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Big update released!

  • Each user now has their own unique URL based on their Steam ID 64. For example, mine is http://www.steamcompletionist.net/76561197992057625/
  • Social media bar will now share your own unique URL, so friends that click your tweet / FB message will be taken to your steamcompletionist.net profile.
  • Guest viewing! Now you can view the profile of your friends / random internet strangers. A option is provided in the settings menu to disable guest viewing of your account.
  • Search for your friends / random internet strangers with the provided search box. You can search by custom ID ( the one you chose for your vanity URL ) or by Steam ID 64 ( view someones profile, right click and select copy URL, paste it somewhere and look for the big number )
  • Keep your "to beat" list organized by drag & drop swapping games.
  • Couple of bug fixes; "Is your profile set to private" should show up once again

Let me know if you run into any bugs or problems and please let me know what you think!

I've lost my job and decided to make this open-source website for fun while I'm job hunting. To keep my skills sharp n stuff!


This is how it looks like after you log in through Steam

I have over 400 games on steam and I found myself wildly bouncing from game to game but never really finishing anything. I stumbled across a post on reddit from someone who had the same problem and has been trying to go through and beat all his games. I liked how he presented his progress, but it looked like a lot of photoshopping work, so I decided to turn it into a website and add a bunch of features and well, that's how my site was born. (The reddit that inspired the project)

Since it comes up all the time: The login through Steam process actually takes place on the steam website using OpenID. This means no login info goes through my website at all.

For more info either check out the page's source code or Steam's Dev page.

So yeah, please tell me what you think! And maybe you have some interesting suggestions? Let me know!

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I like it! Made me realize how much money I've spent on games I'll never play.

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This is pretty awesome. Makes me want to get a few achievements from some games I've missed.

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@bio2hazard: Great job, your site is both really informative and aesthetically pleasing which is not something you see that often.

My only suggestion would be to update the Favicon to something different, apart from that great job dood.

The site also helped me find out about a few games I owned that I had no idea about.

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I like it! I already use Backloggery for my backlog needs, but I am totally gonna use this as well. What is it that determines if a game is unplayed? Having no recorded time? 'cause if you can tap into the playtime of a game, is there any way you could surface that as well? Would be kinda neat if you could see that in order to call something personally completed, when it comes to games that can't really be completed. Like seeing that you have hundreds of hours clocked on a multiplayer only game, then you could tick it off as "completed". If that makes sense.

Would also be nice if you could see more info on some games, like me having two editions of all the 3D GTA games, due to having the PC and Mac editions. No idea which is which right now. Also, a way to un-tag a game as finished, in case you did a mistake. Any way to tap into DLC, like in Borderlands 2?

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Wow, this is actually super useful. I tried using backloggery but trying to add all the games I had was more time consuming than actually going and playing them. This makes things super easy. Loving the site.

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Fantastic site.

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I think this website would look much better with a flame background.

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It'd be nice to label a game as 'multiplayer' or 'unbeatable' or something. I guess I could blacklist them, but I'd rather use that for those games that are just in my library for some bundle I've got them in and never particularly want to play.

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Awesome! Always wanted a site like this!

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@bio2hazard: What does it mean by 0 points? Are you adding in a points system?

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Awesome site. Turns out I've played less than half of my games...

It doesn't recognise a few games though. I can tell you for sure it didn't pick up Tomb Raider 2 or 3, but it got all of the other ones.

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Hey! Thank you for the praise :) As far as the favicon goes.. do you have any idea for a better design? I'm honestly not too good with that kind of stuff.

I'd gladly change it out for a better one.

@jaqen_hghar: Yep, I can access both all-time played as well as played in the last 2 weeks. I think i will put the total time played in the bottom left corner, opposite of the owned/beaten/blacklisted stats, that should be good, right?

