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<I tend to have Tuesday and Thursday nights off if you still need people. I've been on a podcast before. Bonusexp.&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;Pm me if ya still need people [East Coast]

Plus I am on the site all the time.

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How much we gettin' paid?

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I'll help if there is a space. Just send me a message if you want me.

You do want me.

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@nonused said:

How much we gettin' paid?

1,000,000 BradBux per episode.

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Id be interested in doing this, would even be willing to set up a twitch channel for our Podcast so people can watch from time to time,

Ive got all the recording Software (X-Split, ect). Ive thought of setting up a podcast myself but never got around to it. Give me a PM I'd be willing to set up a Skype call so

we can discuss. Really hope you consider me.

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I would love to do this, but I don't play many games anymore. I just listen to other people talk about games or watch them play games.

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@phatmac Thanks for the info. While I probably have the time to commit to 4-5 podcasts for a GOTY thing, I sadly do not have the availability to commit to a yearlong thing.

I'm excited to see the end product, though.

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Can I be thrown in as special thanks? :D

I neither have a mic, time, or the voice to do a podcast, so I'm unable to help out. I have 37 followers on twitter though, pay me a bit and I'll sponsor ya guys.

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Damn why must I be so busy in college? Anyways, I'd totally be up for being apart of the community podcast, but considering that I have yet to buy any games this year, I don't think I qualify. :(

But good luck on the podcast anyways!

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Man, I would so jump on this, but I worry my qualifications are lacking. Mostly because A: Most of my forum activity is contained in short, snide posts., B: I don't play as many games as I used to, though that could be easily remedied. It's usually game paralysis. In other words, "Oh god, oh god, so many games, which ones do I play".

and C: My microphone has a slight weird echo to it that detracts from audio quality. Damn thing cost me 30 bux, it should sound good.

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@phatmac: Late to the party, but I'd be interested in giving this sort of thing a try. As for your general requirements:

  • I live on the West Coast but have some flexibility for scheduling
  • My mic is the Plantronics 780 Gamecom headset, I don't actually know how it sounds myself but I haven't received any complaints
  • I play games on all platforms (but WiiU, don't have one of those yet) in most genres
  • I try to stay abreast of a decent amount of the big new releases, typically purchasing 2-3 full retail products a month + 3-5 downloadable games
  • I'm on the site multiple times every day
  • I've only used it twice but I have a Skype and I know it works
  • Being a stay-at-home dad it shouldn't be too hard to fit this into my schedule

Other than that I'd say that if you've read any of my posts on this site, you'd know I have strong opinions about things but always try to present my point of view in well-reasoned arguments (sometimes with just a little hostility). My sense of humor tends to dwell on the sardonic. I am experienced at speaking clearly and concisely, with a smattering of vocal training and a good amount of time spent in customer service positions. I do have a tendency to talk really really fast when worked up/tired, but even then I'm sure to enunciate and will quickly self-correct.

In terms of opinions, I tend to favor PC gaming to consoles, and PS3 to 360. I typically focus on mechanics before anything else, as my blog posts should indicate. I often find myself taking positions that could be considered anti-consumer, such as arguing in favor of on-disc DLC and having no problems with Leviathan's exclusion from the core ME3 experience. I'm very positive about games and will usually give the developers the benefit of the doubt. My favorite three games are Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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You already have a bunch of the top/well respected/long time users already interested so chances are slim that Id even be considered.

I would kick myself if I didn't throw my hat in. Here I am for your consideration.


    • I live Scotland/UK, I would be able to make any time to set, as-well has having a Scottish/European outlook is different. (id urge at least guesting in other UK Duders or such if I am not that one.)

    • I have a mic that I use for Skypeing all the time. As-well as I recorded an ancient Anime Review Show for College. Link to said video:

My anime review show of years gone by.

  • my speaking is better reflected after reading the synopsis, and yet that was 6 years ago and times change. I have been a manager of a shop since then.
  • I have appeared in my friend's lets play and live streams so a more upto date vocal sample is available here

Worms Revolution live-stream.Our 4 man Coop of Servivers. Chumly Banter and screaming.

  • Must have a wide range of gaming knowledge.
    I have a huge range of gaming knowledge, I have been playing since 1992, I am 24 now. My first home console was one of those 1970s pong home machines, paddles and all. Then my family tried to get a salvaged commodore with a tape deck and tried to get it to work....it never worked. I even used another brand with a tape deck at a friends house to "Tape Load Error" messages. This is 1995.
    Being UK I was brought up on Sega with the Mastersystem first then Megadrive/Genisis with a Snes in between. I had 30 Mastersystem games, 40 Megadrive/Genisis and 20 Snes game. Before jumping to PS1 then PS2. Experiance all the Addons for Megadrive/Gensis at a friend house.
    Played alot of late 90s and early 2000 PC games. While also playing PS2 and then got an XBox 1.....which I still buy games for, my latest being the Aeon Flux game that was tied in with the terrible movie. It was sealed in wrapper....till today.
    Played a bunch of the notable games on N64 and Gamecube. Owned both aswell.
    I have a 360 which is my primary console, I had a PS3 however it died and was only used for exclusive, had a Wii...that did nothing.
    Handhelds, I had a gamegear with a few games, A 1988 brick of a Gameboy solely to play Pokemon. I have played hundreds of GBA games as so many are amazing.
    I had a DS with my main game to play on it was Infinite Space. I have fiddled with a friends 3DS, PSP and Vita.

