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 Hello, I need some advice on some stuff. I've primarily been a console gamer my entire life, but I have a PC that with a little bit of upgrading could be a decent machine. The only thing I'm really missing is a graphics card. Here is what I got. 
HP machine running Vista 64X. I don't see a reason upgrading to Windows 7 due to not wanting to spend the money and even though Vista didn't work at first; the many updates have made it at least work. 
It has an integrated graphics card that can hardly run anything. I have steam and play little things like Braid and whatnot but I would like to run Final Fantasy XIV on this since its looking like I'm changing my mind on the Console version and will be playing it on my PC (as long as it doesn't get too expensive.) 
It's got 4GB or RAM which I thought would be enough to run anything that I want. 
I basically just need some advice on what kind of graphics card I should buy. I thought I would be okay with my MacBook Pro and steam but it primarily has been pretty pathetic. Help me decide on a graphics card (around $100 range) and let me know if I'm being stupid sticking with Vista.     
One more thing... my username on steam is mau64 so if you want to add me let me know. I would like to play Team Fortress 2 more but it runs like crap on my Mac.

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the best price to performance GPUs are currently ATI 5 series mid range cards. 
This is the 5770, it's an incredible card for the price if your budget extends to it. if not. 
the 5750 is the smaller brother which is a touch over your 100 dollar budget 
If you absolutely must stick to budget i'd go with the little brother, the 5570 
I build performance machines on a daily basis and many people come to me for assistance, you're welcome to do the same if required.
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That card looks pretty good acc to me, but hopefully other more experienced posters might be able to help you out better. Otherwise, go for that card.

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@jadeskye: Thanks for the suggestions. I'm wanting to pick this up tonight so I'll check to see if my Best Buy has any of these in stock. 
@armaan8014: Yeah, I'll take the suggestions I got and take it with me. Hopefully the people I work with at Best Buy know what they are talking about
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I would save up for that $170 card there, if I were you.  I'm pretty sure Vista can run DX11, and you might as well get a GPU that has native support for it as well, just so you're not left unable to play something in a year that's DX11 only.

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@jadeskye: Wow that's a lot of info!
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@mau64: I'd also suggest shopping online if you can.  You'll get better prices and you won't have to deal with the idiots who work at Best Buy.  They will undoubtedly try to sell you something you don't want if you aren't entirely confident of what it is you're there for.
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Don't buy computer parts or anything from best buy. They're so over priced.
Order from Newegg and the like.

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@WEGGLES: @litrock: This purchase will be going on a Best Buy card... I'll check and see if they have the suggestions at my store though.
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@jadeskye: Should he check the power supply in his computer too? I remember doing something like this a LONG time ago (also on an HP computer) and I got an ATi 9550 or something (just needed to run San Andreas), but I also needed a beefier power supply. I had a 250 or 200 watt PSU and I got a 400W PSU. Played lots of things on it for a couple years until I built my first (and current) PC myself. But I don't know if companies still put in skimpy power supplies or do they have good enough PSUs in there now?
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One more question. I'm about to go reinstall Vista on my PC. Should I wait until I get the graphics card or does it matter? 

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5770! DO IT 
i have one and havent looked back. this thing is a monster

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@mau64: the 5450 isn't That good. thats a budget GPU.
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@mau64: 5750 is basically the borderline when it comes to gaming grade GPUs and home theater or office GPUs, and that's $130. I do not at all recommend getting a $100 GPU, since it's not very worthwihle; for a bit of extra money you can get something significantly stronger. FFXIV will be an Nvidia optimized game, so in that case I would recommend the GTX 460 768MB ($200) or 1GB ($230), both which perform extremely well for their price while keeping TDP and temperatures in check. The lowest you should go is the 5770, which is also very good value but towards the weaker end in terms of gaming GPUs. 
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@Geno: i doubt optimisations would matter for very much in FF14. It's an mmo and they're never very intensive.
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@jadeskye: True I suppose, but I still wouldn't recommend getting anything under a 5770. The 5750 costs nearly the same but performs significantly worse.
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Might be dated by now, but was accurate recently.
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I got a Radeon 5750 1gb for a pretty solid price of £70. As long as you have a decent processor you should be fine with a 5750.

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@Geno said:
" @jadeskye: True I suppose, but I still wouldn't recommend getting anything under a 5770. The 5750 costs nearly the same but performs significantly worse. "
i agree 100% just trying to work to his budget ^^
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@mau64 said:

" This is one I'm looking at right now: 
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/PNY+-+NVIDIA+GeForce+9800+GT+1GB+GDDR3+PCI+Express+Graphics+Card/8968094.p?id=1218006355798&skuId=8968094&st=graphics%20card&cp=1&lp=8   "

That's a pretty damn good choice. Your system is coming pretty close to mine. I have that graphic card with 4 GB DDR2 memory and an AMD dual core 2.7 GHz. Basically, all the new games I can run on max settings. So depending on the CPU, you shouldn't have any problems. I would also suggest picking up a nice gaming headset since you're looking into gaming online. Here's a good one: 
It's not exactly the best one, but it's the cheapest one and it works for all the systems. The PS3, 360, PC, and even the Wii.