As far as tapping into missing games, DLC games and games showing up twice.. theres honestly not much I can do about that :/ Through the steam API I get a list of games and that's what I have to work with.. my system isn't sorting out anything or omitting any games, so if it's not in the list, it's on steam's end. Same goes for the MAC/PC version of some games like GTA and Civ 4, i can't show which is the mac version and which is the PC version because I don't know either. It really sucks but steam doesn't reveal that information to me. :/

As for removing the "beaten" tag of games, I'll prolly add that functionality in the next update ( prolly in 1-2 weeks - need to take a break from coding and actually play some games.. and send out more job applications. bleh. )

@stalefishies: I would recommend just blacklisting them. The problem with multiplayer / unbeatable is that Steam doesn't give me that information, and maintaining a manual list would become a tedious chore that would have to account for every release on Steam :/ Sorry. If there was a easy way to do it, i'd be all for it, but as it stands I don't see a feasible way of doing it.

@seedofpower: Yes! A point system is already in place, actually. If you add a game to your "to beat" list, and then spend time playing it, you will be rewarded with points once you remove it from your "to beat" list. You get 1 point for each minute spent playing.

@shaunage: Not sure what's up with tomb raider 2 and 3, but I guess the steam api call to get the list of games just doesn't include them for some reason. :/ And yeah, I'm at 34% played and 47% unplayed. Too many damn bundles...

So far my "to do" for the next update:

- Turn "beaten" into a toggle.

- Make a "lite" version of the site that doesn't have the to-beat list and doesn't require people to sign in using OpenID. Basically a pure stat viewer + suggest-a-game.

Thank you all for the great feedback!

Edit: Updated to do list x 2

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Ace work, chap!

Some more filtering options would be nice. When I click on the "unplayed" portion of my pie chart, it should filter my list to those games that I haven't played yet, for example.

But yeah, this is cool.

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@jjweatherman: That's a great idea! I will include filtering by clicking on pie-chart options in the next update as well :)

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@stalefishies: I would recommend just blacklisting them. The problem with multiplayer / unbeatable is that Steam doesn't give me that information, and maintaining a manual list would become a tedious chore that would have to account for every release on Steam :/ Sorry. If there was a easy way to do it, i'd be all for it, but as it stands I don't see a feasible way of doing it.

I actually meant to have multiplayer as a separate label for the user to apply, but I guess it's pretty pointless other than to make the pie chart more accurate. Though I'm surprised that the Steam API doesn't actually let you get whether the game is multiplayer, singleplayer or both, as that information is all on the game's store page.

Also, in the grid of games, all unbeaten games show up as blue, but shouldn't games which have zero playtime come up as orange? That's how you have it in the pie chart.

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@stalefishies: I will try that for the next update as well. I was a bit worried that so much orange might look overwhelming, but i'll give it a shot and see how it looks :) I don't really want to add more labels because I'm running out of space on the game boxes as is ( for controls, like labeling and such ). And yeah, stuff like single player / multiplayer and such isn't revealed..

To give you a idea of what I have to work with, here is a example of what the steam API provides me with:

"response": {
"game_count": 429,
"games": [
{ "appid": 7670,
"name": "BioShock",
"playtime_2weeks": 1133,
"playtime_forever": 1137,
"img_icon_url": "9a7c9f640a76e6a32592277dbbc36a0f6da05372",
"img_logo_url": "4c2a7f97e6556a95319eb346aed7beff9fe0535c",
"has_community_visible_stats": true

{ "appid": 320,
"name": "Half-Life 2: Deathmatch",
"img_icon_url": "795e85364189511f4990861b578084deef086cb1",
"img_logo_url": "6dd9f66771300f2252d411e50739a1ceae9e5b30",
"has_community_visible_stats": true

{ "appid": 340,
"name": "Half-Life 2: Lost Coast",
"img_icon_url": "795e85364189511f4990861b578084deef086cb1",
"img_logo_url": "867cce5c4f37d5ed4aeffb57c60e220ddffe4134"

So it's really not too much to work with.
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Wow this is great. Duplicates of some games came up on my list (e.g. I have two Vice City's?), but I'm not sure if it's Steam's fault or the site's.

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@audiobusting: It's cause theres a Mac and a PC version. Unfortunately, it's impossible for my site to tell which is which as the entries are nearly identical.

"appid": 12240,	"name": "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City",	"img_icon_url": "",	"img_logo_url": "6ba37ecba052f89c72272dd28b2daa89087a7eb3",	"has_community_visible_stats": true


"appid": 12110,	"name": "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City",	"img_icon_url": "5f7423da14152cfbe201103ceba3112988624a98",	"img_logo_url": "6ba37ecba052f89c72272dd28b2daa89087a7eb3",	"has_community_visible_stats": true

which is which? I have no idea.
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@audiobusting said:

Wow this is great. Duplicates of some games came up on my list (e.g. I have two Vice City's?), but I'm not sure if it's Steam's fault or the site's.