Play PC games alot aswell, mainly with friends. However the world of Indie games is very good at the moment. I play alot Kerbal Space Program.

If you want an idea of my PC tastes and experiences, just think of Dave, Vinny and Drew. Alot of the time I find myself nodding and remembering games they are talking about. Or overall the Flight Club in general has opened me up other games E.G Rise of Flight.

Keeping my nose to the ground on weird and new games.

Like KSP, Blockade Runner, Dwarf Fortress and other games of similar ilk. I love more true to the ground well made Rogue-likes. I spent alot of time in DF doing the Fortress part and recently more time doing the Rogue-like Adventure mode.

I enjoy 4x games aswell. Alot of the geekier games I suppose.

I try to keep up with game's however I find myself becoming more picky with recent games, however keep my ear to the ground.

I also like to keep in the know of tech and the back ground of the gaming biz. Why GB is so wonderful.

  • If you're good at recording audio through skype than that'd be great.
    0 experience on this, all I have heard is a program called Audacity.

  • Must play some games that have come out this year or at least play games.
    I want to play any all games that interest me all year. My big ones are Injustice, Bioshock Infinite, Splinter Cell :Black list. Aswell as what ever the hell turns up on steam.
  • Please be active on the site and pay attention to your PM's. Don't leave us hanging when we have to record. If you want to be a part of this then try to make it for every recording.

I am an extremely reliable person. When my friend at college was making his project. I was there to be Cameraman extra and anything else...while he waited for others to turn up and he was streeeeeessseed.

Sadly it seems he has deleted all other video we made after it. Leaving only the trailer.

There are some audio. I am the dude that gets hut by the door ( I was honestly hut by the door) The dude that gets slapped in the face (I was honestly slapped in the face.) I had other "stunts" however all lost it seems. So when I commit....I commit.

  • We'll be using skype for the podcast so have an account for it.
    Used Skype for years and almost all the time. Skype with friends on a regular bases.
    And I have ample time whenever you may need me.
    To further boost me. I have taken a Media course, why I the Anime Review Show and my friends video. Which I got really deep in the journalism course.
    Sadly I am Dyslexic......as you may have guessed. Meaning written work is out of my reach....

It hasn't stopped me from dabbling and trying to improve.

A blog on the whole Rab Florence and Lauren Wainright thing. Mainly asking who to trust, Game Journalists. Reviewers or Game enthusiasts?

Apparently It sort of failed.

I have had better success with "News" post.

News post on Mass Effect 3 DLC long ago. I saw a dude post it...except do it very badly. I decided to use my journalism education and made a better one.

I could go on about how much I pay attention to the industry and games. Ive spent hours talking to either my friends about the directions on games or even to my father who is 58 years old and plays games all the time.

An early memory is its days before Christmas and I find my dad playing a Master system we never had before. He lied to me saying he it got it as a loan from my cousins. So had to let us play with it before Christmas day...which I opened up a box to find a master-system Same Master-system my dad was playing Ultima 4....I came through and found my dad asleep while in the middle of battle.

Common thing to hear in recent times is "AAAAH!!" BOOOM! "YOU FUCKING BASTARDING CREEPER!"

As he enjoy playing Minecraft, so much so I had to buy him his own account instead of using my own.

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Hey, I think we're past the point that you're really desperate for applicants but i'll throw myself in. I have a good-quality mic, in fact i've actually brought something to show this;

Loading Video...

I play some games and visit the site probably a few times a day. I also help run a little baby game development group that has made a couple games of minor note (you can check out one of our coolest and most popular ones here: http://gamejolt.com/games/platformer/vivid/12437/ . We're actually making one right now (although be warned, i'm only a designer and writer, so don't go asking me about programming!!) Anyway, I figure it might be neat to get a perspective from someone who is part of a group actively involving themselves in game development.

The above video either perfectly represents or totally misrepresents the kind of guy I am, depending on whether you like it or not.

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If i hated you guys i would lend my amazing French Canadian accent to this podcast but surely you don't want that.

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I hope a window's still open for me to podcast with you once I get my shit settled eventually. If not, that's fine too. Sorry I can't find the time right now to sit down and discuss games :/

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I still have inrest if you are doing this. Just finished the new Walking dead game (It was bad) Played Krater,Lost planet 2, Dead space 3, Dragon age, And soon to play Infinite. So Lots to talk about.

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Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Just make sure you guys get to know eachother reasonably well beforehand; chemistry is ultra important in podcasts, as I'm sure most people here would be well aware. That, and audio quality.

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We know. We'll be spending some time getting to know each other before we post a podcast.

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Im still around if your interested in someone else.

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Would love to be a part of this. Sadly don't have any kind of mic set up, live in the midwest, and I find my voice sounds really weird. To me it sounds like a drag on words or something but I honestly do not know. I guess I will have to listen! Good luck!