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they all shoot from the right shoulder, which is fine for the majority of players but those who use the left shoulder how does that make you feel, awkward?
also in shooters the player never changes shoulders which is required for taking a right corner especially when you are playing a military guy.  any game
are there any games that let you pick what shoulder you want to shoot from? anybody else notice this?

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yep, mostly cos I'm left handed

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I think you could change shoulders in Killzone 2 so that's something.

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Only game I remember where you could change the hands was Quake 2 .... dont know any other

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Couldn't you do it in half life?

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I can't play third person shooters without being able to swap shoulders(and thank those games that let you swap )... mostly due to camera reasons. 

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Yeah, that is kind of weird, especially the left shoulder lean.

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I think it's interesting that left handed people have trouble playing games when they are just hitting inputs.
I'd really like to learn more about how that works.

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It bugs me in Resident Evil 5. Sheva and Chris play with opposite hands, but you can't switch them. Sometimes I wish I could.

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couldnt you do it in Uncharted 2? 

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You can change in inFamous 2 and actually do so a lot in individual confrontations.

As someone who prefers right shoulder generally, though, not really minding that much. They're doing right shoulder because of RE4 and the way modern HUDs tend to be designed with health bars in the top left and all other information on the right side corners.

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Honestly, I'm more baffled by the fact that all FPS games are presented from the view of someone's saggy tits rather than from eye-level. (Obviously necessary, because you're playing the game from the view of the gun, I guess, but really awkward when you stand next to another player or an NPC and are looking right at their navel).

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I'm right-handed so I don't share your pain, though I recognise that it is kind of a bummer that some games don't allow you to modify button allocations to your liking.

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I notice that there are guns in them.

I was thinking on that the other day, but I didn't really know if it would be a huge bother to people who are left handed. I guess shooting from the left trigger makes it weird, and it would take maybe a line of code to flip the gun to the other side, but I guess it's so few people they really don't care.

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Right-handed here, and never bothered me when the camera was focusing down my left shoulder in inFamous, Splinter Cell, and Alan Wake.

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Left-handed. After all these years of FPS's I've gotten used to it. Plus my right-eye is the dominant eye so I think that may be a big factor as well.

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They all have projectiles?
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On an FPS the gun has to be on my right and in a third person shooter the guy has to be on my left....or I freak out.
Also Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 2, inFamous and Counter-Strike let you switch sides.
There are more I'm sure.

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I'm pretty sure you can change which shoulder you look over in Alan Wake

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Not only does Counter-strike let you switch sides, it was originally developed with lefties in mind. The bullet ejection ports on, say, the AK-47 are for a left-handed gun and thus eject in the wrong direction if you have it set to right-handed mode.

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You could change shoulders in Uncharted and U2.

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The whole thing doesn't bother me but some times id like to switch shoulders to look around corners,but that's just me.

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Eh it's awkward as times as a left handed person, but I have gotten used to it. In games that allow me to pick, I will always go with what seems natural as in left handed. Something like Counter-Strike.

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I drive on the left side of the road in real life, but in the games I'm supposed to drive on the right, yet I have no problem with that. But driving is only really; forward, stop, left, & right, whereas shooting games usually have a 360 degree of movement freedom, and the actual shooting which can be in any direction, except usually not straight up or down when in third person.

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You can in Counter Strike.

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I can only assume this is the case for not only FPSes. As you may know, Link from The Legend of Zelda is left-handed. In the GameCube version of Twilight Princess, everything's fine dandy. He wields his sword with his left hand, his shield with his right one. In the Wii version, on the other hand, everything is mirrored to make him use his items with his right hand. Otherwise, the vast majority of players (right-handed) would have to throw blows with the Wiimote on their left hands.

Must be really awkward for a leftie.

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I'm left handed, but it's just something you get used to. Any left-handed people that decide to use left-handed mice or play guitar left-handed are just being assholes.

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I'm left handed, but it's just something you get used to. Any left-handed people that decide to use left-handed mice or play guitar left-handed are just being assholes.
I don't understand the reasoning here. Are they assholes for bucking against the norm or because they're using something that's more comfortable to them?
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I'm left handed and usually if the game is good enough, I'm too focused on the action (that's my way of saying waiting to respawn!) to notice details like what hand the gun is in. I knew about the option in Counter Strike but as this didn't give me a strategic benefit or make that much difference to the game I didn't continue to use it when I next reinstalled the game.