Yeah Vice City (and San Andreas / GTA III) has two game clients; one for Mac and one for Windows.

@bio2hazard thanks! hope you regain employment soon

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You're doing God's work son, damn fine!

Edit: Bravo! Having added my library and organised it, this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted for my PC backlist, superb implementation. Just so you know, because you built a play function into the site you have just provided me with my new Steam front end. I'm in a spot where I'm not buying new games with any regularity so Steamcompletionist will be my home page for the better part of this year, I'd like to donate if you have anything set up for that (I appreciate that it wasn't built for profit but that just makes me want to donate even more). Thanks for this!

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Checking this out seems like a great way to let off some Steam. Oh, Zing!

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I already use howlongtobeat.com since I can add all my games not just steam. Cool though. Works fine.

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That's pretty damn good man, the biggest thing I would have said was the colour coding stuff you mentioned in your to do list, otherwise I could see some fun to be had with more filters/organization tools, maybe an S rank section.

Some more filtering options would be nice. When I click on the "unplayed" portion of my pie chart, it should filter my list to those games that I haven't played yet, for example.

Yeah like that.

Overall really excellent though.

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@bio2hazard: Steam's database does store some games' compatible OS information. I don't really know how to access it though, I used steamdb.info to check. Maybe you can look into it if you want to filter games by OS? I don't really mind but that'd be a nice feature.

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This is excellent! I know it sounds dumb, but I really like having a list of games that I need to play, to compel myself when I'm sitting at my desktop saying "I'm bored", usually that's just a text document I have but this is a much better system, I really like it, thank you!

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I have 78 unplayed games, I am not sure I actually like this website you made :P. Even at €5,- per game that still €390,- worth of unplayed games.. It is probably more.

I am kidding of course, great work! :)

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123 unplayed games.. ouch. I don't really have such a thing as a backlog though. I either play a game when it comes out or not at all. No going back!

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@zfubarz: @jjweatherman: I've updated my website and added the pie-chart filtering.

Features added:

Unplayed games now have a orange border to reflect the color in the pie chart.

List of games can be filtered by clicking on pie-chart categories ( the exception is 100% completed games, which show up in the pie chart. Those are technically still part of the other categories and as such can't be filtered through the chart ).

Total time played is diplayed in the bottom left corner and can be toggled on / off via the "show quick-stats" in the settings screen.

Please let me know if you feel that the orange color is overbearing or distracting.

@audiobusting: I believe that that information is available in a encoded file called appcache.vdf. So far I havn't been able to extract useful data out of it, but I recently found https://bitbucket.org/VoiDeD/steamre , which I believe can parse the appcache.vdf. In other words.. I've been looking at this for quite some time, but decided it was too much of a pain for the website's initial release. I will definitely continue my research into the matter and hopefully find a meaningful way of integrating it soon.

@reisz: Wow, thank you!

As for donating / helping me: The best way you can help me is get the word out that I'm looking for a job. Finding a job would mean more to me than anything. Apart from that.. well, if people really want, they could always gift me spare games on steam, I guess. Bio2hazard is my steam name if people have random games in their inventory or something.

Edit: Oh yeah, I wanted to tell yall about some not-so-obvious features that I neglected to document..

If you click on the achievement % bar, it'll take you to the list of achievements in the Steam client. I find it a much easier way to get to that then using the steam client iself.

If you click the "play" button on a game you don't have installed, Steam will bring up the "Install this game" prompt.

If you click on a game in your to-beat list, it will update the achievement % of that game.

In the settings screen ( the wrench at the top ) you can modify how big your to-beat list should be ( between 1 to 10 games ).

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@bio2hazard I accidentally clicked 'beaten' on a game which I haven't, is there a way to unmark a game?

#31 Posted by Bio2hazard (152 posts) -

@inkerman: Not currently, but I'm planning on adding that feature soon. I would've done it in todays update but unfortunately the inability to toggle the "beaten" status is integrated pretty tightly ( if i simply make it a toggle, some things will break ).. so it'll take quite a bit of work. But don't worry, I'll do it hopefully in the next couple of days!

