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As some of you know,i recently got fired so i got no moniez,but i still need to game,so why not play for free? Sure. But..what to play? Anyone?

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Do they even make those?

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@one_2nd: ...
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Alien Swarm is on Steam 

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League of Legends.

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@Anteater: Just pirate some games, if you have qualms with that, just pirate some older games.
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^Guess they do..

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@Vorbis: That is an RTS right? Cool,i'll probably check it out :)
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@mylifeforAiur: Where? I am pretty much google-retarded,i haven't used anything on the computer except for word and games for years...
Then..Then..Then i-i-i *runs away crying*
Seriously though,where?
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You could use your imagination.

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Well, if you're willing to try some indie games, Iji is pretty long, and really good. Cave Story, Knytt, and I think the first Samorost (from the guys that made Machinarium) is free. If you're into adventure games, look at the Adventure Games Studio site. It's got a ton of games. Stuff like Ben Jordan (8 games so far) and the John DeFoe games (made by Yahtzee) are great. Also, ScummVM supports plenty of free games.

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@mylifeforAiur: Thanks :)
Thank you good sir! These will all be good for a few weeks before i start working again :3
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@Anteater: Your welcome, have fun!
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I would look for a job first, I hate having no cash

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@blazerx9x: LOL,well i signed up for a magzine a few days back,so i was waiting for them to call.
And they did


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@Ignor: Thank you :)
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I was always quite fond of Battle for Wesnoth...can't remember the website though. Turn-based strategy at it's free-est. Also, the old Command and Conquer games are available for free on EA's website.

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@9cupsoftea: :D
This made my day :)
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thepiratebay.org is your friend.
Or you can just look up the free games on gametap.

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Borrowing old games from friends might be your best bet for consoles.
I think Tinker is free on games for windows live.  Alien Swarm like someone mentioned and one of the Peggle games is free on Steam.

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PC: Start/all programs/games/solitare

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@LordXavierBritish said:
"You could use your imagination. "

This is the best answer so far.
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@Anteater said:
o" As some of you know,i recently got fired so i got no moniez,but i still need to game,so why not play for free? Sure. But..what to play? Anyone? "
I think most of these guys have already mentioned the cool freebie downloadable games (but no one mentioned I Wanna Be the Guy yet?!) As for games that you can play for free through a website/portal/whatever,  Battlefield Heroes is cool, and Quake Live is super addicting. Newgrounds has some cool stuff like Super Mario Crossover and Tuper Tario Tros (a mix of Mario and Tetris), along with other neat-o games.  
You can most definitely game on the cheap if necessary. Just look harder.
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THe PC forum has a comprehensive thread on free games.

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Try to get into the Company of Heroes Online Beta.

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