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That would be fun. Pickup a wookiee prostitute and run over jawas. Best part is the wookiees beat you up then take your money and not the other way around. :P

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a wookiee prostitute imagine the sounds LOL

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That would be sick. I would love anything star wars tho.

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A wookiee prostitute? Oh god no. That would look disgusting, plus you'd just end up with a ton of hair in your mouth.

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Bipedpower said:
"a wookiee prostitute imagine the sounds LOL
lmao, that would be amazing.
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Yeah would be cool, but only if it was set in the original universe.

Damn you Lucas! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!11

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If you go shooting wamp rats with salacious crumb enough you'll unlock his special jumping to the ceiling ability.

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I had this same idea a few months ago while I was playing GTA 4.  Imagine roaming the streets of Mos Eisley and jacking those little speeders and hacking dudes with a lightsaber as you do missions for Jabba.  They could just replace the cops with storm troopers  It would be truly epic, but I doubt we'll ever see it.

In the same vain, wasn't there a free roaming batman game in the works from Pandemic and EA?  What the hell happened to that?

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You had me at wookie prostitutes, they should begin working on this game immediately.

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MSG said:
"In the same vain, wasn't there a free roaming batman game in the works from Pandemic and EA?  What the hell happened to that?"
Yeah, what the hell did happen to that Batman game?  It could be a Batman game that actually incorporates the detective skills.  Plus, it would be awesome moving through the city using gadgets to get around.
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Oh my god, that must be the most hilarious suggestion I've read in a while. Good job!

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Just based on this thread, I bet they will cook one up and have it out by November.  They would call it "Star Wars the Universe: Off the Leash!"  And we would all buy it.

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Bipedpower said:
Wow....that's freaky

The Wookie Posse
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Uhh, no. Gangsters in space would be an epic fail.

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That seems just a little over the top man.