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I have learned something this generation that is true of me today: I no longer case to have many gaming systems. In the past I wanted every system to play every good game that releases, but this generation has worn me tired of having three gaming systems. I noticed this after I bought the Wii U and thought "Yet, another system for me to keep track of" or so on. I think I am done with owning every system. I think when the PS4 and Xbox 360 comes out, I'll decide which one I'll buy into and buy into that ecosystem. I do not think I can go another generation with three systems with downloads and money spend in three areas. I already own the Wii U, that will be a side system, but when it comes to the PS4 and Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called) I think I'll decided between the two and go from there. I am sure there will be other great games for the system I don't buy, but I'll figure out a way to play them or maybe not. Maybe it is my college life self, with little money talking, but does anyone else feel the same way?

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I have gone this entire generation with only one system, an Xbox 360. It's been fine although I have missed out on a few games. It's expensive enough playing games on the 360 and a PC and having another one has never really seemed worth it. I'll probably end up buying a PS3 now once it's obsolete. So sticking with just one system is a viable strategy, at least for me.

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I only owned the 360 this generation, and a computer obviously. I did borrow a PS3 from a friend once to play Journey, Heavy Rain and MGS4 though but other than that I did just fine with one!

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Wall of text alert! I think buying one and waiting like 3 years is a good move. If there is enough of exclusives you care about go for it. Otherwise there is no point.

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If the next gen stretches out as long as this one has I'll end up owning all of the systems again, probably.

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I'm just going to stick with my PC and see what happens from the sidelines for now.

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@rebgav said:

If the next gen stretches out as long as this one has I'll end up owning all of the systems again, probably.

This is pretty much what happened with me. I bought one, then after a couple price drops and exclusives I had to play I eventually bought the other two.

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Personally, I'm going to stick with neither.

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I don't feel any desire to buy a new console at launch. First gen hardware problems. First gen "next gen" games like Perfect Dark Zero and Heavenly Sword did nothing for me but piss me off that I wasted money. I'm a bad person for saying this, but while I had fun with Mario Galaxy, I think I'm done with that series. Same with Zelda.

I have a mid-high end PC and always have had a mid-high end PC. I'll get a PS4 down the line to expand the gaming library/experience. When it hits the sub $300 range. I just don't use my consoles enough to justify spending more than that.

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Honestly, unless Microsoft pulls magic out of it's butt, I'd very much like to just have the PS4 this generation. We'll see how it goes, though.

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I built a good PC last year, and I plan to stick with just PC until a year or more after the launches of the PS4 and Next Xbox. Hopefully by then it will be an easier decision between the two.

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I have only owned one console per generation and a PC all throughout. This will probably never change.

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Based on first party track record I'm going to get a PS4, probably at launch and likely to be my primary gaming machine. If Microsoft comes out and shows off some can't miss stuff then I'll end up with both consoles again. As for PCs, I have a mid to high end machine, I just don't like playing games on it that aren't the occasional MMO, RTS game, or the Sims.

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I'd like to say I will only choose one or the other.

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I'd prefer only one or two consoles per gen, a handheld (Vita or 3DS) and a good PC. However, I'll wait and see what each system has to offer over the next year or so before I make any decisions on what exactly I plan on getting.

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I've held out this generation only having a XBOX and of course a PC i have been pretty fine. The Day i get a PS3 is when ATLUS announces Persona 5 and it is NOT multiplatform. I will buy a PS3 within the hour.

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Hopefully a graphics card upgrade will enough to got without buying any console this time around and stick with the PC only. If any of the consoles end up with enough compelling exclusive i can see myself buying one in 5-6 years when they're cheap and grab all the games at the same time.

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I will probably hold out and just not buy either unless they can really impress me with a couple of games or features. I was really disappointed with the 360 until a couple years after it came out. My PS3 still only has like 4 games after 4 years of owning it. Probably wouldn't even own one now if Blu-Ray didn't exist or HD-DVD won the war. Will probably end up replacing my 480GTX this year too which will more than likely factor into my purchasing decisions anyway when it comes to consoles at the end of the year.

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I owned a 360 for four years before buying a ps3. I'll probably do this again, instead buying a PS4 this time. If there's enough exclusive software in about 4 or 5 years when the price has hopefully dropped, then I'll pick a nextbox up. The Wii U is an exception for me and I'll definitely buy one as soon as there is a good line up of first party software.

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I'm just going to stick with my PC and see what happens from the sidelines for now.

I think that's always been the best way to go... Cherry pick the really good stuff 2 or 3 years down the line when it's all gotten cheap...

Though, maybe, this time I'll just stick with PC if the things that are only on consoles aren't compelling enough...

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I've been overspending on games and hardware for years, I play enough to get by on 2-3 new games a year but I end up buying at least 12 or more full price new releases. To fix that, I'm going PC only plus the hand held and mobile systems I already have. I plan on keeping a PS3 around for Netflix, Rock Band and Blu-Ray as long as I am able to.

I have a midrange AMD/ATI gaming PC from 2010 that is currently acceptable for the games I've been playing. Hopefully sometime in 2014 I can slap a real video card into my 2012 Ivy Bridge Linux workstation and have enough games to play that I won't feel like I'm missing anything.

