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I thought it would be cool if the GB community came up with some banners for each of the TNTers instead of me just using text for the names.    

The only rule is it must follow the template criteria.

  • 300 x 50
  • Arial font 
  • face on left
  • name on right
  • site/brand logo behind name (25-ish% opacity) 
Here's the logos to use for staff.

Here's an example B0nd07 made for me.

*I don't want any banners for guests that appear on TNT*
Banners still needed are below or check the thread.
Alexis Gallisa, Andy McCurdy, Daniel Miesner, Ethan Lance, Melissa Durkin, Patrick Klepik, Mike Tatum, Ted, Joey Fameli, EpicSteve, GlenTennis, Undeadpool, Nicolas "Babylonian"  

Any help you can give to this project is appreciated and I look forward to seeing your banners :) 
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Having just watched Lemon Lens, I couldn't help myself. Who knows. Maybe she does commentary on some TNT. :)

And I might as well give the good Lemon a banner of his own. (added a giant bomb background with reservations, since I wasn't too sure if he was a GB, or Whiskey intern back when he worked on the TNT's)

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@PhatSeeJay: I will use this when the time comes.
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@X19: Threw you one of Lemon as well, since I had already mentioned him when I made Chloe. :)

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@X19: Cool I could go at doing the banners for the other interns, since they have been seen on plenty of videos now, but I don't have their last names. I could always write and ask them, unless we'd go for their nicknames instead?

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@PhatSeeJay: I think their real names would be better do you mind asking? 
EpicSteve, Ben "GlenTennis", Cory "Undeadpool", Nicolas "Babylonian
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@PhatSeeJay: Got any further with this bud?
I don't care if it's their real names just need some banners.