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So I first owned an Xbox 360, then I gave that to my cousin when I moved and bought a PS3. Then I sold my PS3 as I started to build a gaming PC. In the process of building my PC I bought a PSP and a 3DS, Bad Mistake. I ended up selling my 3DS, and tried to sell my PSP, but nobody was buying. So last night a girls soccer team showed up and they were in a contest to see which team could trade from a pen to the biggest object, so I gave them my PSP, haha. Once my gaming PC was finished I never even thought about consoles, until Halo 4. When Halo 4 came out I bought another Xbox just to play Halo, haha. But now that Halo is kind of dead to me I feel like I should sell that Xbox.

Anyway this is just a long winded build up to my question, which is:

If I have a high end gaming PC, that can run everything I've tried so far on Ultra. Do I need to buy into the next generation of console? Or will it just end up being like the tail end of the last console cycle?

Sorry if this is written poorly, the Cognac will do that too you.
Thanks for reading this far if you have.


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Mmmm... I mean, its kind up to you really. If Killzone 4, and Bungie Destiny, are good enough to compete with PC; then maybe It is worth buying into. I just don't think we're giving enough credit to next-gen consoles here. I don't know dick about what the fuck DRM they're gonna put, but I'm willing to bet money that next gen is gonna be awesome!!!! Like, THAT good.

  • No DVD
  • Gigs of RAM to work with ~ on games, and apps
    • Why don't we put GiantBomb on a Next-Gen App? They already have a Roku one.
  • Processors and Cores is secondary to me, than RAM; But that shit's gonna be good to

I dunno, There's plenty to be excited about next gen. There'll be nothing to hold back PC, i.e. FarCry, even CoD ~ I'M excited. :D

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I would totally dive into next gen if only for the exclusives. There are plenty of console exclusive titles that I would be really bummed if I hadn't had a chance to play. Plus you never know how busted the PC ports will be either.

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The question you have to ask yourself is do you care about the exclusives? Halo 4 was the first part in a new trilogy so there are at the least two new Halo games planned. That is something that you might want to keep in perspective. Choose what is right for you.

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There will always be platform exclusives. Only you can decide if there are enough to warrant getting the platform. As a rule I wait for 3-5 exclusives before I buy into a system. I wish everything just came to PC so I didn't have to keep buying dam TV's and new consoles every few years. I spend way more money keeping up with console stuff then I ever have with my PC.

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impulse control dude. or just keep piling up your money on the coffee table and lighting it on fire every time the hype train sucks you in.

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The Cognac for your sorrow of selling all your consoles???

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It's too early to tell man.

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You'll probably save loads of money if you just keep the first of each particular console that you buy. The "I'll see my console to get back of what I've paid" only to buy the console again is a dangerous trap my man.

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I don't sell consoles for the same reason you keep re-buying them.

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The only thing I miss from consoles (I replaced mine a long time ago with a PC) are the potentially great japanese RPG's. I would like to try Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem, and so on. Maybe they will port those games if we scream loud enough.

Most of the western console exclusives already have equally good, or better, counterparts on the PC so I don't care about that.

So yeah, it's up to you. Are those few great console exclusive worth the extra money?

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The fact that you seem quite flakey with your purchases of consoles and handhelds I would stay out of it entirely. I have friends that operate much in the same way you wrote out in your original post and they tend to spend far too much money too often for what is very fleeting enjoyment.

Stick to the gaming PC and have fun there (without buying, selling and rebuying and reselling).

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Don't be silly Jeff, you will need the consoles so you can review games!

Oh wait, you're not the Jeff? Well pardon me. I guess you don't need the next generation of consoles unless there are exclusives on those platforms that you would want to play. What happens when the Halo 5 trailer comes out and you suddenly feel the urge to play another Halo game? For me, I've been thinking about building a PC for almost a year now, but with the next generation of consoles coming out relatively soon, I feel as though I should wait at least two years before investing in one since I will likely purchase a new console for those sexy first party games (probably from Sony).

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If anything, I'd wait until the first price drop on the consoles and by that time, hopefully the games will be a bit cheaper too.

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A Sony console usually justifies itself by its exclusives from my experience thus far so if you're willing to wait 3 years after the PS4 launch when the console price comes down and more exclusives become available then that would be the right time to buy.

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If I have a high end gaming PC, that can run everything I've tried so far on Ultra. Do I need to buy into the next generation of console? Or will it just end up being like the tail end of the last console cycle?

Buy into ? No but it probably worth picking up down the line for the exclusives god damn JRPGS, platformers, fighting games and brawlers why you no come to PC :P

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What? I assume both consoles will have great exclusives, so yes you should get them if you like good games.

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You seem to have a good rotation started (after a lot of wasted cash). You have the most relavent gaming machine currently, and it should last at least 3 years. So if history is any indication you'll want a console or two around Summer/Fall 2014 (after a price-drop, and some good post-launch exclusives come out). Then you spend those next three years enjoying all that goodness, then sell them for a new PC. So on...

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I think going PC-only only works if you like certain genres that are guaranteed to be on PC. The variety of games have increased over the years, but you're still missing out on a good chunk of console-exclusive games.

In a perfect world, we would have a one-console future where the games we want to play aren't determined by the hardware we (don't) own.

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I would be surprised if the recent trend of everything decent coming out on PC (and its best version, to boot) continues upon the launch of the next generation. Consoles will lock down exclusives in order to capture the market.

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That sounds nuts. Even after switching to PC I would never sell my Xbox or DS or PSP. I made the fucking mistake once of selling my PS2 and all its games, and I felt terrible for it. I still feel pangs of regret for doing that, dumbest decision I have ever made without a doubt. Well... not really, but dumbest one related to material things.

Anyway, you should probably stick with the PC and stop making snap judgments based on hype and excitement. Either you've got a good pile of money somewhere or you're broke as hell and it hasn't caught up to you yet.

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Just wait it out and see if anything interests you. It’s not like you have to make a decision this instant. Chances are there’s going to be exclusives that interest you at some point, and ideally that point will be after the Xbox 3 and PlayStation 4 see price drops, discounted games, and hardware revisions.

Just please don’t turn into “PC Gaming Master Race” guy :).

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I experienced a little of what you went through when I bought a ps2 three times. Trust me, just keep them. If your tired of looking at them, just put them in a closet till you need them again. My advice to you is to wait till the new consoles are at a cheaper price and have enough exclusives you want. Buy one then and keep it.

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I just see a future where exclusives are less prominent... The PC market is growing. And how much money can Sony or Microsoft offer to keep a game away from other huge markets (A lot I am sure, but it seems as though it may not be enough soon.) As for the Halo 5 argument, I couldn't even get through Halo 4 so that isn't an issue any more, I'm out of that franchise.

I just don't really know how much I care about exclusives any more I mean is it worth missing out on 4 great games a year, and save 800$ on new consoles. If you can get the 30 other Great games that also come to PC... I guess that is my real question. Is the price of the new consoles worth the few exclusives I will get for them? Because without a doubt my PC will remain my main gaming platform.

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<p>If you're like me and give no shits about any of the Sony or ms exclusives then I say save your money dude.</p>

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You done fucked up.

Not necessarily in choosing a console-free lifestyle, but in losing a lot of money going back and forth.