers dude