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Best Steam FanAppSite

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Yeah, this is pretty awesome. Depressing...but motivating. I'm definitely sticking to this site. Next up after Bioshock Infinite - Bastion.

#36 Posted by NicksCorner (452 posts) -

I tried it out and gotta say its really neat.
I had created a list on GB for the same purpose but this is so much more slick and easy to handle.

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Oh man, I'm actually impressed that I've played, for at least some duration, 49% of my library of 303 games.Mind you if it was based off games I've actually beaten I'm sure that percent would be much, much lower.

Good work man, super clean UI, I like it!

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@bio2hazard: This is great! Very usable and easy on the eyes. It's in the interest of game developers/distributors for people to return to games after they have played and then put them down for a while. Not sure what that metric is called, but I think it's taken into consideration by business types when looking at profitability of a particular game. If you could express how your website leads people to play games they (we) have put down for a while, that may be something someone would pay for.

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This shit is sweeeet! Before I just used the steam categories, but this is definitely easier/sexier.

#40 Posted by zudthespud (3329 posts) -

This is really slick, I like it a lot. This will help me get through my big backlog this summer!

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Thanks, duder!

#42 Posted by DigTheDoug (192 posts) -

This is really great. Impressive from a design and interface perspective as well as technically. Nicely done!

#43 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4638 posts) -

Just wanted to say thanks for this. Nicely done duder.

All you need know is an Email script that compares the games in my To Beat pile to the games I currently played that week and if I didn't play the games in the To Beat pile the email would say "Hey, wtf - finish those games first d hole".

#44 Posted by JJWeatherman (14803 posts) -

@bio2hazard: Nice. I think the orange works, but perhaps is a tad awkward. But then when you consider the point of the site, maybe it's a case of function over form, and I'm all for that.

#45 Posted by zFUBARz (681 posts) -

@bio2hazard: Ha, nice work, button seems to be a little finicky, but the functionality is great for less than 24 hours. I think the colours are a little at odds for some reason, the orange overpowers the blue now, I am at about 50% too, so it's as equal as it can be but the orange draws the eye more. Maybe if they were more complimentary like the whole teal/orange thing in every movie cover a couple years ago. it's a very minor shade shift that's all, I do like the orange and blue in general.

I'm just gonna say, maybe everybody sent a message to the bombcast mailbag, see if we can get biohazard some attention, it's a better place to do it than here, or Jeff's blog or something. This also reminds me that I miss the old stat tracking stuff on this site, whatever happened to our S ranks damn it!

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Allow me to add my praise to the choir. This is really great, and for that I salute you.

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This looks really cool, but how does it determine how much of a game you have "completed"? Is it by achievement % alone?

#48 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

@bio2hazard: Cool website. How do you intend the "blacklist" option to be used? For instance I have Team Fortress 2 Beta on my Steam list, is this something to Blacklist? How does that impact the stats? I obviously never intend to play it over TF2 and wish Steam would let me remove it from my list altogether.

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Great work duder and keep up the great work.

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@zfubarz: Hmm I'm actually getting used to the orange. Hmmm... I'd rather not change the blue "played" color, as that's the same color Steam uses, but maybe I'll tweak the orange color a bit to be a bit more subtle or something. Maybe make it a bit darker?

And yeah, I looked for the stat tracking myself the other day and I guess it disappeared when the new website came out. If they ever bring it back, I totally wouldn't mind if they take some code of my website and integrate it in their own ( my website is open-source after all! ).

I'd love to know what the GB guys think but I don't know what the proper way for that is. I figure, maybe they'll see it when they browse the forums?

@chavtheworld: Yes. The bar isn't so much a representation of how much of the game you have completed, but rather just a nice way to view your achievement progress. ( And a easy way to get to the achievement page for the game by clicking on the bar )

@djou: Blacklisting a game makes it less visible, ineligible to go into a "to beat" slot and ineligible for "add random game". It's a toggle and it's primary use is for multiplayer games, unbeatable games and games you got in some weird bundle that are truly terrible. So yes, I would say TF2 beta definitely classifies!