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Personally, I'm going to stick with neither.

And especially not the WiiU.

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I've long since given up on wanting to play *every* good game. There's just so much time, and it pays off more to play few games, but play them thoroughly and well. I will pick up one or the other, depending on whose pitch is better. Sony's well ahead right now. I loved what I heard thus far. That said, Microsoft didn't pitch me at all yet. Looking forward to hearing all about their vision next month.

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Me too. I'm sticking with my PC. If Sony can do a good job this time around with the PS4 like they did with the PS3 and lock up a bunch of good console exclusives I might buy one down the line but that's about it. I just hope every game coming out on everything stays strong and we don't go back to the dark ages of the early years of this gen where it was nothing but consoles and the odd shitty PC port.

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I already have my next-gen system.

My PC.

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If you've already got a decent PC with plans to toss it some upgrades over the years, I think you're taking the right route. 360 can't stop feeling like a little alternative PC in a box (with f'all actual exclusives), while the PS3 is the crazy-ass Japanese machine with actual cool shit you're not going to get on the PC, and the Wii is a modern take on a party-game, because that's what it is and what I like it for.

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Sticking with my PC for this one. I rarely play on my consoles anymore and most of my friends have made the switch along with me. I'll probably get a Wii U eventually, but I'm not gonna make the same mistake of buying a Nintendo console and waiting for the first party games.

going doubt I'll buy either a next Xbox or PS4, but we'll see how the exclusives run. I think the rising costs of development mixed with the similarities between the PS4 and the PC (probably the new Xbox too) may lead to the loss of the third party exclusive. All the exclusives going forward will probably be first party across the board.

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I feel you bro. I'm going to exclusively get the PS4 this time around, sony has proven to me that they are great all the time, after entering this generation as a Microsoft supporter. I bought the PS3 last out of the three, and have definitely gotten the most use out of it, I used to have a community of people that gamed together on 360 but we've all grown apart, so I'm going turncoat for this generation.

The PS1 was better than the n64, the PS2 was better than the gamecube and Xbox, and is tied with Super Nintendo for being the greatest system ever, and when it comes down to it I think the PS3 wins this generation.

In my opinion of course

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I stuck with Sony this gen because Microsoft and Ninty don't offer anything I like. I will always stick with Sony. Besides, I've owned all of Sony's previous consoles and PSP. I owned an Xbox (the original one) and everything Nintendo before the Wii and barely played anything on them. Next gen, I'll be rolling with my PS3, Vita, and will get a PS4 ASAP.

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From all the rumors surrounding the new Xbox, it sounds kind of like I don't want that one at all. I'll see how the PS4 pans out and go from there. I'm happy with how my PC is performing currently though.

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Playstation is on a roll now with indie games, first party original I.P., no always-online or used game restrictions, and apparently a solid competitor to kinect with eyetoy 3. I bet I'll want a 720 eventually, but the most recent Gears, Halo, and Fable titles were real setbacks. I can't even get Comcast where I live so whatever subsidized plan wouldn't matter

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I already know the one I'm buying: Wii U, because Fire Emblem's on it.

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I'm mostly a PC gamer, stopped at Sega 32X and restarted with the Xbox 360 Elite. At the same time i bought a PS2 slim and played the games i missed from that whole generation i couldn't get on PC,which was far cheaper at that point.

I approach this new generation with extreme caution as i believe only new control systems make for unique experiences. What Sony does with the PS Eye and what Microsoft do with the Kinect can entice me but i don't have the confidence in them to pull it off.

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i don't know, i have to see what's going to be coming out. i usually buy two systems that i am most interested in.

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I'll end up owning them all like I did this generation. If Steam actually lets me use my account I might even start PCing.

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Why not get the ultimate system? PC :P. Its probably cheaper to build a good pc than to buy all three consoles anyway. I am currently playing FF12 on my PC with a PSX emulator, I'm pretty sure most xbox games come out on PC since its microsoft. The only games I feel like I missed out on this generation were uncharted and 2-3 indy games, Dust and Journey come to mind. Though to be honest Uncharted doesn't seem like a very gameplay dependent game so I feel like I got 90% of the experience by just watching full playthroughs on youtube.

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I generally only can afford one system. I usually wait out the launch period until I see which system starts appealing to me with their games, tech, and where my friends end up.

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yeah I really don't see the point in owning both the Nextbox and the PS4. The only conceivable reason I can think of is if one has the exclusives you want but your friends are on the other, which I think may be what happens (i.e. PS4 has the exclusives, Nextbox has your friends)

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@mrpilkington: I could afford all three systems, and I'm somewhat in the same boat. I'll likely buy a Wii U just for Nintendo games and most likely a PS4, unless Microsoft really wows me next month.

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I will own both a PS4 and next Xbox eventually but there might be a wider gap of time between the two purchases. I think I will get the PS4 first since I'm more interested in Sony exclusives as oppose to Microsoft's since Halo and Gears of War just don't hold the same enthusiasm for me they once did.

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All I had this gen was a PC and PS3, and I'll stick with that arrangement next gen. I plan on upgrading my PC end of next year, and I guess I'll pick up a PS4 the year after that.